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  1. Re: Huntelaar heads to VFB Stuttgart Personally, I think Real made a mistake getting rid of him. He was the natural replacement for van Nistelrooy. Now, all of their younger strikers are players that like to drop deep and run in from wider positions. Huntelaar would have given them a bit of variety in attack - an extra option tactically, in case things aren't working out. They would have been better off keeping him and not bothering signing Benzema, in my opinion (or keeping him and selling RVN - although that would mean selling your best striker ). Now they've sold him, I think keeping RVN for another season or two should be made a priority. He's still the best natural goalscorer in the world. Benzema and Higuain can't provide what he gives to the team. Huntelaar could have done.
  2. Re: A Message From Chris I'm with you on this. The punishment comes first (and who knows, maybe he might find himself on the other side of a good beating if/when he gets sent down). People don't automatically deserve a second chance. They have to earn it over a period of time. He wont get any respect from me just yet.
  3. Re: Nasri out for 2-3 months with broken leg No, 2-3 months would seem about right to me. According to the Arsenal website, it's just a fractured fibula (smaller bone on the outside/back of the lower leg). A fibular fracture is less serious than a tibial fracture because it only supports around 15-20% of your body weight. I'm not a doctor (just studied some anatomy/physiology at uni - and most of it was the head and neck ), but I think you could expect 6-8 weeks healing time, plus a month to regain full match-fitness. If it was a fractured tibia (shinbone), then it would be about 12 weeks for the bone to heal (for a minor, low-energy fracture - much longer for a more serious break, especially if it's an open fracture which involves skin/soft tissue damage), plus a much longer period of light training and physio before starting to play again - the tibia supports the vast majority of your weight, so it needs to heal to a much greater degree before it's strong enough to endure things like competitive football matches. So 4 months would probably be the minimum you would expect if it was this bone he fractured. (If anyone more qualified notices anything I've said is slightly out, feel free to correct me. ) Anyway, Arsenal have Rosicky, Walcott and Arshavin to play wide (plus Vela, Van Persie and maybe Eduardo who could probably play there if needed), so I doubt they'll miss Nasri at all. The only thing that will change is Arshavin will stay in the first team for a while instead of being put on the bench.
  4. Re: David Beckham Well I'd definately pick Beckham over Park or Nani, if I'm honest. I don't want him back at United though. We'd be far better off concentrating on turning Tosic, Ljajic, Welbeck and Gibson into quality players than taking a step backwards and going for Beckham. I'm not entirely sure what the LA Galaxy situation is all about though. Landon Donovan is being a bit hypocritical about it all. The only reason he didn't extend his own loan with Bayern Munich is because Bayern didn't want him. Donovan also doens't have to play in Europe to get selected for his country, so how come nobody is questionning his commitment?
  5. Re: who will flop first The other argument could be that at United he had a lot of players around him who were willing to get stuck in and do the donkey work' date=' allowing him a lot more freedom to do what he wanted without harming the team in other areas. At Real, I still think Ronaldo as an individual will do well, but I'm not sure whether Real as a team will gain as much from his abilities as United did. I know tactics etc will probably change from last season, but I'm not sure Real's movement on and off the ball will create the same space for Ronaldo as United's midfield/attack did. Having said that, the slower pace and slacker marking in La Liga will help out with that. Kaka I can see doing brilliantly in Spain. He will thrive in a much more attacking minded team, and I think he'll be the one making things happen in Madrid's attack. The flop (if there is one) will be Benzema. I just don't think he's the type of striker Real need at the moment. They still have one of the top 5 strikers in the world, and arguably the best finisher in the world in Ruud van Nistelrooy, and he's exactly the type of goal-poaching natural finisher that would fit best with the flair players just behind (not a clue why they sold Huntelaar either, as he would have been the perfect RVN replacement for the future ). A Benzema/RVN partnership would be great (with Ronaldo on the right, Kaka in the old Zidane AM/LM position, and 2 more defensive players in the middle), but I can't see Benzema doing that well as a lone striker, no matter who he's got playing behind him. If I was Pellegrini, I'd be telling Perez to forget selling RVN (let's be honest, he's still their best striker by a mile, no matter how old he might be), and lining the team up something like this, with Kaka in a free role and Benzema drifting out to the left: [center']Casillas Ramos-----Albiol-----Pepe-----Heinze M.Diarra-----Lass Ronaldo------------------------Kaka ------------Benzema van Nistelrooy--------[/center] EDIT: They also still need a new LB (priority signing) and CB (to replace Pepe until Garay is ready for the 1st team), and possibly a new DM/CM if there's any cash left after fixing the back 4. However, I think we all know Perez knows business a hell of a lot better than he knows football.
