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  1. Investment option Zinchenko or lo celso?
  2. In my opinion 100% sule. I do not consider lenglet a great cb where sule has the potential to become one
  3. Concern level 4 so I'm waiting for him to ask for a transfer from a rival. I don't know how he has let it happen. The season is ending and he has had no change either way since turn 24
  4. Does anyone know when the last concern update of a season takes place? Waiting to see if a 95 player puts in a request having played 25/38. The season has ended yesterday and I'm surprised he hasnt already. Does this mean he won't go up to level 5?
  5. I didn't know this, that is a nightmare
  6. Its the maximum bid I'm allowed to go to but when his value drops I'm wondering if that's affected and he will pull out if the deal for me. My chairman is very annoying 😂
  7. Looking for transfer advice, sorry its not what the thread is about. Kdb is currently level 4 concern at another club and has only played 23/36 games, the requirement suggest he should play 31/38 and he has had no major injuries. Another manager has bid 50 while I've bid 55.3 (the max). Am I correct to assume that if/when he hands in a request 1) his value drops so I can't bud outbid 2)my chairman won't then refuse to allow me to bid the higher amount Thanks
  8. Agreed but should he really be the best rated keeper. I'm not disputing he is one of the best but is oblak maybe not on par? Seems harsh that De gea can get 95 at United because of their status despite their form when he can't
  9. Can anyone explain why sule never rose? Seems very harsh around some decent rises. Also has casemiro peaked and how good is werner? Admittedly haven't seen as much football as I'd have liked this season
  10. Cheers. Not sure about your dilemmas. Can you wait to see if Erkisen gets a move? If he doesn't him and if not id say Verratti. Then my personal view is jesus. Both just personal opinions
  11. I really doubt this. I can't understand how sule never got 92 so I doubt marquinhos will rise. I have both so its a shame. Am I completely in the wrong here?
  12. How good is rodri? Havnt seen much of him but he is being linked with city today. He is available in my game world and I can afford him and need young players to revamp
  13. Mane and 12mil or auba? Need cash and I have; Aguero, kane, neymar, mbappe, hazard, bale, lukaku, thiago, b silva and pogba.
  14. Great call. Would people rather have Saul or keita and Ryan sessegnon?
  15. I would love to see this as I was thinking the same but I don't think so. I reckon if he does Kane would have a shot of 95 but hasn't won anything. If auba doesn't drop maybe he can. Think kante has to reach 94 now. What do you all think?
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