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  1. Re: Barcalona vs. Real Madrid

    Milito is great, but I think Pique has proven himself this past season to take on the starter role. Another reason is that Barca need Piques height in the back, Puyol is 178cm, and Milito is 175cm. Therefore I think Pique and Milito will be used depending on the opponent they r facing.

  2. Re: Barcalona vs. Real Madrid

    that's my point.

    as of right now. Barca wants Mascherano, Madrid wants Alonso.but Liverpool won't let both of them go this summer, so which means if Barca signs Mascherano before Madrid can buy Alonso, then Madrid will have to wait another season, vise versa for Barca, if Madrid aquires Alonso first, then no way Mascherano could leave Merseyside this summer.

    unless...............Liverpool signs a couple other midfielders to cover for Alonso and Mascherano with their transfer money, or player exchanges.

    just a wild guess, but dont be surprised to see Roben and Snieder wearing the red shirt next season, or Yaya Toure plays along side Stevie G.

    this is why i love about the transfer window..u never know until the last minute! :D

  3. Re: Barcalona vs. Real Madrid

    I agree that he's one of the best holding midfielder in the world, and what's more impressive is his tackling and timing. He wants to go to Barca himself, as Barca DOES need someone like him, I think he'll be perfect playing behind Xavi and Iniesta.

    The thing is that I doubt Liverpool will let both Mascherano and Alonso go this summer, so Barca and Madrid are in a race, who ever sigh the player they want first, the other one might just end up staying for other year.

  4. Re: Your Dream Team Squad!





    ---------------David Villa-----------------

    Subs: 1. Casillias

    2. Pique

    3. Iniesta

    4. Aguero

    5. Rooney

    (Never count out Ronaldinho yet. He's gonna come back !)

  5. This is a good year, I can't help but keep getting amazed by all the transfers which has been made and those are about to come.

    The most shocking ones were, of course, what Real madrid did in such a light-speed manner. First Kaka, then C.Ronaldo, and even Benzema, it seems that after a dissapointing season, Madrid is back in the center of everyone's attention over night.

    Of course, Barca won't just gonna sit and watch Madrid takes up all the space on newspapers, Villa, Ibrahimovic, Mascherano, all these big names are sure to excite fans all over the world. Now it seems that Zlatan might be the new #9 for Barca next season, I'm not sure if Barca will still be able to get Villa, with whatever money they have left, they are better off buying Mascherano. Don't get me wrong, personally I think Villa will fit in great with Barca, but Zlatan has the height and ball control to give Barca more options up front.

    The new Madrid's line up will be dreamy, however I think it'll take some time before they can, if ever, play as a team like Barca. I keep wonder what kind of sparks Kaka and Ronaldo will perduce together, and if Benzema is ready to take on the new challenge. I really don't see the point why they need Maicon, with Albiol steps in center defense, Ramos can stay as a RB. I think even with all the fuss, Ribery will still come to Madrid, the deal will most likely end up being a cash + players exchange. Van Der Vaart, Roben, Snieder, basically anyone from the old squad could end up being part of the trade.

    If all works well for both teams, I think the next time when these two giants meet, it'll be the most anticipated game of the year.

    Here's my prediction (and wish) of the line-ups for both teams next season:



    ---Dani Alves---Puyol---Pique---Maxwell---




    Real Madrid






  6. what do u guys think about Pique's rating(88)?

    i think ever since he's moved to Barca and playing side by side with Puyol, his performance should be noted and his rating should easily go up to 90 at least.B)

  7. 1. Player's Injury Recovery Time Is Too Long.

    -A bruised ankle shouldn't take a month to heal, it just doesn't make sense. Games normally takes place every 3 days or so, recovery time should be cut down by half.

    2. Better search system.

    -Google can be a perfect example as how the search system should be improved, it can be frustrating trying to find a club or a player even if you mistyped one letter. Also, if u typed the first name first then the last name, you won't find the player you are looking for.

    3. More options managing club's finnance.

    -Looking at the finnancial report is point-less. managers dont have any control over it. CM can be a good example on how players can manage their teams spending.

    4. Formations

    -It'd be alot better if managers can create their own formations. For example, if someone wants to play 2-2-6 with 6 strikers up front, by all means they should be able to.

  8. Bojan Krkic

    Bojan from barca, the 17 years old is showing great form lately and getting plenty of games even there's the likes of Ronaldinho, messi, eto'o and henry aside. I think he deserve a big raise, an 80 as of now seems too shabby..

  9. i've been paying attention to the chinese captian Zheng zhi lately and he's been doing really well in charton. ranked highest up to 5th in the league, 1st as defensive player playing as a midfielder, while scored 5 goals and 4 assists for the club. he's the top dog in charlton now, and definally deserves a raise. andy reid is sh!t compare with ZZ, yet andy has a rating of 87 while Zheng is only 84?

    not right, change it.

