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    Re: Books Just stumbled across this thread and glad I did. I'm always looking for new quality authors to read and it's nice to hear what others from my age group think. Has anyone read 'State of Fear' by Michael Crichton? He's the guy who wrote Jurassic Park, but State of Fear deals with climate change and has an alternative view to the general 'media' view in this country. Its a great read with scientific notes at the bottom of the page to separate the fiction from the fact. Even for those not interested in the climate issue, its a great fictional thriller!
  2. Re: NELLERS SETUP NEWSPAPER Hi guys, can I just take control of a team in this setup or do I need an invitation to join? Slightly confused because it says setup access 'open' but then says 'invitation only' under owners comments. Thanks.
  3. Re: tactics I'd go with a 3-4-1-2, in midfield: RM - Juninho, LM - Deco, CM - Iniesta, CM - Xavi, AM - Ronaldinho with messi up front. I once had 3 quality LM's out injured so I played Deco there and he regularly got 8-9's out of 10. I find AM's tend to play very well in wide positions. Get LM backup though if you have some cash!
  4. Re: SM Improvement and New Features Firstly I think its great that these future improvements have been put on everyone's homepage. (- Add notes to players about availability), I really like this idea, but can I suggest that you make it really prominent on the players page so that anyone bidding for my player see's it. I know that sounds really obvious:o but if I write "no bids below £20m" for a certain player, I can imagine that if its at the bottom of the page some managers will click straight on the 'approach to buy' button without scrolling down the page and therefore missing my note. All in all very exciting!
  5. I tried to use the 'search this forum' tool on player ratings page but it isn't working at the moment on my computer and I couldn't find Riquelme. As I have very limited knowledge of South American footy I was wondering if anyone could advise me on whether I should sell Riquelme (while his rating is still 96) or keep hold of him? This time last year his form was awesome but how is he performing now and do you think his rating will drop dramatically? Thanks for any help.
  6. Is it just me or is the 3-4-1-2 formation not working anymore. I vary my tactics but usually play 3-4-1-2 hard tackling, mentality attacking. These tactics have led me to a lot of success but in the past 2 weeks everythings gone pear shaped! My liverpool team were 12 points clear at the top of div1 but have just lost 4 in a row (with no injury probs) which has never happened to me b4, and i've experienced similar probs with my Sao Paolo and Barca sides. Could it be a change in the match engine or is it just a coincidence that all of my sides are having a bad patch? I'm hoping it is just a coincidence so I don't have to change my beloved tactics!
  7. Re: Cheat Prevention et al This is absolutely brilliant! No more scuppered bids, thankyou SM!!
  8. Re: How can I lead a cheat on? This has happened to me recently in two setups where a guy is clearly in control of 2 clubs. When he bid £18m for Drogba I put in a £25m bid just to see what he would do, he PM'd me to say "your offer is good mate but I'm accepting the £18m bid because the other manager is going to loan me players at a latter date." Needless to say no loans took place and the club that sold Drogba soon became unmanaged! In both cases I sent an e-mail to sm support with full details. The first case they reduced his rep to 30 the same day I sent the e-mail and in the other setup they reduced his rep to 30 a week after I sent the e-mail. So don't worry if things don't happen straight away SM will deal with it if there has been cheating.
  9. Re: SM International Stadium SizeMatters stadium? okay I know I'm over compensating:D , I like the idea of a unique stadium, don't call it Wembley and don't reduce the size to 90,000 cause I guess that'd mean less revenue.
  10. Re: SM International Stadium For the initials S.M how about Stade Maracana! Its just like watching Brazil!
  11. What was the average rating of your 1st team when you won a World Championship 1st Division? My Liverpool team just finished 2nd in the league just 1 point off 1st place, they have an average rating of 92. With the end of season cash I should be able to get the av rat up to 93, so I thought it'd be interesting to see what average rating other forumers had won the 1st div with? Higher or lower than 92?
  12. In my setup porto have just got a new manager today (rat 46), he has accepted a £17m bid for pirlo from Real Madrid AND an £18m bid for Queresma again from Real Madrid. I didn't think you could have two active deals with one club, but even if you can, £17m with no part exchange for Pirlo is way too cheap. Do you guys think this is just inexperience or do you think its a bit dodgy?
  13. Re: Totti? These are my stats for Messi, MESSI, Lionel F/AM apps:6(0) goals:7 assists:4 mom:2 AV Pf:8.83 As you can see he has been awesome for me although it has only been 6 games so far. I play him as a striker in a 3-4-1-2 formation. I personally wouldnt swap him for Totti because Messi is on the rise.
  14. Re: minimum turn requirement please SM implement this idea! New record for me is that i've had bids accepted from unmanaged Deportivo for Andrade for the last 10 yes 10 days! Each time the deal has collapsed due to someone taking over and subsequently quitting the club straight away. Now that you can see how much a club has and their league position before taking over a new club there is no excuse for not making an informed choice. I also don't think it will lead to people managing clubs they don't want because they will just be far more careful in choosing their club before clicking 'take control'. If you did implement this idea I think it would be a good idea when a manager clicks 'take control' that it says; 'if you take control you will not be able to quit for XX number of weeks', this would make sure nobody accidently takes control without knowing the new rule.
  15. Re: Going to lose my team? Can someone from the SM staff tell us what is going on, because if I have to lose 1 of my teams I want to be the person who chooses which team I lose, thanks.
  16. Re: club records I understand why a complete history of past league tables might be difficult for SM to implement, but what I think would be a great addition is if at the top of the league tables page it showed the top 3 clubs from last season. This would be recognition for the top 3 teams and show who last seasons top teams were so everyone else could aspire to be up there.
  17. Re: Playing with 3 defenders In my experience it doesn't make much of a difference. I always play 3 at the back and usually play 3 CB's but my Liverpool team has just finished 2nd of the league with grosso (LB/LM) in my back 3, he regularly got 8 and 9's out of 10. I also use Zanetti in a back 3 occasionally and he plays well there.
  18. Re: diego milito This is very odd, I have just signed him in WC 343 from an unmanaged club for £12m straight cash.
  19. Re: Jamie Carragher Sat 18th Jan, 1997, Liverpool v Aston Villa. I've still got my ticket stub for that game when Carra made his senior debut for the reds. He came on in midfield and scored! Would you believe it, me and my mates thought he was an attacking midfielder! A lot has happened since then, he was an important part of the team and played well under Houllier usually at full back but came into his own when Benitez took control and instantly started playing him regularly at CB. I like the team aspect of football more than individuals, but some players you just can't help to notice more than the others. I use Liverpool as an example because I see them live in the flesh more than any other team. In the 1990's McManaman was so good individually that you found yourself just watching his movement off the ball as well as on it, no player has done this to me since Macca (including Gerro) until the last 3 seasons with Carra. Watching Carra defending the Liverpool goal distracts you from the rest of the game in a good way! He is a phenominal defender, with an extra yard of pace I think he would be regarded as the best defender in the world. He does have weaknesses, his distribution at times is predictable and as I mentioned he isn't the fastest player around but I would have him in my team ahead of Marquez, Puyol and Toure any day of the week. He deserves a 95 rating for me. Like many forumers on this site I watch a lot of European football as well as English!
  20. Re: end of season I've just got my prize money now!
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