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  1. last night was the final game of the season in WC 449 (finished 2nd just 1pt from top spot ). Usually after the final game of the season I get a message saying what position I've finished and also get my prize money. Last night I didn't get this, I also noticed that when I click on 'results' it doesn't show last nights results it shows turn 37's results. The league table is ok though, it shows the final league standings and that 38 games have been played. I'm wondering if this is a new way that SM are doing it or if there is something wrong?
  2. In my setup Maxi Rodriguez is at an unmanaged club, I can afford him but it will blow all my budget, he recently went down to 91 and I know he's been injured a lot this season. My knowledge of Spanish footy is not what is was since I lost sky, (student loan won't cover it ). Can anyone tell me if his rating will increase next time round? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Re: cristiano ronaldo I personally wouldn't sell a world class player (rat 95+) for money alone. You could negotiate and get a couple of top class players in exchange, but losing c.ronaldo from any team would be a massive loss so get a great deal for him before you accept any bids!
  4. Re: Club Debt/Player Hogging/OAP Squads I personally have not found player hogging to be a problem in any of my setups, I manage 2 very different clubs in Barcelona and Bristol Rovers. Yes my barca team has a very good squad but I don't 'hog' players because if a good deal is offered for one of my players I will accept it. In regards to the issue of club debt, I think that putting wage caps and squad limits would penalize the smaller clubs more than the larger club. If a manager puts a small club into massive debt and then leaves that club it is a case of poor management and not a problem with SM as a game. I think it is very hard for SM to legislate against poor management without restricting good or average managers who get a lot of enjoyment from playing this game. One way of making unmanaged clubs with a lot debt more desirable could be for SM to clear the debt of any unmanaged club at the end of each season (if the debt is massive that is), I don't know if this would be feasible but its just a suggestion. On the issue of stadium size I think its crucial to the game that a small club is allowed to grow, I was thinking maybe you could pay £1m to increase your stadium capacity by 1,000 seats. So through good management with my Bristol Rovers team I could save up £500k and buy 500 extra seats that would generate income in the future.
  5. Re: Soccer manager stopping transfers SMFA does a great job stopping transfer bids becoming totally unrealistic, in one of my setups the manager of Milan has Nesta transfer listed for £30m and must of accepted 25 bids of £30m by now, all being blocked by SMFA. I'm wondering how long it'll take him to figure out it isn't going to work. Realistic bids usually go through.
  6. Re: Should this get accepted? If you can find an unmanaged club that has Ronaldinho!!
  7. Re: Should this get accepted? when I buy from an unmanaged club I usually add then take the player off my shortlist 3 times, you will then get 3 valuations in your messages, I then offer the middle amount which usually works. When offering players its 75% of their value so you can work out quite accurately how much to offer.
  8. Richard Osborne


    Re: hi Hi Ciaran, i'm fairly new to the forum myself, its gr8! loads of tips and help if you need it!
  9. Re: messi In a couple of years messi will be rated 97 at least but that's a long time to wait!! I wouldn't accept that deal but I would counter with £10m and simao and see what he says.
  10. Re: Poor Morale I don't know if this helps at all but i've noticed on 3 occasions that when the problem with morale happens the 'transfer status' of every player in the squad resets itself to 'unknown' as well.
  11. ZAMBROTTA, Gianluca RB/LB 30 95 9.00 £7.8M does anyone know how much I can sell Zambrotta for without SMFA blocking the deal? Its usually about x3 which would be £23.4m but he is 30yrs old so it maybe less. If he has been sold in your setup, how much did he go for? Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Re: quick cash It was a counter offer which I accepted, anyway the deal has gone through so it was worth the risk.
  13. Re: Reporting a user ditto what the other guys have said, you're totally safe mate. This guy is obviously bitter that he didn't spot the fact bayern were unmanaged. I'm just gutted that such an idiot is in charge of liverpool! Anyway you should be very pleased that you got such a great deal for lahm
  14. I've just agreed a deal to sign kaka, the problem is that i'm £1.7m short on cash. I know this might sound stupid but other clubs were bidding so I had to act fast, but more importantly its the start of a new season tommorrow so I will get my cash injection, also I'm selling a player for £5m which will go through tommorrow as well. Does anyone know if I will get the new seasons money before the Kaka deal goes through? Or should I withdraw my offer, because I don't want to mess any other manager around.
  15. In my match last night xabi alonso got injured after 18mins and gerrard got injured after 21mins, which of course is part of the game. It just got me thinking, as no players come on when a player is injured does that mean my team was playing with 9 men from 21 mins onwards or do they continue to play at a reduced skill level?
  16. At the end of a season, when do players contracts expire and therefore become free agents?
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