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  1. Respuesta: Re: Marc-Andre ter Stegen your prediction is wrong ter stergen 78 to 86-- +8, look the position of his team at germany's league
  2. Respuesta: Re: 1 billion youth team hahaha i was going to write the same. 1 billion= there are alot of freaks here u maybe have 1.000.000M, it's easy to do it. in my game world we are two teams and we have over 745M wichone, and other 100M in cash (me)
  3. Re: Joe Hart tell me what cup or competicion was won by hart?? so with your own words Hary (it's an insult to compare casillas with him)
  4. Re: Marcelo you will eat your words, because now there isn't a better lb than marcelo neither lham plays like him. of course when he will play with national team, we talk to rise 94(maybe at the end of this season if madrid win something,else the next year sure, but now he will rise to 93) look it and then talk(i'm a barcelona's fan) about sanchez...without comments.First look for some information until to talk
  5. Respuesta: Re: Álvaro Domínguez if u want to know when dominguez rise to 90, i'm going to tell u that he need to play at then national team or play all matches this year and atletico must win something.
  6. Respuesta: thorgan hazard he plays at ligue 2,so he doesn't rise a lot. so alot of people have been saying hes gonna be a super star??? well, it's the same ask like i saw when hazard(eden) was ratting 78. thorgan and eden are very similar, but eden say that his brother is better in 1vs1. other think, i heared that the best of hazard's brothers is the 3º bro(there is 4 brothers,include eden)i don't remember the name.
  7. Respuesta: Which of these should i swap for Mario Gomez if mario gomez is an external club= money plus adebayor(he will never be the same) if the deal is with other manager, u must offer van der vart and adebayor.
  8. Respuesta: Re: When Will Next Rating Revaluation?
  9. Respuesta: Seydou Doumbia sm is always one step later than real life.so wait one change more and will see.
  10. Respuesta: Re: Eto´o to Russia? look, when eto'o played in spain, i saw that he made a fundation for poor boys, this year he made a contrarct where he put if he scored one goal then one 4x4 car goes to africa, this year he broke his knee but scored 18 so 18 cars to cameroun. i think he will move because he will be like a god there. time to time . the most of people don't know his other face.
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