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  1. Who if any would you sell to get sancho. Thiago, Saul or rodri? Strong in cm
  2. How would you rank Sule, marquinhos, upamaceno, skriniar and de ligt? Rebuilding and can afford 2.
  3. Poor alaba. Destined to be 93 forever 😢
  4. ill lose the captaincy and dropped by England but for who god knows.
  5. Love the idea of a rotation spreadsheet 😂 I calculate mine by hand but now this is getting done. I had varane and marquinhos both get injuries in the same game for over 6 weeks and they miss both Cup finals and the champions league run in
  6. Agree. Just thought I'd ask given marquinhos big impact to get them to the final. Lewa and gnabry defo both need redone. Just wish alaba got 94 but can't see that happening now
  7. Everyone correctly hoping for a bayern do over if they win the champs league but in the event PSG surprise us is there any risers for them? Can't think of any, maybe marquinhos at a push?
  8. Put details in. I may join and pay that team/league attention enough to keep it a float. I was similarly worried about a team I've had for over 10 years and I would devastated if the game world closed.
  9. Bernado. Was initially leaning toward bernado but now thinking thiago myself despite him being the higher rated player in the bunch
  10. Please help me rank the following to get rid of, one must go: Silva, pogba, Saul and thiago. I play 433 with these players often used in the midfield and wing areas
  11. Would you trade fati for Bellingham and kouassi? (or moukoko) I have limited options elsewhere but I'm stacked up front with Kane, mbappe, werner, sane, hazard, neymar, havertz, haaland and greenwood.
  12. Is it not in order of league finish dates France, Germany, Spain, England soon Then finally italy
  13. Very good point. KDB has been city's stand out player on the other hand but they have the carling Cup to wajor against what I reckon could be a treble. If bayern win a treble do we reckon sm staff we review the ratings?
  14. Can't see it happening for sterling for some reason. Kdb surely won't if Lewandowski doesn't
  15. Also on the point of cb (sorry to go on). Sm need to decide how they rate bayern. Currently kimmich, rightfully so, is rated 94 and one of the best around in his position. However this allows him to be a better cb option than alaba and just as good as varane in that position
  16. Completely agree with this but they are based in England so it is easier to get caught up in the prem and hype of Liverpool. Lewa should be 97 in my opinion. Anyone reckon Varane could get 95 at some point? Not this time around but I feel he is a victim of being consistently amazing in a good partnership. Van dijk correctly gets credit for sorting Liverpool defence but Varane can't look as good because he and Ramos share the load if that makes sense.
  17. And upacemano, akanji and probably hakimi. Lewandowski and alaba unfortunately not given a rise either
  18. Feel the bar for "great save" is lowered when it comes to him at times. We call them camera saves
  19. http://www.thefa.com/news/2020/jul/17/grassroots-guidance-for-competitive-football-restart-in-england-170720?s=09 Massive news 😭
  20. Marquinhos, De ligt or skriniar? Who would you rather have?
  21. Worth keeping due to his age and can't see him dropping. Always linked with teams that could increase his rating of he transfers. Also can play in lots of positions (although I am bitter he never got lb after playing a good amount of games there) I have even utilised him as a rwb/lwb from time to time
  22. I feel a bit dim here but what is going on with all these signings? I thought the transfer windows were pushed back or are they just irrelevant now?
  23. Fair enough. My squad is strong but a manager quit leaving them available and I'm just unsure who to go for when the bidding starts
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