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  1. Szobslai or reyna? Can only stretch to one for a long term winger
  2. Daka or boadu? Barella or valverde long term?
  3. Sell werner or sane? Getting swept away and signing sterling
  4. Before the rise would you swap adiyemi, brobbey and verscharen for pedri?
  5. Would you sell Eric garcia, trubin and yunus musah to purchase meslier and konate?
  6. Any chance of a hakimi +1? Wondering if I should make the deal quick or if I have time to see the euros unfold
  7. Hope for your sake Ed Woodward isn't in charge of your transfers. Bargain in his eyes
  8. Whole heartedly agree with this... But still hope lewa gets 98 and de bruyne a possible 97 if the win ucl? Think its a travesty if dias isn't 93.
  9. Nuno mendes back in the starting line up is the easter miracle we all needed. Took Son longer to recover
  10. I've seen that..... But how, the guy must be made of steel
  11. Phil foden has to be a nailed on 91 right? Looks inevitable to be a league winner and is often one of city's best players
  12. That's amazing that he managed to walk off. Hopefully that means he won't be out too long. I feared a Luke Shaw style leg break when I first saw it
  13. Does anyone have any updates on nuno mendes' injury. Poor guy, it looked horrendous and I assume that's atleast the euros gone to say the least?
  14. Are all those appearances starts? Subs only count as half. The first two will expect to play around 16 games before the 24th turn and the 94 will need to feature in 19/20. This is according to the information I use.
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