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  1. Re: will nestas and cordobas ratings change? Just out of interest' date=' why would Cordoba drop? He's been Inter's number 1 CB this season. Played more games than any of their other CBs, looked by far their most solid CB in the games I've seen, and even chipped in with a couple of goals. He's worth a 95 in my opinion (I'm not saying he will rise, just that his current rating is a notch too low). Excellent defender. Should easily keep his 94. Nesta will drop, but only to 94 I think. His only problem is his injuries. He's still a 95/96 CB when he's properly fit. He already dropped from 96 to 95 because of injuries in November. I doubt SM would drop him lower than 94 until late next season at the earliest, unless he comes back and plays rubbish. They haven't been that harsh with any other players, as far as I can remember. It depends what the rest of your squad looks like, but I'd probably say yeah get Nesta.
  2. Re: Thierry Henry andRafael Marquez I'd say keep Rio. Even if Henry and Marquez both rise, I wouldn't do it. You don't really need another top striker, and Henry probably hasn't got that long left at the top either. Also, even though Marquez should go up to 94, he's also a bit of an inconsistent CB in my opinion. He'll quite often have one great season and follow it up with two rubbish ones. Then you have Gabriel Milito (when he's fit again) competing for his position, plus Pique and Caceres too in the near future. Rio will probably be one of the top handful of defenders in the game for quite a long time, and will be first choice for United for the next few years. Don't swap him for an inferior CB who will probably be on the bench soon (unless he's moved to DM) and an ageing striker you dont need anyway.
  3. Re: Man Utd Vs Chelsea CL Final..??? I seriously hope not. Even as a United fan, I'd honestly prefer to watch a Barca v Arsenal final than United v Chelsea.
  4. Re: Sergio Ramos He'll get 94 I think, but he's really far too lazy to deserve more than 92, in my opinion. He has the ability to be the best RB in the world, but he's just looked like he can't be bothered for the past couple of seasons now. I think he's been told how good he is a few times too many. Now he thinks he doesn't need to put any effort in, because he thinks the opposition just aren't good enough. Needs a good kick up the backside, to be honest.
  5. Re: Overrated XI Valdes Ramos ---- Puyol ---- Cannavaro -- Cole Farfan -- M. Diarra -- Sneijder -- Zhirkov Drogba -- Luis Fabiano
  6. Re: Pepe(madrid) could retire No problem mate. Just thought I'd point out that although Cantona was wrong' date=' the guy he kicked actually deserved a lot more than what he got. Haha. In what way are we persecuted? They make some strange decisions at times, but that happens to most teams really.
  7. Re: Greatest ever 5 European cup winning sides:
  8. Re: Pepe(madrid) could retire The guy Cantona kicked was far from being just an innocent fan. He was a racist thug who attacked a Sri Lankan petrol station attendant with a spanner. Cantona wouldn't have known that at the time (except for the racist part - the reason he stuck his boot in the bloke's chest), but he certainly kicked the right person. The hijackers on the 9/11 planes paid for their tickets... doesn't make them innocent though, does it? Anyway, Pepe didn't really get as much as he deserved, in my opinion. Cantona got a 9 month ban plus 120 hours community service. Pepe should have got at least the same (maybe minus the community service, as it was an 'on the pitch' incident). Despite saying that though, a big part of me wishes all players who dive/go down way too easy got similar treatment. It's the single most annoying thing about today's game. I only watch a fraction as much football as I did 10-15 years ago, mainly because the game's full of play-acting pansies these days. If the governing bodies and referees are going to keep ignoring it, maybe it's time defenders gave divers a reason to fall over and roll around on the floor crying for mummy.
  9. Re: Greatest ever 5 European cup winning sides: For me, the best sides I actually saw play were (in no particular order): AC Milan 1994 Ajax 1995 Borussia Dortmund 1997 Real Madrid 1998 (they were far more balanced and played much better football than the more recognised 'galacticos' era team, in my opinion) Bayern Munich 2001 The '96 Juventus team just misses out, but if the slightly better '97 or '98 team had won it, they would have easily made the list. For an all-time list, the great Ajax, Bayern Munich and Liverpool teams of the '70s would probably be up there, but I can't really justify voting for a team if all I've seen of them is a few youtube clips of their best moments (I was reluctant to list Liverpool at first, but I'm not sure if that's because they weren't really as good as the Ajax and Bayern teams, or just because I don't like them that much ). Sure they were all brilliant on paper and won some silverware, but how can you judge how they compare to more recent teams without seeing them play? You also have the Real Madrid, Benfica and Inter teams of the '50s and '60s, but considering football was tactically very primitive back then, I can't really see how they can be put on the same level as the best teams from later decades.
