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  1. Re: Gold Championship 80 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread REAL MADRID SEASON REVIEW Spanish Shield Winners Spanish Cup Winners Spanish League Winners SMFA Champions Cup Winners Quadruple Winners! Defender of the season: Nemanja Vidic Midfielder of the season: Rafael Van Der Vaart Forward of the season: Karim Benzema
  2. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Well I'm sorry if you think I was harsh because I'm not a harsh person. Just for the record I wouldn't of minded missing out on the player because I miss out on players all the time. Whether the rules of SM should be changed or not is for us to debate' date=' there are many threads on this issue. The reason I reported this [b']one [/b]case is because he said that other managers within the gameworld asked him to deliberately scupper the bids. Which is cheating! I will be dictated to by the laws of SM but I will not be dictated to by a group of other managers who start picking and choosing which players can go where.
  3. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) I'm the Fenerbahce manager who had a bid accepted and before reading this thread I sent a very nice PM to the manager in question (I won't name names on here) saying to make sure before you take over a new team that you want them. This is the reply I got from the manager in question via PM: "Exactly fella i was messaged by managers in that gameworld who asked me to take lille either keep them or quit straight awsy to stop them being raided cos if they were raided they would never be managed again and they are a good club for someone to pick up sorry for the inconveinence dude but we have to look out for the good of the game and sometimes this is the only way to keep the older gcs alive and well.again i meant no offence to anyone by doing it take it easy dude." So he DID take the team to deliberately scupper other peoples bids. Which is cheating. I couldn't believe my eyes reading this PM. The fact he also says that other managers in the gameworld asked him to do it makes me more worried. Yes a ticket will be sent.
  4. Re: Finance improvement--inflation curb or bankruptcy? Having read the thread I haven't got too much to add in terms of debate but if SM/STE are still looking into the 'real life' attendences I have another example which may be helpful. (note: this is an example of a World Championship gameworld). I have a Sao Paulo team in a World Championship gameworld which I have managed for 2 years. Since the above changes have been introduced my average attendances have decreased from 80,000 to 22,600 this season which is the 2nd lowest in the 1st division. I have built up a good squad with quality players and now have a wage bill of £1.5m per turn approx. Since the implementation of 'real life attendences' I receive £1.1m total when playing at home (inc. tv revenue, sponsor etc) and each turn I pay out £1.5m on wages alone so every 2 turns I receive £1.1m and lose £3m approx. Over a 40 turn season I will now lose £38m:eek: Just to say I have no problem at all reducing my squad size and cutting my wage bill. The problem I have is that to draw even (as I only receive £1.1m every 2 turns) I would need to cut my wage bill down to just £550k per turn! To put that into context even the teams with the lowest wage bills in the 1st division have wage bills of £900k per turn. I think this may be key: To draw even my wage bill needs to be £550k per turn which if you take a 90 rated player earning 44k per turn would mean that I can only just afford eleven 90 rated players, with no further money for players on the bench! In the last 5 seasons my Sao Paulo team has won the 1st division 3 times. Surely my Sao Paulo team would be very well supported due to its success? To sum up my thoughts; the 'real life' attendance improvement needs to be reversed sooner rather than later. The team I have managed for over 2 years will be bankrupt within a season and there is nothing I can do about it without selling every player over 90 rated.
  5. Re: Rafael Benítez - Is He Arrogant? Does He Show Contempt Towards Other Managers? Rafa apologised for that comment and IMO the comment was taken out of context in the first place. You're an Arsenal supporter so you must remember not so long ago when Arsenal and Utd were battling for the title how often Sir Alex attacked Wenger's character. People call it mind games but it got really nasty between Fergie and Wenger. The last couple of seasons (when Arsenal haven't been serious title contenders) suddenly Fergie stops verbally attacking him! So therefore it doesn't surprise me that suddenly now that Liverpool are challenging for the title that Fergie suddenly suddenly starts attacking Rafa's character:rolleyes:
  6. Re: More Control Of Morale The bit I've highlighted above was the case until recently. If one of my players had low morale all I had to do was play them in a few consecutive matches and their morale would dramatically increase. You're absolutely right that this is not the case anymore (I think since SM introduced the new morale level system). I can only hope that this will be rectified by SM as soon as possible and that regular 'starters' will become happy once again.
  7. Re: WARNING!!!: From 02/02/09 Goalkeepers will be able to get injured!!!
  8. Re: Community Repuatation The terminology is already changing as I've highlighted above. The main problem I had, as outlined in my earlier post was the word 'reputation', community involvement is of course a good thing but to label it 'community reputation' is leading to confusion. 'SM community points' is far better terminology.
