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    loan list

    hi. why some players can't be put on the loan list?
  2. how can I find out whos the best to take the free kicks the corners penalties...I wonder..I mean in this game we won't find any clasification about free kicks heading passing and stuff like thaT?
  3. radixul


    If I try for example to transfer a player for a team that isn't in my world managed...then what it's happening?can I buya player from...newcastle for example?Im new here help me plz:D
  4. 1.how can a rating of a player raise? 2.what are the things that count on the dissapearing of an injury?how can you see if it's gonna last a lot or less? 3.If a players it's young then he is going to have his condition low much heavier then an old player?
  5. radixul


    How is the condition improving in this game?once you have 25 percent condition for example,what can you do to recover faster that player?
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