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  1. Re: Transfers cancelled I had this happen yesterday, In my setup the Real Madrid chairman values Casillas at £35.1m. I made a bid for casillas which the Real Madrid chairman valued at £44.3m (way over his valuation) yet when the other manager accepted the bid the Real Madrid chairman stopped the deal. I sent a ticket to SM support yesterday and got this message back: SM Support said: 2008-02-21 11:17:51 BST Hi OZZ, We will look into this issue and take appropriate action. Regards David So now I'm just waiting to see what happens.
  2. Re: Player Morale?? By playing them in your 1st team and winning games. I've read some people say making a player captain helps but I haven't found that myself.
  3. Re: 3-4-1-2 This is so weird exactly the same thing has happened to me as well! My Sao Paulo, Liverpool and Barca teams all won the league last season but suddenly (about 4-5 weeks ago) ALL my teams using a 3-4-1-2 just kept getting beaten, I had an 11 point lead with my LFC team and won the league on the last day of the season by just 1 point because of terrible form. I've had poor runs of form before but nothing like this with ALL my teams. The 3-4-1-2 usually gets a win percentage of about 70% (or higher) for me. Nobody has mentioned a change to the match engine recently from what I've read but the evidence on this thread just keeps mounting up.
  4. Re: Seedorf Yes Milan played this formation regularly last season and have played it on occasions this season but recently they have been playing with Gilardino and Inzaghi up front and in the last serie a match I saw it was Gilardino and Ronaldo up front. When they play with 2 up front (and they do quite often) Seedorf plays on the left of the 3 midfielders with Kaka ahead. If his position was to change at all I would say he was more like an AM/LM.
  5. Re: New Overview I think the way the last 5 messages are shown on the overview page is messy and not needed. Also it will give me my results before I click on match report because the results will be in the messages. Does anyone know any way I can get to the score centre without going to the overview page?
  6. Re: The Financial Improvement I'm not too happy with this financial improvement because once again it benefits clubs with large stadiums and will only lead to a larger gap between teams with small and large stadia. Last saturday I noticed the financial changes because all my teams played home games and here they are; Liverpool: sponsor £281,628, merchandise £375,760 Barca: sponsor £596,334, merchandise £802,984 Sao Paolo: sponsor £491,550, merchandise £643,848 All of my teams are currently top of the table so league position seems to be of no importance. Before these changes were made clubs with larger stadiums made a lot more money than other clubs but as you can see from these figures now the difference will be absolutely massive!! I think each club should have a 'fan base' separate from the size of the stadia governed by success on the pitch. Sponsorship and merchandise sales should be influenced by the fan base rather than stadium size.
  7. Re: The Downfall of a cruel ruler mmmmmmm... We might as well scrap the tactical help section then:rolleyes: . It clearly states at the top 'if you want help masterminding victory, or even just securing a point, ask here.' He is not asking us to do his tactics for him every week. As for the 'cruel ruler' thing, that is clearly just a bit of fun. Anyway back on topic, I recently beat a 4-4-1-1 using the 3-4-1-2 formation, you will need a 5 man midfield to keep possession against a 4-4-1-1. Hard tackling also helps in keeping possession. Hope that helps:)
  8. Re: Gang culture getting out of hand. This is a big issue for a lot of us, as violence and violent crime is often used on young people of our age group. I certainly don't think that all this violence is due to t.v and video games, maybe they are a contributary factor but the real problem as far as I can see is the feeling of depression in some inner city areas. There is a real feeling of 'them and us', amongst a lot of young people in low income inner city areas. 'Them' being people who have opportunities and money, 'us' being people with no opportunities and money. A lack of role models and self esteem leads young people to expect nothing from life, and quite honestly no ambition at all. Fear is another factor, join a gang to protect yourself against other groups of young people who might do you harm. People with ambition and who are shown what opportunities they have do not join gangs, simple as. If you know anybody in a gang (and I'm sure a lot of us do), just think to yourself, 'does that person have a goal in life?' I'm sure the answer will be no. One final point I'd like to make is that we should not get too depressed about what we see in the news. The news reports on bad news far more than the good news stories, as we know not all young people are bad! Talking to my dad the other day I couldn't believe the stories of violence he was telling me from his childhood in Portsmouth. True there were no guns, but knives, bottles and bats were used regularly, I was horrified by the stories. So maybe violence and gang culture is not worse now, maybe the media culture we live in just makes it seem worse? My thoughts are with the parents of Rhys Jones, I truely can't imagine what they must be going through.
  9. Re: Regular matches I would love this idea to be implemented. Custom setups sounds like a good idea, but I would also like a few standard setups to be 'double time' leagues. Four league games a week and two cup games would make for a very intense setup which would mean seasons only being two real time months. I understand this would not suit a lot of people (perhaps most) but it would be nice to have the option. I would definately join a 'double time' league, because as it stands at the moment to take a club from the 4th div to the 1st div takes a real time year.
  10. Does the use of substitutes have a positive effect on a teams performance? Recently I've experimented with subs but haven't noticed any improvement in the performance of my team. I was just wondering what other forumers had experienced?
  11. Re: Cup matches I like the cups as they are now, if this suggestion was implemented it would make the game easier. I personally would like the game made harder with unconditioned players only getting 3's and 4's out of 10. Squad rotation is a great part of the game, otherwise we would only need to put our resources into 11 good players with 5 reserves for injuries and suspensions.
  12. Re: OH DEAR SOCCER MANAGER... OH DEAR SERIOUSLY Are you old enough to make a valid point without using homophobic language on two separate occasions?? 'Bumming' and calling someone '' when using a forum such as this is neither acceptable or getting your 'valid point' accross well.
  13. Re: OH DEAR SOCCER MANAGER... OH DEAR SERIOUSLY You use the words 'small minded' juat a few minutes after calling someone for disagreeing with you, now thats funny! Attention seeking much?!
  14. Re: Cant explain, please read
  15. Re: Hide transfer bids? I transfer listed Yakubu this morning for £24m and got a bid an hour ago of £20m. He must have ticked the box because I have just received a £12m and £14m bid for him from other clubs. If the £20m bid was available to see neither the £12m or £14m would've been made and maybe I would benefit from a bidding war? As a result of this I'm not convinced that this will improve my SM experience although I'm willing to give it a chance. By the way, if I make a counter offer to the clubs involved will it be available for everyone to see?
  16. Re: HISTORY PAGE FOR SET UPS I love the idea and can't wait for it to be implemented. Currently when I join a new setup I have to seach peoples profiles to see which team finished top, 2nd, etc for the previous season (so I know who my real competition is!). Having your name/team as previous winner of the league or cup available for everyone to see would be a far greater prize than the money imo.
  17. Re: The War On Britain's Jews?
  18. just looked at my match report and saw something that made me laugh: 5: RED CARD - Juan VERON diving and play acting result in the ref sending him off after 5 mins of the game veron gets a straight red for diving! Come on ref surely a yellow would've been enough! The referee was 'Fabrizio Chiellini', I want SM to stike him off their books immediately!!
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