  9. Re: Community Repuatation This 'improvement' is perhaps the most bizarre I've seen since I've been playing the game (which is a long time now). I've been an advocate of changing the rep system for a while but never saw this one coming! Performance related reputation is what I was hoping for but 'community rep' whats the point in that? I'd just like to point out that this is a football management game not a community project. Under the guidelines of how you gain 'community rep points' it seems that the rep of individuals would remain rather static. I'm a gold member great I get 100 points, I've also created a gameworld yipee another 50 points! But what then? I could stay on 150 points for years! And who really cares about how much someone does for the community? I'm talking now of the 188,884 members and 8,460 gold members. We can't all become moderator's otherwise we would need mod's to moderate the mod's (if you see what I mean)! Before anyone accuses me of not being community minded I'd like to point out that I am participating in the SM test setup and I report any problems to SM. The only point I even half understand is the 25 points for managing a smaller club for 50 games. This is clearly there to encourage more people to take control of small clubs therefore leading to higher participation in most setups (not just the big clubs being managed). But this could be achieved far better by introducing performance related reputation, taking a 4th div club to the 1st div would obviously get you alot of rep. To sum up I think mods, supervisors and translaters do a great job but I don't see the relevance to the majority of SM users? I pay my gold membership sit back and enjoy the game, I honestly don't care how or who runs the game for me! One futher point, should we get community rep points for clicking on advertisments? If you get points for gold membership surely aiding the communty by making the site desirable for marketing companies should be rewarded?!
  10. Re: Legendary team A few different ones in here but this team would've given anyone a match: ...................................Shilton.................................. Cafu...........Jurgen Kohler.............Paulo Maldini...............Dennis Irwin .............................Mattias Sammer.............................. Zinedine Zidane................................Rivaldo .................................Ruud Gullit............................... Marco van Basten.......................George Weah
  11. Re: What does SM mean to you? Quite simply SM saved me from serious depression. That might sound a bit drastic but I'm sure its true. Two years ago during my final year at school I suffered a serious back injury which jammed up my S.I joints. I was in total agony and had to take 6 months off school. This is when i discovered SM, I couldn't believe how a free to play online game could be so good. It really took my mind off the pain and I could play while lying down on my bed which was great. Although my friends were really good to me I struggled to do anything they were doing, so SM provided me with enjoyment and mental stimulation through a very difficult time. My doctor told me that one of the main side effects of long term back pain is depression and so sent me to 'pain management classes'. I thought these classes were there to take away my pain but this isn't the case, they help patients to cope mentally with pain. The nurse taking the class commented on how well I was dealing with the pain and she asked what I did to take my mind off it. My reply of course was SM! Now 2 years on I'm happy and healthy, but I still enjoy playing the game which I believe improves monthly. Seems like I owe SM a big thankyou doesn't it!
  12. Re: How Good Are Your Eyes? About a year ago I started suffering really badly with eye strain especially when watching tv and using the computer. I went to the optician but he said my eyes were perfectly fine. After a few months I went to the doctor because my neck was hurting a bit as well, to cut a long story short they found out that the muscles high on the back of my neck (almost between the ears) were tight and pulling on the back of my eyes . A short spell of physio on my neck fixed the problem nicely. What was interesting is that my laptop screen was very low meaning that my neck was bending forward whilst using the computer. The physio said it was more common than people think because the neck muscles are directly linked to the muscles at the back of the eyes. Now I've put my laptop on a box so that the screen is level with my eyes, and happily I have no eye problems now.
  13. Re: Best Laptop Hi guys, just a quick question. I'm buying a laptop but none of the packages I've been looking at have word, excel, powerpoint etc included. Dell are doing a deal where you can buy these as an add on for £70.00. Is that a good deal or is there anywhere else where I could get those programs cheaper? Any help would be appreciated!
  14. Re: How to beat a 4-2-2-2! Easy rep given if i win! No need to rep me bud but 3-5-2 hard attacking always works for me against 4-2-2-2.
  15. Re: About Players protection in the setup I never really thought it might be a bug, it was in two different setups, and i've seen other managers do it in all my setups so it must be universal within the game.