  10. Re: man city vs man united!

    it's gonna be a **** of a match. man city has so many new players but their teamwork may have problem when they play teams like man utd.

    on the other hand, man utd has too many injuries, nani is going to take over for c.ronaldo, Dong might play with Tevez, man utd will have to control the pace of the game and play counter attacks, that's the only way they can win. 0-0 i think

  11. Re: Morale...

    and it's true that players with low morales don't do as well as they should. especially if u put a whole squad of players with terrible morale, u will see the team will lose often. so u cant just use players based on their rating. and if u have some good players that has low morale, put them on the bench, let them play half a game or something, if they score or do well, their morale will slowly raise. Of course, that's based on if the team wins.

    for ur situation right now, like i said, it's better just to trade players. even if u trade players also has low morale,that only means they arent happy with their club, their morale will go up after they come to a new club

  12. Re: Morale...

    well based on my experience, morale is mostly determined my how the team is doing. like when i took over my club Charlton, the club just got relegated to the 3rd Division. Plus I had players like Joaquin, Romadale,Campell,and Van Der Vaart. So of course those players all have Terrible morale. but after i started winning matches and now my team is 2nd in the league, most of all the player's morale raised to adquate or good. So the main thing here is winning, just like real life, if the team is doing well, players will also be happy.

    there are other reasons which may influence the players morale, some players get unhappy when their contract is running out and the club hasn't offer them any new contract. offer the player new contract sometimes will make them feel better. also if u place players on the transfer list, sometimes they get unhappy too.

    i think theres more, but i cant remember as of now, i'll let u know more if i remember. take care

  13. Re: Help i cant win at all...

    u can sell Ghaly or Routledge, one of them. or instead of selling, u can try to trade them to other clubs to get similar skill level players, sometimes thats faster and easier to acquire players for urself. make some offers and send some private messeges to other managers, see what's on their minds. good luck.

    P.s. with the money u have right now, try buy a defender, or midfielder, preferably those players who can handle more than 1 positions, this way u will have more options on using them.

  14. Re: Help i cant win at all...

    4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2








    Subs: WILSON, Mark / DAVENPORT Calum / Zokora / Adu, Freddy / Mido

    The reason I've put up this formation is that you don't have too many games left so while u are out there trying to buy new players u need to have a formation that'll keep u going, player morale is very important in a game, try trade some of players with low morales out. even though player's morale can go up as ur team do better but since it's late in the season, don't bet on it too much.

    With this formation, make sure your play style is "Direct", use Roony as the playmaker, Keane(or mido)as the target man. Jennas will take the freekicks and rooney will take the corners, give keane the penalty. You want to use more players with better morale than low morale players, it's ok to have one or two players will low morale, but not too many on the starting line-up.

    At this stage of the season, there's no need to hold back and you really need to rely on your offense, play V.offensive or Offensive, Rooney is your key player, so play him 75 mins a game, if the team is winning, switch him off,you don't want to wear him off too much. Play Center attack, you don't have good wingers.

    well, that's about it, try it!

  15. Re: cheats !!!!!

    That's right mr.adamski, it's their own fault if they are not smart enough to come up with a unique account name and password.

    and to all the people who lost their account, please, stop using a log in name as: Alex Ferguson and a Password as: Manchester United. And please stop crying, suck it up and go get urself another team or something.

  16. To me, it's a great thing, and i wish more and more famous players will move to MLS (Major league soccer).

    American people have plenty of passion about sports.However, they only go for the best players, the reason why U.S. soccer never receive too much spotlight and attention is that there's not a name loud enough to represent the league, therefore MLS has always been the step child in the U.S. sports industrial.

    But things seemed to change a bit lately. For the first time I've seen soccer related news on SportsCenter for over 10 minutes. Beckham's attraction stormed pass the whole United States. Even all the way to East Coast in New York, Becks's posters and gears are all over the store.

    Of course the media won't ignore that the Beckham's family coming to America, even though it seems no one really likes Posh, but she still is the center of the attention, somehow americans love stuck-up mean chicks, just look at Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears and Linsey Lohan.

    I watched Beckham's debut against Chelsea, all tickets were sold out weeks ago, over 20 camaras were set up in the stadium to boradcast the game from every angle plus one camara locked on Becks the whole time. Many celeberties showed up to watched the game, even beckham only showed up for less than 15 minutes and basically walked around the whole time, everytime he blink still drew people's scream. Soccer never felt so popular here before.

    Many other MLS teams saw what beckham did to the industrial and also interested in trying the same thing. LA seems not satisfied with becks alone, they are trying to buy Zidane out of his retirement to play for them. NY Redbulls set their eyes on Ronaldo, Washington DC tried to invite Veron...etc. More teams started to realize that they need a "face" to advertise their team, instead of buying cheap south american young players. I hope soon every MLS team will have players that are well-known thru-out the world. That way, more people's gonna talk about soccer in the US and eventually soccer will become more popular because people will start to see how beautiful this game can actually be played.

