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  1. Re: Gold Championship 85 Feyenoord sign Ukranian superstar.
  2. Re: Gc 180 - offical thread - club reports/transfers/match days results/general talk In a group with Manchester City and Celtic. Next game against Sporting CP away.
  3. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Thanks for the answer but i have another little question . Sorry for that . How is Defour and Otamendi doing? does they have a chance for a raise.
  4. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Which you think will get more gametime, Kleber or Martinez?? thanks m8.
  5. Re: Gc 180 - offical thread - club reports/transfers/match days results/general talk Good start for Porto hope for more good results in the future: Still some players availible here at Porto: Sapunaru, Rolando, Belluschi, Varela, Defour, F.Fernando and maybe Otamendi too.
  6. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread A.C Milan 0 - 2 Manchester United Here it comes the second win in SMFA Champions Cup for the Red Devils. It was Antonio Valencia who scored the first goal for Manchester United to make it 1 - 0 in the 33 minute. That was all about the half time of the game. In the second half, it was Javier Hernandez in the 79th minute who got the red card and were off the game, but anyway United scored again with Rio Ferdinand in the 84th minute to make it 2 - 0. Later Antonio Valencia were voted man of the match. Very happy with that win that makes it 6 points in 2 games for Red Devils. Reading 0 - 2 Manchester United And here it comes the first win for Manchester United in the EPL. The half time was very equal and it ended goalless 0 - 0, in the 60th minute Manchester United manager did his substitutes which where good shot. Giggs were replaced by Kagawa and Hernandez by Welbeck. One minute later after a free kick it was Kagawa who found very well Carrick who shoted the ball home for 1 - 0. Two minutes later it was Kagawa again from a free kick that found Welbeck who scored the second and the last goal for the Red Devils. De Gea were voted Man Of The Match. Next match it will be against Swansea City. I hope will be an easy game for the Red Devils and to take all 3 points.
  7. Re: Gc 180 - offical thread - club reports/transfers/match days results/general talk Whoaa how angry I am after my deal for Lucas Ocampos were reversed. I;ve got saved even the messages where River Plate manager and Me discuss about the deal. I dont know whats wrong with some people.
  8. Re: Gc 180 - offical thread - club reports/transfers/match days results/general talk Young Argentinean Joins Porto? Lucas Ocampos Its 18 years old Lucas Ocampos who agreed terms with Porto to sign a cotract. River Plate has accept an offer that is 3.7M for the youngster who will join someone on loan this year, most likley will go to River Plate but if they are not intrested to get him on loan he will join another club, small club where he can find some time to play. Manager of Porto is very happy with the transfer of this young superstar.
  9. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread Manchester United 2 - 2 Norwich City Only bad results coming for Manchester United. After the loss in White Hart Lane there it comes another bad result. Its Norwich who has hold United on 2 - 2 draw in Old Trafford. It was Norwich who scored first with Barnett in 8th minute, and than Siem De Jong scored to draw the result. Later Norwich scored again with Holt from Penalty kick but Anderson drew the result in the 74th minute. United played the game with whole second squad as the first needed a rest but in the second squad were included players that are still better than Norwich players. Will hope that against Milan in SMFA Champions Cup, things will change in the good way for the Red Devils.
  10. Re: Gold Championship 161 CA Bragantino need a Midfielder 85+ on loan, Does anyone have?
  11. Re: Gc 180 - offical thread - club reports/transfers/match days results/general talk Lets hope for a dramatic season ,and... Porto > Benfica
  12. Re: Gc 180 - offical thread - club reports/transfers/match days results/general talk FC Porto Here!
  13. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Just rejected Villarreal GC151.
  14. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread Manchester United 4 - 4 Liverpool A drama happend at Old Trafford last night when Liverpool met Manchester United. It was the 1st minute that opend the scoring with Joe Cole. After Joe Cole it was Martin Skrtel who made it 2-0, but two minutes after Skrtel's goal, Andy Carroll sees red card and Liverpool were down to ten men. In next 30 minutes Manchester United scored three goals with Javier Hernandez, Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney. But that was not everything, one minute after Rooney scored, Kevin Mirallas scored 3rd goal for Liverpool. After that was Nocerino who scored the 4th for Liverpool but Danny Welbeck in the 86' drew the result to make it final 4-4. Ryan Giggs was later voted Man Of The Match. Next game will be against Tottenham Hotspurs in White Hart Lane. Tottenham has win the 2 first games so will be very difficult game.