  16. Re: Job Offers Firstly I'd like to say what a great addition, SM goes from strength to strength and the recent additions have given the game a real boost. I've noticed a slight problem which I didn't think would happen but has. I've been competing in an early World Championship setup for almost 2 years. A group of managers have managed the same clubs for the duration of the setup, two of those clubs being Corinthians and Lens. Today I have noticed that those 2 managers are now the managers of Man U and Valencia. Having managed Corinthians and Lens for such a long time (and been successful) I'm surprised they decided to switch clubs, but thats their decision and good luck to them. The problem now is that Corinthians and Lens will never be managed again if my other setups are anything to go by. This wouldn't of happened before because the Man U and Valencia jobs would of been snapped up by new managers to the setup, and Corinthians and Lens would still be managed by the 2 long serving managers. (So the setup is 2 managers down as a direct result of this improvement). The only solution to this problem that I can think of is that SM slow down the creation of new setups. This may already be in their plans I don't know, but what I'm saying is that now this job offers feature is in place SM don't have to keep creating new setups to satisfy demand for 'top clubs' because now you can get a top club by joining a small club and doing well.
  17. Re: Job Offers I absolutely love this and the unmanaged club protection features. I think they could turn out to be amongst the biggest improvements the game has seen to date. I was wondering as the manager of Hamburger SV if I would be offered the barca job (should it come up) even though barcelona are below me in the league, but I think AsianInvasian has just answered that for me! I love the fact that setups are now a place where you can develop a 'managerial career' so to speak, this will make smaller clubs more attractive to manage and will also keep managers in setups for longer periods of time. I've also noticed that in the 'setup history' section they now have 'best managers of all time' as well as 'best current setup manager', which is great, but I may have just been slow to spot that. Anyway nice one SM!
  18. Re: Remove rep points and post counts? I've stated my opinion on the other related thread about the state of the forum so I won't repeat myself and bore people, but this thread has raised a few more issues.
  19. Re: State of the Forum? I've already posted on this thread so I'll try to keep this brief, but I just watched something on TV that was so relevant that I felt I had to post again. The problems and issues raised regarding the state of the forum are in my opinion three fold. In no particular order; 1, constant posting to raise post count/ rep. 2, negative comments/ moaning about SM new features etc (raised by SM Dev ste in the first post on this thread). 3, childish petty arguments. 1. I've already made my feelings clear on this earlier in the thread, get rid of rep power and post count would eliminate this problem. 2. I don't see this as a problem because I feel the criticism is good for the development of the game. We are all critical of the things we love most because we want to improve them. An example of this is official club forums, the supporters of clubs are super critical of transfers, tactics, management etc but that doesn't mean they don't love the club any less. 3. I've just watched Prime Minister's question time (anything to get out of revision;) ) and I was laughing at the childish and petty way the so called leaders of this country were making their points! The house of commons is the ultimate forum in this country and if they have such petty squabbles over serious issues then I don't see how we can eliminate them on this forum.
  20. Re: Wingers When the right and left foot feature first appeared on SM one of the developers of the game came on the forum and said if a player is a winger (w) it doesn't matter which side he plays on regardless of what his best foot is.
  21. Re: 3-4-1-2 losing matches !?! I've played the game for about 2 years but it took me about 9 months of constant experimentation to find the best formations for my teams. Those being 3-4-1-2, 3-5-2 and 5-3-2 sweeper formations. I have to say that my 3-4-1-2 is working perfectly still, (about 75% win ratio) which has been the same for over a year now. I know the match engine hasn't changed because my friend received a message from support saying so only a week ago. If and when the match engine does change I would expect the current best formations to still be the same though. Using a real life example Sir Alex Ferguson has played the 4-4-2 with wingers for the past 20 years and is still very successful. So if part of the match engine included a command to change the impact of formations (which I doubt) I would be very much against it. Finding the 'best' formations within the game is a skill in itself, as I said above it took me 9 months to find the best formations for my teams. All I can say is that the 3-4-1-2 is still working very well for me and I still consider it the best formation in the game generally speaking.
  22. Re: What SM Will Not Like Me Posting It seems to me recently that SM have been struggling with the number of support tickets they have been receiving. There have been alot of threads popping up (recently) relating to the lack of interaction between SM and the 'SM community'. I don't claim to know the reason for this but I imagine it relates to the fact that SM has grown immensely in the past year.
  23. Re: Moneymaking Goldmine : Uruguayan rating changes My biggest and quickest profit yet, bid £550k for Jorge RODRIGUEZ last night, went through this morning and my Bristol Rovers chairman now values him at £7,340,000! Thanks TrueNorth.
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