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  1. Hello ppl, someone just offered me Arshavin for my Ivanovic. I only use Ivanovic as sub but i think he will rise... What do you think? As wingers i've got Robben, malouda and hazzard (90+) As defenders i only use 3 and i've got pepe, s.ramos, lham, hummels, Ivanovic (90+)
  2. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread Coentrao is playing mostly at DR/Wing...
  3. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 I know its really difficult for a player to rise from 87 to 90, but I think wilshere its better then a average 89 player...
  4. Vampire


    Malouda + Hummels = dzeko?
  5. Re: Tevez for Ozil or Rooney for Fabregas?
  6. Hello ppl! I have in my formation, Tevez and Rooney, i want to trade one of them for a midfilder, my current formation is 3 5 2 and Tevez is occupying a position in the midfield. I have the opportunity to trade Tevez for Ozil or Rooney for Fabregas... What do you think? In my oppinion Tevez for Ozil could be nice but, rooney is sucking... and Fabregas will allways be Xavi sub @ barcelona next year perhaps...
  7. Re: Cambiasso or Schweinsteiger Nope, that's suicide. I've been champion for tree seasons in a row and C.Ronaldo in that position you just put him only scored 9 goals and had 6 assists on the 1st season, after that I've sent him foward and he has won the golden boot twice and player of the year. Season---Club----------Comp-----App--------GS---***--MoM---AvP 3-----Real Madrid-------Divisão 1--29 (0)------20---13 ---7-----8.10 2-----Real Madrid-------Divisão 1--29 (0)------17---7 ----8-----7.79 1-----Real Madrid-------Divisão 1--24 (0)------9---6 -----4-----7.54 1-winger 2,3- FC, wit
  8. Re: best young def David Luiz is good but he risks to much, in my opinion a CD has to be a beast, in that way my predition for medium/long term CD's are with no particular order: Hummels Rannochia Otamendi Smalling All 23 or less like david luiz...
  9. Hello ppl, I have the opportunity to buy one of these players in exchange for ivanovic + cash. I don´t realy need Ivanovic, I just use him as a rotation of my squad, i only play with 3 defenders and i've got pepe, sergio ramos and lham, and i got to rise, Mats hummels, rannochia and kogs. Currently the starting lineup on my team is. -----------Casilhas -----s.ramos---pepe---lham ------------X.Alonso-------- Robben-Tevez-Sneijder-malouda -------C.Ronaldo---Rooney Tevez doesn´t play bad at all at that position with an arrow upwards. he has in 19 appearances he has 4 goals, 4 assists and
  10. Hello ppl! Someone just made me a propose of switching my C.Ronaldo for messi, player by player... what do you think?
  11. Re: What should i do with Rooney? I just bought Teves, a trade for Borrielo and Ronaldinho : he started 12 games, made 1 goal and 4 assists, one time man of the match and has a average rating of 7.08. I can only sell him on february 23rd.
  12. Re: What should i do with Rooney? Yes, i know. I´m trying to sell simão, i´m not going to sell robben because in this game there are very few 92+ wingers so, iven if he drops to 93, he will seal be one of the best wingers in game... Roney stats this season: ------------------- JD GM assistis MeC MdJ 3-----Real Madrid------Divisão 1------21 (0)--- 8-----5----4---7,95 My C.Ronaldo -----------------------JD -----GM-assists-MeC--MdJ 3 Real Madrid Divisão 1 21 (0)------16----7-----4----8,10 I play rooney as target man.
  13. Hello ppl! Currently im facing a dilemma, i have a beautiful team and i´m not sure what to do with Rooney, in my opinion i have two options, try to sell him for the right price and here i will loose some money because everyone knows his current form. The other option is to keep him and pray he will start playing how he played 2 seasons ago... My current real madrid team is (been champion for 2 seasons in a row not allways with the same lineup) --------------Casillhas----- ---S.Ramos(Ivanovic)---Pepe---P.Lham Robben(Simão)--Sneijder-Tevez--Malouda --------C.Ronaldo--Rooney------- I could
  14. Re: baDSTUBER OR David luiz??? I would choose Badstuber... David luiz is linked to big clubs, badstuber is already on a big club and has been proving his value, David Luiz can moove to a big club and suck... It´s my oppinion...
  15. Re: messi best postion Best way to play with a player like that in my opinion is with two players up front and him being one of them and NOT being the target man... I play like this in a 3-5-2 formation with C.Ronaldo and Rooney up front Rooney being the target man... Three seasons C.Ronaldo Scored on the 1st one 16goals, on the second 18, and on the third 17goals and 7 assists on every year, with adverage rating of 7.90 on 1st season 8.05 on the second season and 8,10 on third. I´ve tried this kind of strategy with 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 3-4-1-2, etc... NEVER, put him alone up font with a formatio
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