  15. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Hi, I want to know if Martin Kelly has any chance of getting gametime, can he rise in the end of the season? THANKS/
  16. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread Manchester United 1 - 0 Shakhtar Manchester United has made the first win with their new manager Mergim Paloja. After 2 - 1 lose against their rivals City, now comes a win in SMFA Champions Cup. It was Patrice Evra who stole 3 points for the Red Devils, after a free kick which it was taken by Ryan Giggs, Evra scored the goal in the 11th minute. Luiz Adriano scored for Shakhtar later but it was offside. After this game Manchester United will play against Liverpool at OT but thats not the only hard game for Red Devils, in the weekend they play against Tottenham Hotspurs at White Hart Lane.
  17. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread Brasilian and Beligans Youngsters Sign, English Youngster Agrees With Manchester United These 4 players has/will sign for Manchester United (Bernard,Dhoest,Mpoku,Kelly) Duarte Bernard has sign 3 year long deal with Manchester United. He has been transferred from Brasilian side Atletico Minierio, 2 Million were paid about this transfer, and Federico Macheda has been used as part of this deal. The second transfer is Sven Dhoest. The young belgian has a four year deal for United for a fee of 460k. Third was the other belgian youngster Paul-Jose Mpoku, the youngster who plays as Winger has signed 3 year deal with Red Devils for 1.2 Millions. Martin Kelly will be the 4th deal for Manchester United. This after Paul Scholes will be on his way to Liverpool. Ready for Shakhtar match tonight, lets hope to make the first win, and be ready for the derby against Liverpool in the Wednesday.
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Scholes or M. Kelly ? Anderson or Otamendi ? thanks.
  19. Re: Gold Championship 150 Discussion Thread Gateshead Gateshead looking very good with only 3 games lost, and in form. Hoping to keep this form and to keep the first place to get promoted after 2 years of waiting. Gilles Sunu is on a great form with 4 goals in last 2 games. Already the leading three are from Gateshead, Marlon King with 28 goals in 26 games is the leading goalscorer, the 2nd is Emin Makhmudov with 24 goals in 29 games and third is Gilles Sunu with 22 in 28 games. The assister is Gateshead's too, is Dmytro Korkisho with 20 assists. So really think that my team deserves to go up. 116 goals scored so far 37 accepted, the only who is after me is Eastbourne Borough with 96 goals socerd and 43 accepted. In next game Ill be waiting for Kettering at my home, I think will be an easy win. About transfers, dont have money, I am -2.2M, all my profits goes to wages .
  20. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread Its not easy only for you, its for me to. Manchester City 2 - 1 Manchester United Yaya Toure with 2 goals from free kick was the goalscorer for City to beat Manchester United. Javier Hernandez scored for the Red Devils after he replaced Soldado in the 60th minute. After Manchester Derby, United will play against Shakhtar in SMFA Champions Cup in monday, and then will play against Liverpool at OT. Have a good offer for Anderson on the table, don't know maybe will accept it, maybe not cuz I've already got to much strikers, and I need Defenders.
  21. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread Siem De Jong joins Manchester United The 23-years old has signed a 2-year deal with Red Devils as a change for Dimitar Berbatov. As the complete for Berbatov value Verhoeven has change his club, and now will be playing for Manchester United. Tonight as the gameworld begins, Manchester United will play the Manchester Derby against their rivals Manchester City in Etihad Stadium.
  22. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Anderson(mine) - Honda and Mario Fernandes ?
  23. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread Manchester United Transfer News. The deal for Soldado has been agreed. He will shortly complete his move to Old Trafford Berbatov and Paul Scholes offers maybe will be rejected. Javier Hernandez offer was perfect from Malaga but I'm affraid i can't sell Hernandez untill i see how will Soldado preform. Crystal Palace was lucky to get Lindegaard on loan after there was a lot of offers at least 15, i thought a number which was 6, and C.Palace were that number, Smalling will be on a year long to Athletic Club, Darton will be the home this year for Fryers, R. Brown, Tunnicliffe, Rayo Vallecano got Macheda, Bebe to L.A Galaxy and Scott Wootton to Shrewsbury Town. Still Ferdinand, Berbatov, Scholes, Evra and Anderson for Sale. As the manager of Tottenham, I had some terrible offers to. Porto specially is making silly offers.
  24. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Ashley Young plus Cleverley for Roberto Soldado? Thanks guys you are really helping me in transfers .
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