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  1. I recieved this counter offer after my first bid failed for richards is buonanette wirth keeping hold of ?
  2. Re: w.c 11216 I'm Malaga manager , I'm usually always villa but fancied a change got penty of players for sale (including Jeremy Toulalan) take a look when you get a chance - some good offers
  3. I am santos but it is after neymar and the previous manager did not get the best deal ,, funds are very scarce so should i risk a £5million deal for Jarvis. It would be ideal if someone could note his next rating change. Thanks for the help
  4. they are both on my shortlist i have the cash to buy them but do you think they will rise ??
  5. how is this guy playing at the moment ive been offered him for 20 mil should i accept and could some one predict his next rating change please Thanks in advance if you post a reply
  6. Re: Ranieri Sandro Thanks i just hope hes lucky because my squad is small
  7. What will heppen to sandro in the next rating changes i know tottenham were interested in a move and i have him in all my teams so im hoping for a decent rise does anyone have an idea what he could do in the next rating change
  8. I think there should be a live scoring programme so you can see how ur team is getting on throughout a match and you can do live subsistutions and it should be like a teletext or gilette soccer saturday format
  9. Re: 88+ rated goal keepers bound to rise ill go 4 him then thanks
  10. abbiati was my gk but due to his recent change i would like to buy a long term replacement does anyone have any ideas of any gd young goalkeepers;)
  11. Re: Rising cb How about alex song hes 89 rated and lately has been in the for of his life but hell cost more than the others and hes only 22 but cdm is his main position but he can play at cb
  12. what will be rodrigo ceni next rating change as i need to buy a new gk but i dont want to sign him if his rating goes down straight away
  13. shall i sell him with his rating change coming up ! im not a follower of serie a tbqh so i wouldnt know HELP NEEDED URGENTLY!!!!!!!!!
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