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  1. Re: problem? If I quit the club is there any way SM would give me another milan if I explained the mistake?
  2. A new setup has just been created (world championship 569) and I have just taken control of Milan, however it says someone else is the manager as well! What do I do, because It's on my profile that I manage the club and I have full access to the club.
  3. In my starting line up I have van persie, the question is who starts up front with him? I have Klose (94) and bellamy (91) so the obvious answer is to start with the highest rated player (klose), however bellamy seems to score much more often. What do you think I should do? Even though bellamy scores more, as a 94 rated player does klose bring more to the team?
  4. hi, I'm fairly new to the game and need some advice. I offered xabi alonso (rat95) + £6m for rooney (rat96) and the bid was accepted by the other manager. The next day it said that both chairman had blocked the transfer because it was unfair. How can this be? It looks fair to me and in my setup I really need a striker and man.u really need a cm. How can I avoid this happening in the future? Thanks for any advise!
  5. can someone tell me how to transfer list a player and set his asking price value to £0. Everyone else seems to do this but when I try it comes back 'invalid amount entered'. Your help is very much appreciated!
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