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  1. Chinese international SUN XIANG has just signed with PSV Eindoven. He will be wearing number 28 for PSV from now on. He plays LB/LM, smart player with great free kick ability. Add him in the game please
  2. Hey y'all i thought i was the only chinese in this game. cool... anyways, here's the thing about DONG, the kid's got speed. i'm talking about faster than Rooney, faster than Saha, and much faster than the other old strikers in the squad. And that speed of his is gonna be vital during counter-attacks, also will always keep the opposit team's defense under pressure. Rossi is gone to Parma now, and Larrson is leaving in March. That should give Dong plenty time to show his stuff on the pitch. Just raise his rating already! oh by the way i have to add this in again, Zheng Zhi(Charlton) who is a free agent in this game should be a CM instead of DM, he plays way more offensive in his last club team.
  3. Yea i agree, 83 should be a good rating for him now. hopefully he will do well in man utd this season, i'm sure alex ferguson is going to give him some chances, the reds need striker of his type.
  4. no adam he is not. but i hope soon he will be. a young and talented player will surely make it in this game.
  5. the move to L.A. should stimulate him, with him and the wife closer to hollywood and all. He's always been a hard worker , i don't think a few month without games will affect him too much, he's played plenty of games plus the training in madrid isnt joke. Believing that he won't be slacking off, instead he might work on some weak points of his on the training ground while not have to worry about playing games. however i believe he should be able to maintain his rating for now. but after a season in L.A. playing with lower level players and all the parties and event he has to attend with victoria, I can garentee u that we will see a dramatic drop on him. I don't think his rating should be lower that 90 as for now.
  6. agree with u fraser. it should be ok to rise his skills up some and then see how he does in the premier league to decide if he will one day be a 90+ player or not. the kid's got great speed, and also decent power and height, future looks good.
  7. Zheng zhi (CHARLTON) is more suitable for and CM or AM, not DM. and 2 times chinese footballer of the year shouldn't just be a mere 84.
  8. Wang Dalei, born in January 10, 1989 is a very talented goalie. chinese national team member, MVP of asian U23 cup. went to INTER MILAN earlier last year for trial and was well rated by the coaches. one of the hidden talents in the PC game "football manager", I got him in that game and found out that he was the fastest growing goalie, got him awarded goalie of the year when he turned 20! check him out and add him to the game, should be exicting! p.s. check out this clip from youtube.com. it's WANG DALEI representing china against Camerom, awsome saves!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSnyvvJC42U
  9. dong, the new man utd hope? Chinese striker dong, who is 21. Had returned to the red devils this season, he will be wear number 21 in the reds for the rest of the season. while he was playing in belgium, he was the lead scorer and was awarded the golden shoe. his rating in the game is only 74, which i can't agree with. i believe that he should be at least above 80. it will be great if that can be fixed.
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