  17. Re: THE BEST FORMATION (inc Poll)

    It's never enough to have only 1 formation, don't ever think u can win the league with one formation through-out the season. Look at ur team, find the best one or few players, and build the team around them. You need to try to bring every players full potential out,especially your star players.

    For example: if i have Ronaldinho in my team and everyone else are just regular rated 80s players, i would not recommand puting Ronaldinho on the wing, because it's easier to be shut off if the midfielders can't provide much support, (barcalona put ronaldinho as a winger because they have midfielders like Xavi, Deco passing the balls to him) So if i have ronaldnho, I will play him as AM in a 4-3-1-2 formation, this way the team still have 4 defenders, plus 3 midfielders who can run errands on both side. And ronaldinho will be between the midfielders and the 2 strikers, thus he will have plenty space to focus on attacking the goal, passing to the two strikers up front, and doesn't have to worry too much about defense because there's 8 players behind him(plus goalie.)

    Anyway, like i said, study the opponents, but mainly study ur own team. u don't want to change ur team too much trying to oppose other teams tactics, what's most important is to place each one of ur own players on the perfect position. Think as a champ!

  18. Re: Dong from Man Utd.

    Yes, it's true we needn't to be pushy, i guess we will just wait and see how he does, good thing is that Fergie decided to keep Dong in the First team this upcoming season and even with Tevez in the team I think Dong will have his time to play, since he's the only striker who is physically close to Van Nisterooy, Dong is 185cm I think, he's got that size and pace, if he learn how to use it well than it might be a good pick for Fergie when playing with slower and shorter defenders.

    Also, I think Dong needs to learn more from Park Ji-Sung, Asian players often been marked as lack of flare and desire of individual glory. Park (especially back in PSV) will shoot the ball any given chance he had and he's much better in showing his emotions. A great player needs attitude, not violent, but something to intimidate the opponents. Especially as a striker, Dong need to do better at that. I mean, come on, u r a big guy, push people around more, if u don't know how, just ask rooney for tips.

  19. Re: Dong from Man Utd.

    Makes sense to me to be honest, rating is not based on potential. He has played for Royal Antwerp - Belgian second division, not a good level - and whilst he scored a few for them he hasn't done this on the international stage for China (not a strong footballing nation) for whom he is a bit part player. Made one appearance for Man Utd and was subbed off. Not doubting he is has potential (bought him myself for a few teams) but not worth 80 yet in my mind....

    yea he sure didn't do well in his debut for Man Utd. But we are talking about a young man's first Primier league match, and it's aganist Chelsea! Not any lower division teams. No one did good during that match, from Man Utd's point of view, they're already the league champ, alot of players weren't trying that hard, Dong never had many oppertunities, not his fault but because of the midfielders couldn't send any balls up. Even after Roony came up things didn't change. On the other hand, Chelsea players were already mad about losing the title, and as they face Man Utd for the last match, with most of the starting players, of course they will try to give Red's youngsters a hard time. It's not fair to judge a player based on his debut. Dong's been doing very well lately, im not talking about the goal he scored or the assist he had, because the opponent weren't strong. Im talking about the way he plays, he's got alot more touches and runs alot more, he's becoming a part of the team and that's where he's full potential will burst out soon. I believe he will do well in the upcoming season and he's rating will have a big raise (like a +10), that'll be funny to see because it shows all these times he's been under-rated.

  20. Re: Dong from Man Utd.

    It's funny, many people think that the reason Fergie keeps Dong is because of the asian market reason. I find that very stupid. From all these years I think I know Ferguson as a winning manager, He always want to keep the best players on his squad, not the ones who can make money for the team. Because he sees the big picture, if u win, u always make more money than a single player could.(He got rid of Beckham, didn't he?) Anyway, back to Dong. First of all, Man Utd doesn't need a chinese player on their team to sell jerseys in china! maybe Man City but not Man Utd!! I can guarentee u that Man Utd is one of the top three favored team in china and that's not because Dong is in the team, is the way Reds play that attracts people. Come on people, have some confidence in Man Utd, they only keep the best players in the team, period! And one last thing, i see some of the Divison 3 players rate over 80 and Dong is 74? Make no sense at all

  21. Dong from Man Utd.

    This kid is finally start to show some stuff. He hasn't score in 7 month since he came back to Man Utd but Sir Ferguson still trust him. However he did great in the past to matches and also finally scored a stunning goal. So here's what am thinking..rating 74 is kinda too low for him, if Sir Ferguson keeps him instead of Rossi, that means Dong's got something up in his sleeves thats caught Fergie's eyes. He's got great pace, he can jump, he's got power, a very promising player i think. He's rating as of right now should be as least 80-82, at least!

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