  6. Re: Music Festivals Thread The only festival I'm going to this year will be Damnation (1-day, indoor metal festival in Leeds) at the end of october. So that's something like this: Stage 1 (Headliner TBA) Therapy? Destruction Electric Wizard The Gates of Slumber (+ more TBA) Stage 2 Lock Up Rotting Christ Akercocke Mistress Extreme Noise Terror Negura Bunget Charger (+ more TBA) Stage 3 Jesu This Will Destroy You A Storm of Light Minsk Manatees And So I Watch You From Afar Stand-up Guy Rinoa I think Anathema are pretty much certain to be playing (not as headliners), but there's no official word at the moment, probably because of Anathema's contract with Bloodstock (which they're playing a couple of months earlier).
  7. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Just a point about this actors v footballers salaries debate... a top movie can easily generate £200mil in box office sales, many have surpassed £500mil, and some even come close to £1bil. Then there's things like dvd sales and merchandising (to a certain extent) on top of that. No football club in the world can generate anywhere near that in gate receipts for an entire season... and there are only 6-8 teams in the world who can top £200mil in TOTAL revenue (including merchandising, sponsorship, TV deals etc, on top of gate receipts). Also, in a movie the focus is mainly on 2-3 leading characters... in a football match there's 22 players on the pitch (and when 2 top teams are playing each other, 10 or more of them can often be considered to be world-class). Judging by that, surely leading actors/actresses should get paid considerably more than footballers. I know I'd rather give the money to the people who are actually doing the entertaining, than some guy in a suit who just sits on his backside raking in the profits from someone else's work. Generally, in the entertainment world, the amount of money the 'stars' get paid is proportionate to what we the public are willing to pay to see/hear them do whatever they do. The ones who get paid the most are just the ones who make the biggest profit for whoever they're working for at the time.
  8. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Not often you see a decent thrash band on this thread. Pleasure To Kill and Coma Of Souls are up there with the best thrash albums ever made (although Dark Angel have to take the number 1 spot with Darkness Descends). Brilliant live band too. Celtic Frost - Obscured
  9. Re: Raul Albiol to Real Madrid Discussion
  10. Re: Kaka to Real Madrid Discussion Are you absolutely sure about that? According to Forbes, Real Madrid had a debt of over $310mil just 2 months ago... AC Milan had no debt at all. They may be short of funds this summer, but they would seem to be in a stronger financial position than Real at the moment. I'm not sure it's that smart of Madrid to be signing players like Kaka right now, unless they're planning to sell 2-3 players to finance it. If Milan do sell Kaka, it would probably be based on Kaka's own wishes and whether or not they believe they can make their squad stronger overall by cashing in (maybe using the current financial climate as an excuse to avoid upsetting the fans too much).
  11. Re: Gareth Barry v Michael Carrick - Who do you think is better? Carrick is definately the better player overall, but it depends what kind of player you want really. Carrick is the better passer and has better vision, and Barry is better at sitting in front of the back 4 and winning the ball (although not quite as defensive as Hargreaves).
  12. Re: Andres Iniesta: Best player in the world? Really? He's certainly a class act. Not the best yet though. I still think Messi, Ronaldo and Ribery are ahead of him for now. The top players are all really close though, to be honest. Xavi, Kaka (despite a poor season), Gerrard, Villa and Vidic are all up there too. Who we actually rate as the best at any particular time just depends on form. On their day, they're all pretty much as good as each other.
  13. Re: Manchester United Fan Kills Four In Nigeria! People like that are not "real" supporters. That would be like saying Al Quaeda are "real" Muslims. There's passion, and then there's outright lunacy. It wasn't even a split-second, heat of the moment reaction. He wasn't just driving along and suddenly swerved to the side. He passed the group, made a conscious decision to turn around, THEN drove into them. It was planned in advance. That fact puts him on the same level as every other lowlife murdering scum clogging up the world's prisons, in my opinion. I'm 99% sure Nigeria still has the death penalty. I hope they hang him.
  14. Re: Valdes \ Henry Valdes - Yes, he plays every game for Barca... but that's only because they haven't had a half decent keeper since Andoni Zubizarreta left for Valencia 15 years ago. On ability alone, he's worth a 90 at most, in my opinion. He's already got 91 because of the club he plays for. Every other 91 rated keeper (except maybe Coupet, who's not what he used to be) is better than Valdes, and at least a handful of the 90 rated keepers are better too. To increase him to 92 (putting him just 1 point behind Reina and Frey ) would be a bit ridiculous, to be honest. Henry - What khaz0r said.
  15. Re: Fittest Singer? She's not that good looking anyway. I've seen mannequins in shop windows that look more human than Lady Gaga. Her male equivalent would probably be Kryten from Red Dwarf. Actually, stick a blonde nylon wig and fake lashes on him, and he looks identical to Gaga.