  10. Re: Most Under rated premier league keeper Jaaskelainen... followed by Schwarzer. Don't really think Given should be on the list, as everyone knows he's a quality keeper and gives him the recognition he deserves - same with Brad Friedel for whoever mentioned him. Playing for a mid-table team doesn't automatically make a player underrated.
  11. Re: Rest of World XI -vs- Europe XI It's difficult to choose between certain players, so I picked a 23 man squad for each. One or two controversial picks maybe, but in my opinion this is what's best. Also take note of the balanced midfields... playing Xavi and Fabregas together is basically suicide without a ball winner alongside them. EUROPE: Buffon Ramos .... Nesta .... Vidic .... Lahm De Rossi Xavi ................ Iniesta Ronaldo ........................ Ribery Villa Subs: Casillas, Sagna, Ferdinand, Chiellini, Capdevila, Schweinsteiger, Frings, Gerrard, Silva, Rooney, Ibrahimovic, van Nistelrooy REST OF THE WORLD: Julio Cesar Maicon .... Cordoba .... Samuel .... Alves Essien .... Mascherano Messi ........ Aguero ........ Kaka Eto'o Subs: Friedel, Rafinha, Toure, Juan, Maxwell, Maxi Rodriguez, Cambiasso, Diego, Robinho, Ronaldinho, Tevez, Drogba
  12. Re: End Of The World That's not actually true. 1) It's extremely unlikely that LHC collisions will produce anywhere near enough energy to produce micro black holes. 2) Micro black holes are very unstable. The standard model of particle physics predicts that they lose mass via Hawking radiation far more rapidly than they gain mass through other means - meaning they vanish the instant they're created. 3) Even if the micro black holes were stable' date=' their interactions with the Earth would be far too weak to be dangerous. This is proved by the existence of super-dense astronomical bodies such as neutron stars and white dwarfs. Black holes created by cosmic ray collisions would certainly remain trapped in such massive bodies (they would normally be expected to pass straight through the Earth so wouldn't be here long enough to do damage). If they were in any way harmless to the existence of the planet, the stars mentioned before would all be getting swallowed up by black holes to the point where they stopped existing completely - this isn't happening. 4) The few scientists that are disputing the safety of the LHC are all basing their arguments on theories that are inconsistent with the general theory of relativity, and contradict evidence from previous experiments. None of the papers (that I'm aware of) have passed the peer review process necessary to be published in any respected scientific journal. 5) The same scientists have also mostly been using debates on the matter for their own publicity and personal gain, with less emphasis on the scientific side of things - they're basically trying to make money by kicking up a fuss and being controversial. 6) Another minor concern is the production of particles called 'strangelets' (which so far only exist in theory). Production of such particles could result in a nuclear fusion reaction, with the worse case scenario being the whole planet gets turned into one big nuclear reaction. However, these are only predicted to exist at much lower energies than in the LHC (energy of LHC collisions will be at least 1,000,000x higher than ideal). Other particle accelerators (of much lower energies) have been run on numerous occasions over the past few decades - no strangelets have EVER been created. It's not impossible, but it's been described as similar to 'trying to form an ice cube in boiling water' (it's actually much more difficult than that). (Out of interest, the probability of the LHC experiments causing any kind of global disaster has been calculated as 1 in 50,000,000 at MOST - meaning it's probably even less likely than that.) Right... this is just something to think about for anyone who actually believes all this nonsense. If this alignment is going to end the world as we know it, why the hell didn't the world end 26,000 years ago when the same alignment occurred? ...or 52,000 years ago? ...or 78,000 years ago? ...etc, etc, etc. (I know the end of the world is just an interpretation, not precisely what was predicted - that's directed at the doomsday believers who are convinced we're all going to be wiped out, without even bothering to look into things a little deeper )
  13. Re: End Of The World
  14. Re: Best Goalkeeper 2008/2009 The best performing keeper is probably Schwarzer. It's always someone from a lesser team though, as they have a lot more to do in an average game. VDS may be in with a shout though, although his form has dipped a bit recently.
