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  1. Re: The New League Stuttgart.
  2. Re: The New League sorry mate gonna have to pull out, thought i'd quit a team but things are coming round now. sorry to waste your time.
  3. Re: The New League Count me in mate please.
  4. Hi a returning member here thats forgotten everything! Anyway, i'm Carlisle United and doing fine but low on funds. I have Liverpool away in the shield. Will i get any of the money made from ticket sales, or will it all go to Liverpool? Cheers in advance.
  5. Isn't he the guy that missed 3 pens in one game for Argentina?
  6. 4 starts in 4 games for Chelsea sounds alright to me. . .
  7. Lol, that's what i did, i thought he was the one that played for Real. Oh well. . .
  8. Does morale have an effect on matches as i need to sell some players but if i put them on the transfer list, their morale will drop. Is morale really that important?
  9. Very amusing, but you said it yourself - 5 starts. That's 5 more than Peter Whittingham.
  10. Sorry, maybe this is being misunderstood. Lassana has not JUST played for U21s. Look at his record according to BBC Sport. Total (Club) 12 (7) 0 1 0 League 4 (2) 0 0 0 FA Cup 2 (0) 0 0 0 League Cup 2 (1) 0 0 0 European/Others 4 He has started Chelsea's last 2 games.
  11. 17 Under 21 appearances - he has proved himself at International level and he is proving himself as a great player every time Chelsea play. He has only been held back by the magnificent Makelele.
  12. This time I am sure i have the right Diarra. . . Diarra came to Chelsea from Le Harve in the summer of 2005. Described as a '"little Makelele" by BBC commentators, he is a French under 21 International, playing for them 17 times. In Makelele's absence he is starting to make first team appearances for Chelsea. He is performing very well. His rating of 86 is too low in my opinion, for a regular first team member of Chelsea.
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