  16. Re: Never Mess With Chelsea! Not exactly sure how that happened, to be honest. I thought their song was one of the worst I saw (not that any of them were actually good). The guy was out of tune half the time too, and looked like he didn't even understand what he was singing. Maybe everyone else in Europe is happy Chelsea went out, and decided to vote Norway as a 'thankyou' to the referee?
  17. Re: Sell nesta, and quickly! Name ONE player who's been decreased by 3 points (1 in November, 2 more now) because of one season out injured. I can't think of any. Generally, drops like that only happen after a player recovers, if they don't regain their previous form. He should (and probably will) go down to 94, although there is an argument that he should actually stay at 95, because he was dropped last time for the same injury.
  18. Re: Sell nesta, and quickly! There's no way he'll get -4. Even if hell freezes over, he still wont get -4. If he even gets -3, SM will be being massively inconsistent. Generally players with long term injuries lose around 2 points a season from what I can remember. He already got -1 earlier this season for the same injury he has now, so another -1 would be fair (although I wouldn't complain too much if he got -2). When he's fit, he's still quite easily a 95/96 player. Only sell him if you can get a solid replacement (personally, I'd be looking for someone like Chiellini or better). The only way Nesta would get a big drop, is if he regained his fitness but suddenly became useless.
  19. Re: Barca's '*******' Are Going To Overwhelm Chelsea! Rankings only show how well a team has played in the past few years. They don't show how good a team is, or how well they're playing right now. If they were in any way accurate, would Aston Villa really be 53 places behind Middlesbrough, 60 behind Newcastle and 62 behind Tottenham? ...And would they also be ranked lower than Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk? I honestly can't see Barca failing to score in both legs. Assuming they do get a goal, that leaves Chelsea needing at least 2. It's a pretty big ask against a team of Barca's calibre, no matter where the game is being played. When Barca really want a goal, their massive attacking talent generally gets them one. I know their back 4 isn't the best (although being without Puyol is a blessing in disguise), but the amount of possession Barca get will mean Chelsea really can't afford to waste any chances. Barca to go through, unless Valdes does something stupid (as we all know he's more than capable of).
  20. Re: Man Utd Vs Chelsea CL Final..??? It's not really a case of whether or not it would be boring. I just have absolutely no interest in seeing 2 ENGLISH sides play in a EUROPEAN cup final. That's not what European football is about, in my opinion. The CL should be a step up from the EPL, but at the moment, the English dominance is taking away the extra challenge to an extent. I actually think the CL is a lesser competition because of it. Winning it last year didn't do anywhere near as much for me as winning it in 1999 did. If the competition is just the same as what you're up against in the league, winning means a lot less than it should. 5 years ago, the CL was a much bigger step up from what we saw every weekend in England. 15 years ago, it was on a totally different level altogether. Right now though, if I had to choose just one trophy, I'd rather win the EPL. Because the top clubs in other European leagues aren't better than top English sides anymore (excluding Barcelona), the EPL is a better measure of what level our top clubs are at in relation to others (due to the far greater number of games played, and the extra 'luck factor' of knockout competitions). 2 all-English finals in 2 years just makes me lose interest in European football, regardless of how boring or exciting the match turns out to be. I feel pretty much the same about this as I would about FIFA/UEFA allowing nations to enter 2 squads for Euro 2012, and ending up with the final being Spain A v Spain B. It's about time UEFA reduce the number of teams from England, Italy and Spain to a maximum of 3, and scrap the stupid rule that prevents them meeting in the 2nd round... either that, or shove them all together in the group stage (i.e. Group A would be United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal... Group B would be Barca, Real, Sevilla, Valencia etc).
  21. Re: Man Utd Vs Chelsea CL Final..??? I think people are misunderstanding the point I was making slightly. My "I'd rather watch Arsenal v Barca than United v Chelsea" statement wasn't meaning I'd prefer United to go out, or even anything close. It's meant to be taken at face value. There's no deeper meaning to what I wrote. I will make more effort to watch the final if it's Arsenal v Barca than I will if it's United v Chelsea. Simple as that. I still want my team to win it, even if it does turn into another glorified FA Cup final. Every single season since the early to mid-90s, I've made a special effort to watch the CL final, no matter who was playing or what it clashed with. If Barca get to the final, I'll probably do the same this year. If we get another all-English final, I honestly don't know if I can be bothered watching it. If it involves United, I'll probably watch it just because it's my team playing, but it would depend on what else is happening on the same night (if there are any decent bands playing anywhere, for example, I'll be off to the gig and just catching up on highlights in the morning). If it's Arsenal v Chelsea, then it's simply a matter of whether I happen to be at home or not when it's on. Don't care either way for that game.
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