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  1. Re: the best song in the world ever
  2. Re: the best song in the world ever Mayhem - Illuminate Eliminate Where I came from…I must return No more, nothing left to do No other mission Weak and devastated The strength had gone Don’t want to know more Don’t want to understand Lost and empty Only want to go, pass away Send the self back Exist here no more Completely nothing So many empty words been heard So many meaningless thought been received Whatever done equals zero times everything No love no hate no faith no memory Enter another sphere Complete the emptiness Desperately alone, **** the race Wide open and passing through I'm going to be the only person to say that, and probably the only one to even consider it... but I don't care. Other's will either never have even heard of it, dislike black metal or extreme metal in general, or think the latest album (although a return to form) is not quite as great as the first two... or maybe even just not 'get' it. I disagree though. While Ordo Ad Chao (the album) hasn't had the time to achieve the legendary status of earlier works (and probably never will, due to the controversy surrounding the band, especially around the infamous 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' era), it shows the band at their absolute creative peak. It's the most unorthodox, original, atmospheric, mature and challenging album they've ever made. The depth of the lyrics is phenonenal. The vocals are simply astonishing, the guitar work is brilliant, and the drumming is some of the best I've ever heard. The entire compostion just drags you in and takes you on the ride of your life. This is art at it's finest... and afterall, that's what music is - art. And art doesn't have to be popular, or even liked, to be great. Illuminate Eliminate is the centrepiece, the crowning glory of what is, for me, the greatest album ever made. Black metal (I'm generalising, as it's not 'pure' black metal) is a minority genre though, so for something more accessible (commercial maybe?) here's a couple or other songs I think are up there: Judas Priest - Victim Of Changes Alice In Chains - The Rooster
  3. Re: Formula 1 True' date=' but he also said all of this: "I went into the meeting, I had no intention of...I just wanted to tell the story and say what happened." "I was misled and that is the way it went." "I am not a liar." "But like I said, I was misled. It is easy to be misled sometimes" "I didn't have time to think about it, to think about what I was going to do." "Q. Did you not ask yourself why the hell they [the team'] wanted to present this version, and what was the target out of it? LH: Like I said, I was literally walking in so I didn't have time to really think about it." Those are the parts I have a problem with. He admitted he was wrong, but he's full of excuses and constantly tries to shift the blame. Maybe he would do things differently in future, but how can he try and make those kind of excuses for something HE said. Things like that don't NEED thinking time. You go in, they ask you what happened, you tell them. If someone in your team tells you to lie about it, you know instantly that's wrong... you don't NEED time to think. Saying he was 'misled' or 'didn't have time' is pathetic. There's no way he couldn't have known what he was doing at the time, yet he still went and did it.
  4. Re: Formula 1 I know you weren't suggesting that. I'm just saying that that was Hamilton's own 'excuse'. He may have been doing as he was instructed... but it's the way he's claiming he didn't know what he was doing/didn't have time to think that's making him look bad. A better man would just come out and say 'yes, I lied. I knew I was lying. It was wrong. I shouldn't have done it.' If Hamilton had done that instead of just claiming ignorance, I'd think a lot more highly of him right now.
  5. Re: Formula 1 To be honest' date=' he was probably told to say whatever he said, and then took the blame when things didn't work out because McLaren want to protect their baby. Hamilton said he didn't have time to think about the situation. I can just imagine it now... [b']FIA:[/b] Did you deliberately pull over and let Trulli past? Hamilton: No. (knowing full well that he did) Seriously, how much thinking time does that require? Hamilton is a smart guy. He knew he pulled over. Of course he knew what he was doing at the inquiry. By saying he didn't have time to think/he was misled, all he's doing is insulting the intelligence of the British public and making himself look even worse.
  6. Re: Formula 1 Taken from http://www.formula1.com/news/headlines/2009/4/9123.html: They both lied to the FIA. They both cheated (or tried to cheat). Dave Ryan has just been made the fall guy when he probably only said what McLaren team bosses told him to say. Anyway, even if someone DID tell Hamilton to lie at the inquiry, he could quite easily have said 'no, I'll just be honest about it and take the 5 points'. He lied. He cheated. End of story.
