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  1. 1 hour ago, jaybee said:

    I'm in the market for a young right back.

    The options I'm looking at are Couto who I notice has been starting recently for Girona and is the one I'm favouring.

    Others under consideration are Joe Scally, Jesus Rivas and Kluiverth Aguilar.


    Who would you guys go for?

    Is rensch available? 

  2. 1 hour ago, rogerthat said:

    Yeah it looks real bad, however, images and slowmo always looks worse. The severity depends on how long the pressure from the other player's body rests on his ankle. I remember seeing him trying to play on for a couple of minutes before leaving the field on both his feet. Always encouraging not to see stretcher/ambulance. I'm hoping for a sprain/minor tear at most.

    That's amazing that he managed to walk off. Hopefully that means he won't be out too long. I feared a Luke Shaw style leg break when I first saw it 

  3. 8 hours ago, crvena_zvezda said:

    Their ratings are 90, 91 and 94. They've been playing constantly from the moment they reached level 4 (with a bit of game time before that). 17 league games played so far. Chilwell 7 appearances + 5 in the cups, Diego Carlos 7 appearances + 5 in the cups and Koulibaly 7 + 6 in the cups. I'm confident that I'll get them down to level 3, as I've done it a few times before.


    Are all those appearances starts? Subs only count as half. The first two will expect to play around 16 games before the 24th turn and the 94 will need to feature in 19/20. This is according to the information I use. 

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