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  1. Sell veratti for neuhaus and tielemans/neves? Who would you pick out the duo?
  2. Does Rodri have a chance of 93? Seems consistently excellent at what he does and if City continue to impress surely he is a key part to it all?
  3. With hazard in decline but Ronaldo turning 36.... Would selling hazard in order to fund a Ronaldo move make sense? Hazard isn't exactly a young talent and Ronaldo maybe has one or two years left?
  4. Does ferland mendy have any chance of earning a 92? Feel he will be overlooked by the modern day attacking full back club.
  5. Isn't dembeles contract coming to an end?
  6. How good is dest in terms of potential rating? Should he be a safe bet to reach 91 eventually?
  7. If it's one from each id go mendy and dias from watching them
  8. How good is felix? Have not seen much atletico live so can't compare him to anyone
  9. Surely all the big rises are due to the team of the year? I reckon that could signal a surprise taa rise?
  10. Time to hire someone who Messi would approve of/hand pick?
  11. Marquinhos rise hopefully signals alaba finally getting one atleast
  12. Did anyone forsee marquinhos rise? Gutted as I have just traded him out
  13. Would you swap pogba for either dias or j. Felix? If so which and why?
  14. Haaland rating by the end of this season? Next jump?
  15. Is valverde likely to reach 93 at some point? Here really good things about him but have others I would need to move on to keep him
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