  15. Re: Post your favourite lyrics. I haven't got just one favourite, but this is certainly up there (it's a long one - the entire hour long album is just this one song): "Light of Day, Day of Darkness" by Green Carnation A vision, a call In times before my fall In life before I became I dreamt I was insane I saw the unseen I heard the unheard I rode the sky above the earth I felt the breeze of the world I walked along I should have retrieved What was real as a merry blue sky Was long gone within of me Crimson tide Wave of lost time Scenario of a velvet blue sky I dreamt about day But I lived in the night I looked and I saw That in my dream I was free Red turned blue White became black The daylight erased the shadow of me Insanity reached Whispering voice The sky above the stars The wind below the moon The light created shadows The dark beyond the eyes I sat before myself I looked above below Doves and birds, grass and trees Where was all I used to see? Why am I not What I used to be? I embrace My living self I see the unseen I hear the unheard I learned the secret But not before I learned Night divide day, day erase night Light of day, day of Darkness They are inside my head Climbing the walls Falling off the ceiling Jumping on the floor Voices and calls And on the edge of sanity I stumble and fall Through the gates of the endless halls Soldier, walk with me Through the valley of eternity In passion I see Am I the one only the mirror sees? Through the valley of eternity Am I the one only the mirror sees? A distant call for me I am lost within my memory Lost in the maze The secret place that no one's ever seen I am lost within my memory The secret place that no one's ever seen Silent cries of despair Through the valley of eternity What sanity remains Within this fragile, twisted mind I am all alone Me, myself, and I Echoes pound my head Shapeless forms everywhere I think, therefore I am You are a fantasy Made by me I dream this world When I end, the world will end with me I am everything You are me Sleep my child to never be I fell asleep, to sweet lullaby A sleep in which I had a dream In this dream I conceived a perfect plan That would change the face of mankind For it was my dream To create a perfect world From this cold imperfect world And all the answers were inside my mind And I was unafraid The dream was so enticing Light of day, day of Darkness The soul of an angel Will live forever The love of the innocent Will last forever A moments passion I hear a desperate cry I weep for the weak I pray for the strong But now I see it fate And I'm lying here alone Through Crimson eye And shattered lie, Behold the sacrifice Of innocent life There`s blood on the bended knee The light paint a shadow on me Will I forsake you Or will I forsaken be? I left my body Come meet me in my dreams It`s been so long Would you know me? I see the unseen I heard the unheard I learned the secret But not before I learned Time stands still, but I wonder Who is watching you Who is watching me Will I forsake you Or will I forsaken me I am so lost but still I am so free As a traveller I seek hospitality As a wanderer I seek immortality As a journey through insanity I seek divine comparity Funeral Symphony Behind me, a dark shaping mass I turn and face, the face of deception A face without the warmth Of dignity and grace In Twilight atmosphere A silent seductive call Is summoning me To my new world A brave new world Where right is wrong And justice is gone I fell asleep, to sweet lullaby A sleep in which I had a dream In this dream I conceived a perfect plan That would change the face of mankind For it was my dream To create a perfect world From this cold imperfect world And all the answers were inside my mind And I was unafraid The dream was so enticing In this dream I conceived the perfect plan I sit here alone, so cold Left in the dark, to feel Pity my soul What is left to say? What is left to see? Where did I fail? Watch me and my new desire I am emptier than ever But I feel complete I conceil myself Until night falls I am who I am I just want to be I hear a voice Who could it be? Is there anybody else here with me? Why do you torture me? Won't you leave me be? Am I whom I should be? For all that you are lies only within of me Out of reach, out of sight I feel strange and lost Can you lead me right? It's too dark for me to see Capture of soul won`t you please forgive me? ...forgive me... I heard the tales Of the secret way That tears are replacements For what has been taken away From us and the lost Still, all I see is burning fields Still, all I hear is dying screams Am I who I should be? For all that you are Lies only within me I am the future I am the past I am what you wish for The god you wish to be I am the voice Behind the silent scream I am the dark And the light you'll never see I am the blood That makes your soul free I am pure I am unclean It takes one to be a god It takes one to feel lonely It takes two to outlast me It takes two to feel complete It takes a moon to light the stars It takes a light to see the dark Insanity reached Whispering voice The sky above the stars The wind below the moon The light created shadows The dark beyond the eyes I sat before myself I looked above below
  16. Re: The REAL Free Kick King From 2006+ Yes, of course Ronaldo is inconsistent. He takes easily 3 or 4 free kicks a game, but somehow only managed to score 5 in all competitions last season. When they go in, they look brilliant, but 90% of Ronaldo's free kicks don't even get past the wall... and of the ones that DO reach the goal, most fly over the bar. He's not even in the top 3 free kick takers at United (Hargreaves, Giggs and Tevez are all better). Roberto Carlos appearing on lists of best free kick takers is laughable, to be honest. Smash it and hope does not equal good. He just happened to fluke that one against France back in '97, so for some weird reason everyone seems to think he's some kind of god. Whats his average per season? I'm guessing about 1. He was once a great left back, but great free kick taker? Err... no. Sinisa Mihajlovic is definately the best free kick taker I've seen, but he isn't playing anymore. Juninho is the best at the moment, probably followed by Del Piero.
