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  1. skysports.com says my figures are correct up to the end of the levante game at the weekend. check for yourself. And in NO WAY was I even the slightest bit serious about making Morientes 96 (thought the shocked face thingy would have shown this well enough). Now in the mid-late '90s, Morientes would deserve a higher rating than Villa gets now. 95 is fine for Villa. 90-92 is about right for Morientes. But Morientes IS Valencia's top scorer at the moment (unless someone wants to direct me somewhere that proves otherwise).
  2. aww. belluschi plays for me. give him a few more points. Edit: haha and the computer sold higuain for a measly 11mil just before i took charge.
  3. Oooh... Morientes 13 goals in 15(5) Villa 12 goals in 23(1) Fernandos better, lets make him a 96
  4. Sevilla are good, don't get me wrong. They're just not a GREAT side, which I believe was what I was talking about when I said Kanoute wouldn't get a look in. Chelsea, United, Arsenal, Barca, Real, Inter, Bayern, Juventus, even Bremen... I just dont see it. Now, Milan and Valencia are lacking strikers at the moment so he'd be in with a chance there, and possibly Roma or Shalke. But no better. Edit: Oh yeah, Betis. Forgot them. Thanks for pointing them out for me.
  5. I dont know if you remember this but a few years ago, Millwall were top of English Div 1 (now championship) for a large part of the season. They started to slide I think around January, and finished bottom. Now I'm not about to put even the slightest amount of money on that happening to Sevilla, but anything can happen.
  6. Sevilla aren't really a top side. Sociedad were up there not that long ago. Where are they now? Or Villarreal? Deportivo before that? Or maybe Celta? Mid table at best. Spain is a strange country where there seems to be 2 or 3 great teams, 1, 2, maybe 3 rubbish teams, and the other say 15 are decent but not brilliant and fight it out for the other places. Recreativo are pushing for a UEFA cup spot. Now thats gotta say something. Oh and Barca have a game in hand.
  7. Actually, I think you may be right there. But he'd have the option to stay. Fits well. Milan seem to want Rijkaard, Mourinho goes back to Barca.
  8. No, like i said, just dont go overboard. 92 is quite high for him as it stands. Despite his form this season, he still wouldnt get a look in at most top european sides. And once again, Villa and Eto'o are proven on the big stage, not just at domestic level.
  9. good point. but its a small improvement on mediocreness (if that word exists). it could be argued the defence are having an easier time with an improved midfield in front of them. (carrick bought, scholes back on form, giggs somehow doing what he did 5 years ago, and ronaldo the revelation)
  10. not saying kanoute isnt worthy of an increase, just that good performances by strikers in spain shouldnt be taken out of proportion unless they can also show consistency over maybe 2/3 seasons (forlan's form dropped a bit i believe). also, a player's scoring record is only a small part of their overall game. other factors need to be taken into account. to be honest, ive not seen much of him this season, but if his overall performances have been strong, the only arguement against an extra point is that 92 is maybe a little high to begin with. As is 97 for Puyol. He is NOT better than Cannavaro, Ayala, Samuel, Stam, Nesta, Lucio etc. He's arguably not even better than Marquez. He just happens to be captain of the team considered best in the world. Not justified. ronaldinho is irrelevant here, as he's proved himself more than worthy, in the champions league and at international level.
  11. Carvalho looks good at chelsea because he's got Terry mopping up after him (notice how hes suddenly useless with terry injured). He looks good for portugal because hes got Jorge Andrade mopping up after him. Chelsea should have kept Gallas and Huth. They are both far better defenders IMO. Experience doesnt necessarily make you the better player. I think most people these days would pick Lennon over Beckham for e.g.
  12. think you're misreading what i said. its the style of play in spain moreso than the actual players that make the defences weaker. the midfield and fullbacks tend to push forward more than they do elsewhere, leaving the other defenders exposed. this gives the opposition forwards more space and time on the ball. there's nothing inferior about spanish teams all round quality, just the defences. the attack's tend to be stronger, again due to tactics rather than players. italy is the opposite. there, they keep men behind the ball and dont press forward so much. this gives them a better defence, but leaves them weaker going forward because of lack of numbers. Actually, player for player, i rate inter higher than barca. they just need to gel better on the pitch.
  13. 21yr old rated 84 at 4.0mil. You sure that 500mil wasn't a typo?
  14. What's Hector Cuper (ex-Valencia boss) doing these days? I always considered him one of the great managers. Don't think he's gonna get the Chelsea job though. My tip for that is Marco van Basten. Unless Chelsea win CL, then Jose keeps his job.
  15. Russian striker. Seem to remember his name being mentioned somewhere. Good future prospect or not?
  16. He's good, but I think it's common knowlege that the defences in Spain are weaker (Valencia may be the exception IMO) than in any of the other major leagues (Prem, Serie A, Bundesliga). Just look at how easy Forlan found it after leaving United. Still, he can only beat what's put in front of him. 91/92 is about right.
  17. The only 2 teams in the Prem that I wouldn't put him in the first team are Arsenal and United (and possibly Liverpool). Quality defender! Edit: Yes he's better than Carvalho.
  18. I think Vidic and Heinze would make a better pair in the middle with Evra on the left. Rio seems to go through periods in games where his concentration drops, and that has cost the team on more than one occasion. Vidic and Heinze are more consistent (and more brutal ).
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