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  1. I actually agree, similar to when hazard had a year long lack of form due to injuries. I think it would be Incredibly harsh not to give Kante the same leniency. However defensive minded players are always seen as lesser beings.
  2. Can someone please give me an option on sergino dest? I have read some good things and that he is linked with spurs, Newcastle and bayern but is he worth getting in exchange for another prospect such as lucien agoume?
  3. Any opinions on ferland Mendy? Haven't seen much La liga this season. He is available at 16 million. Is he a good long term option? Does he have 92+ potential?
  4. Lukaku vs werner? Does Werner have a by chance of a rise? Militao vs pavard? Long term squad player. Realise pavard at the moment but who is best overall
  5. With ligue 1 now ended how do you think they'll handle the ratings? No changes or do them based on the trajectory players/teamsteamsl were on?
  6. Oblak/Becker..... I'd have oblak every day of the week. Secondly don't feel bad or bullied, he is your asset to manage how you like and you should demand it if someone else wants him, Werner is not a comparable player unless you get a lot of cash on top. Laporte didn't get into the France team as he is deemed arrogant but did get a call up prior to an injury so that might change. He is definitely good enough and should already be 93 atleast IMO
  7. How good is isak? Admittedly not seen much of him but read lots of good things
  8. In my experience it could take up to a few days last turn 14. If not send a ticket
  9. If you are in turn 12 I'd be surprised if he doesn't drop a level soon
  10. It can sometimes be a few matches till it is fully done. Can you do a screen grab off this stats for me to look at? Otherwise I do think they can also stay at a certain level aswell
  11. Not in between but they could go down on 24 if it rose on 12. Same we 24 and 36. I know this as I have experienced both with my own squad
  12. Believe its 12, 24 and 36 give or take a few. Further info can be found based on the type of concern. If you need more information just ask and I'll find the link
  13. In wouldn't imagine so, he has been great even though I'm not his biggest fan but united are way off where they should be. He could get it and the end of the season but no reason to rise him to quickly at the moment
  14. Saul at lb again. Bought him in the hope he would get the position but I'll settle for the rise
  15. I really don't rate Lenglet as a cb but might be alone in that. Either way don't do it as pogba is still a great midfielder and with a move in clubs could excel further. I'd go for gnabry out of the second two but that's just my preference. Jesus isn't a star for me.
  16. Would you rather have: guendouzi or adama traore or lucien agoume and florentino luis None will get near my first or second team but wondering about the potential
  17. Upamecano by a mile for me, just from watching them both play
  18. How good are Martin odegaard and Bruno fernandez? Who is best? I have a very strong squad and Bruno gets no playing time and I'm thinking about trading as I regret letting odegaard leave earlier as I thought he may never deliver on his promise.
  19. Does anyone know if my transfer can be completed if its a player offered but I'll go into negative money after the fixtures?
  20. I meant van dijk..... That's why you shouldnt have a whiskey with your Christmas breakfast people
  21. Kimmich rise surely means some major rises are on the way.. Liverpool to get major boosts all over. Could we see some 96s crop up? Salah, De Bruyne or salah.... Carvajal to 93 and taa/Robertson rises Or I could be getting majorly carried away
  22. Seems more harsh on De vrij? Also makes sule unfortunate not to have been 92 a while back?
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