  17. Re: Formula 1 Brundle probably assumed the SC and red flag both happened on the same lap (also' date=' there's no overtaking behind the safety car). I just had a read of the rules, and it appears that in a red flag situation, the race result is rolled back to 2 laps before the red flag (same thing happened at Interlagos in 2003, if you can remember that far back). The safety car came out on lap 32. Then the race was stopped on lap 33. The result is therefore determined by the positions at the end of lap 31. Got a bit confused myself over what actually happened and when, but the result they gave is right. These are the official timings at the end of the race, and position changes before that taken from formula1.com: [img']http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r161/schuldiner86/malaysiaresults.png[/img] EDIT: That shows how much the weather influenced the results, actually. This was the order before the rain messed things up, with positions gained or lost after this in brackets (green for up, red for down): 1 Button 2 Rosberg (6) 3 Trulli (1) 4 Barrichello (1) 5 Heidfeld (3) 6 Webber 7 Hamilton 8 Massa (1) 9 Piquet (4) 10 Glock (7) 11 Nakajima (1) 12 Vettel (3) 13 Alonso (2) 14 Raikkonen 15 Bourdais (5) 16 Buemi 17 Fisichella (1) 18 Sutil (1)
  18. Re: Current strongest international teams Why do people seem to rate Netherlands so highly? They might be doing well in WC qualifying, but they hardly have a competitive group. Although they have one or two quality attacking players, the current Dutch squad is easily their worst in my lifetime. 1. Spain (obviously) 2. Argentina (1 bad game doesn't make them a bad team) 3. Germany (now much stronger defensively than we saw in the Euros) 4. Brazil (lack balance in midfield) 5. England (based more on results than the quality of the squad)
  19. Re: Formula 1 I'm still not sure there's much advantage of running KERS, to be honest. Obviously it helps overtaking (assuming you're going past someone without KERS), but as far as general race pace goes, the jury is still out. Certainly doesn't seem to be helping Heidfeld too much, and the Ferrari's only seemed quick off the line in Australia because everyone else got slowed down by Barrichello.
  20. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Can't disagree with any of that' date=' to be honest. Lies is usually forgotten about though, I find. If it had 1 or 2 more songs and you take away the contoversy of the 'One In A Million' lyrics, it wouldn't be that far behind Appetite, in my opinion. Haven't heard it, but that wouldn't surprise me at all. Izzy was Guns' strongest songwriter by some distance. People generally say new GNR isn't the same because Slash and Duff are missing, but for me they miss Izzy far more than either of those two.
  21. Re: Formula 1 Yeah, I'd agree with BMW and Ferrari being equal, and I think it's reasonable to expect both to at least overtake Williams and match Vettel's pace within the next couple of months. I think Brawn and Toyota might be a bit of an over-optimistic target for them, at the moment. As long as those two develop their cars at a reasonable pace (anything too special is impossible for any team, because of the new rules) and don't run into any problems, I'd expect them to be fighting for the constructor's championship at the end of the season.
  22. Re: Formula 1 Very pleased with Rosberg getting on the 2nd row, after the Barrichello and Vettel penalties. Shame Nakajima couldn't quite make the 3rd session, as the Williams looked much stronger with race fuel in (6th or 7th might have been possible if he was a tenth quicker in Q2). Rosberg says he's aiming for the podium too, which suggests he probably isn't running much lighter than others around him (we'll see when they publish the car weights). Alonso is actually 9th, not 8th, as Barrichello only got a 5 place penalty. Still did well to be ahead of one of the BMWs and both McLarens though, considering this years Renault looks about as bad as the McLaren so far. Can't see Hamilton being anywhere near the points tomorrow, unless rain mixes up the results. Vettel and maybe Massa will be the ones moving through the field this time. Looking at how things have gone so far, I'd probably put this year's cars in this order (fastest to slowest): Brawn Toyota Red Bull Williams BMW Ferrari Renault McLaren Toro Rosso Force India
  23. Re: Right now i'm listening to... I loved those albums too' date=' actually. Particularly number 2. You're forgetting The Spaghetti Incident, though. That was the musical equivalent of herpes. Anyway... [b']Alice In Chains - Would?[/b] i3FnQMSD4Zg
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