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  1. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread What about Chamakh - 91 Falcao - 91 :eek::eek::eek: Seriously screws with my mind. Or Vucinic being higher rated than Falcao. Or Schalke finishing 14th and Huntelaar being the same rating as Falcao. Or Olic being 91 and Falcao being 91.
  2. Re: Busquets to stay as DM/CB? Busquets also played as a CB against Real Sociedad after Milito got injured. I don't see why he should lose his CB position, because he is clearly capable of playing there, has been played there since his position was changed, and probably will occasionally in the future.
  3. Re: Should Lionel Messi be rated 99? What's all this nonsense about being more 'complete'? http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/sid_lowe/12/03/messi.ronaldo/index.html
  4. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (what makes sense) I generally agree with your ratings changes, except for Messi and CR. I think they should be kept and 98 for now, because raising them to 99 would create an unnecessary debate that they have both done equally well lately, which frankly is not true. Keeping them at 98 on the other hand would not raise any debate other than the one that is already ongoing... It might sound strange but what I mean is that for now it is best to leave them. Perhaps to make them complete, they are lacking true international success. If CR wins the Euros (while keeping up this form) or if Messi wins the Copa America, that will be the first sign of international success with reason for giving them rises. On a statistical basis it would be unfair to equate them to the same level with rises. Remember, SM measures consistency not just over the past few months but over years even... So 2009/10 Messi - 47 goals, 14 assists CR - 33 goals, 7 assists This is not even comparable here, now the trophy haul: Messi - Spanish Supercup, UEFA Supercup, Club World Cup, La Liga, CL Semi (and this all on the back of a CL, Liga, Cup treble) Ronaldo - Nothing. 2010/11 Messi - 25 goals, 12 assists CR - 20 goals, 6 assists Given that Barca just thrashed Madrid 5-0, and CR just sulked on the pitch... In my opinion, if these two players were, let's say 92, EVERYONE would agree that Messi -> 94, CR -> 93 What i'm trying to say is that Messi should be 1 point higher than CR. Football is a team game, so no matter what you will assess trophies as part of an individual's ratings. SM takes 3 factors into consideration regarding player ratings. 1. Trophies 2. Stats 3. Performances Messi is miles above CR in Trophies, very far ahead in stats, and similar or the same in performances. If Messi is outdoing CR in 2 of the 3 areas, why should they both rise the same amount? This is why i say, leave the two players at 98. Putting Messi on 99 and CR on 98 would IMO be fair, but CR's performances have been too good to leave him at 98. But putting them both on 99 would also be unfair, because it would be an injustice to Messi who has totally outdone CR in 2 of the 3 areas (and some would say the 3rd area as well) consistently over 2 years. So why not leave them both on 98, and let the national team trophy haul decide whether they can go one higher. After all, it is something they are both missing from becoming all-conquering players.
  5. Re: Down goes Gerrard & Torres They needed to drop both of them to lower the Liverpool team average, it was unacceptably high, now it's better. It's harsh on Gerrard but i can't think of anything to justify why he should actually still be 95...
  6. Re: Respuesta: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Except he barely ever plays for Porto... Emidio Rafael was preferred to Fucile at LB in spite of Pereira's injury, and Sapunaru plays ahead of him at RB... If anything Fucile deserved a drop and perhaps his WC performance saved his rating.
  7. Re: Lots of reasons why Albrighton may not rise higher than Götze... In my opinion, Götze should go to 85 and Albrighton should go to 84. 85 would be a big jump for Götze, but it would also put him on Kagawa's current rating, which would be a fair climb, with Kagawa going to 87/88, Götze could follow him by the time the next ratings come along (if he keeps his form up).
  8. Re: MARIO FERNANDES, Figueira (85) - 9.5D How is his injury coming along? I saw he played as a started and was subbed out after 11 minutes... That's very alarming, does anyone know what his condition is?
  9. Re: Ronaldo = Xavi + 20 million? This is a good deal, because Xavi's getting old. I'm a Barca fan but I have to concede that Xavi has peaked at his rating and he will retire before long, because his body can't take it anymore. He has more appearances in Barca's history than anyone but Migueli, and will soon overtake him. However, you can keep Cronaldo, who is higher rated anyway, for long after Xavi retires. So do it!
  10. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread 1. Sporting's goal was offside 2. Liedson is a disgusting cheat 3. Maicon shouldn't have gotten a card, let alone a red 4. The ref is blind. ** 5. 50% of Sporting's team have second jobs as competitive divers.
  11. Re: Mario Gomez! And Mario Gomez scores again. That's 15 goals in his last 11 club games. Add to that 2 goals in the last 3 internationals... Wow.
  12. Re: Top 5 leagues - Post-Ratings-Analysis Nov 2010 I think this thread would make sense if you did a graph as you did for the first one (team averages) pre- and post- ratings changes. That way you could see how SM changes player ratings based on current form. I'm sure that because of the current changes, the underrating/overrating has been adjusted a bit (Lyon players dropped considerably, Rennes players rose etc.)
  13. Re: Mario Gomez! Haha i just said that Dzeko has been playing better, but because of Gomez's team standings compared to Dzeko's woeful team standings (8th and now 11th?!) how can Dzeko possibly be rated the same as Gomez. If Gomez had continued playing **** this season, he should have dropped. But remember, Gomez has been on the European scene much much longer than Dzeko!
  14. Re: centre back rated 88-87 that will rise to 90 within the next couple of seasons Maicon - 87 -> 89 -> 90 Ricardo Costa - 87 -> 88/89 -> 89/90 Victor Ruiz - 84 -> 87/88 -> 88/89 -> 89/90 Otamendi, if Rolando leaves Porto - 88 -> 89 -> 90
  15. Re: Mario Gomez! Do you mean Edin '11th in the Bundesliga and not playing in either the Champions or the Europa League' Dzeko? I think it is fair for Gomez to be rated at 93 even if Dzeko stays at 92 based on current form. Of course last season was an entirely different question, but then again, you have to consider that Gomez was part of the Bayern team that lost in the CL final and came 1st in the Bundesliga AND won the German cup. Whereas Dzeko was part of the Wolfsburg that came 8th.... In terms of individual performances Dzeko has been better over the past couple of years but SM have to take into consideration the team performances too, and in terms of team performances Gomez has been much better.
  16. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Lol he doesn't really know what he's talking about
  17. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread I would think it was fair to drop Mariano. Yes, he's injured, but Porto didn't have a very good season last year and the last time he played was when he took part in not so great performances. Now, I just don't see how he will possibly regain his place in the Porto lineup. The team is excellent in midfield and in the forward trident, and has plenty of (young) strength in reserve. He'll probably move on as a free agent, or at least that would be my guess, but I'm not an expert.
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