  7. Re: Formula 1 Well 'B' is probably answered by him giving misleading evidence in that inquiry. Surely attempting to deceive the FIA in order to gain extra points qualifies as cheating, right? Wouldn't go so far as saying he's scum though. You'd have to be seriously biased to call any of the current drivers 'scum', to be honest. I mean I don't worship him as some kind of 'driving god' like a lot of people seem to do, but I'm not part of the anti-Hamilton crowd either. Button is my number 1 English driver, on the basis that although he's a bit less talented, he's the 'nice guy' character who now FINALLY has a decent car and a chance to prove himself. Also, he used to drive for Williams (who I've supported since the Mansell days). Alonso reminds me of Schumacher, to be honest. Best driver on the track (or maybe Robert Kubica might have something to say about that?), but comes across as a bit of an arrogant twonk. Certainly not a person I imagine I'd enjoy sharing a couple of beers with. (He isn't 'scum' either though, just for clarification )
  8. Re: FIFA World 2010 Discussions Thread Yeah it's no excuse for 6-1' date=' but it's definately a factor. Am I right in thinking Bolivia almost never lose at home but almost never win away? I seem to remember after the qualifiers for WC2006, FIFA were considering making them play home games at a neutral venue... obviously that didn't happen. And yes, I think you really need at least 2 weeks to a month training at altitude for your red blood cell count to rise high enough to cope with the lack of oxygen. ...Still though, 6-1 is a joke even if they played on the moon with their boot laces tied together. I don't think it's possible to have a tough group in the Asian region. Their group has Japan, Bahrain, Uzbekistan and Qatar... the other has S. Korea, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran and UAE. With 2 from each group qualifying, it would be harder for a team like Australia to NOT qualify, whoever they were drawn against.
  9. Re: Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton and McLaren Disqualified from Australian GP http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2009/apr/02/lewis-hamilton-disqualified-australian-grand-prix Apparently, stewards re-investigated the Trulli incident and found (as I thought earlier) that he did nothing wrong. Trulli gets his 3rd place back. Hamilton would have been moved back to 4th, but he (and McLaren) provided deliberately misleading evidence to the FIA at the inquiry, and have been stripped of all points as a result. If the reports are accurate, he deserved it in my opinion. No excuse for lying to the stewards, especially as it was only for 2 extra points at such an early stage of the season.
  10. Re: Forumal One Kubica wasn't to blame at all to be honest. He was on the racing line and his nose was in front of Vettel when they came to the corner' date=' so he then has the right to put his car wherever he wants and Vettel should give up the position. Kubica left Vettel loads of room (see pic below)... Vettel just braked too late and understeered into the side of him. I still don't think Vettel should have been penalised, but he was the one in the wrong as far as the rules are concerned. [img']http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/1696/eyetvsnapshot2.jpg[/img]
  11. Re: FIFA World 2010 Discussions Thread Here's a summary of what's happening in qualifiers across the six different zones: EUROPE (9 group winners qualify, 8 best runners-up go to playoffs with 4 winners qualifying) Group 1 Denmark - 4 (played) - 10 (points) Hungary - 5 ---------- 10 Portugal - 5 ---------- 6 Sweden - 4 ---------- 6 Albania -- 6 ---------- 6 Malta --- 6 ---------- 1 Group 2 Greece ----- 5 - 10 Switzerland - 5 - 10 Israel ------- 5 - 9 Latvia ------ 5 - 7 Luxembourg - 5 - 4 Moldova ---- 5 - 1 Group 3 N. Ireland -- 6 - 10 Slovakia --- 4 - 9 Czech Rep - 5 - 8 Slovenia --- 5 - 8 Poland ----- 5 - 7 San Marino - 5 - 0 Group 4 Germany ------ 5 - 13 Russia -------- 4 - 9 Finland ------- 4 - 7 Wales -------- 5 - 6 Azerbaijan ---- 4 - 1 Liechtenstein - 4 - 1 Group 5 Spain ----- 5 - 15 Bosnia H. - 5 - 9 Turkey --- 5 - 8 Belgium -- 5 - 7 Estonia -- 5 - 2 Armenia - 5 - 1 Group 6 England ---- 4 - 12 Croatia ----- 4 - 7 Ukraine ----- 3 - 7 Belarus ----- 3 - 3 Kazakhstan - 4 - 3 Andorra ---- 4 - 0 Group 7 Serbia -------- 5 - 12 Lithuania ----- 5 - 9 France ------- 4 - 7 Austria ------- 4 - 4 Romania ------ 4 - 4 Faroe Islands - 4 - 1 Group 8 Italy -------- 5 - 13 Rep. Ireland - 5 - 11 Bulgaria ----- 4 - 4 Cyprus ------ 4 - 4 Montenegro - 4 - 2 Georgia ----- 6 - 2 Group 9 Netherlands - 4 - 12 Iceland ----- 4 - 4 Scotland ---- 4 - 4 Macedonia -- 3 - 3 Norway ----- 3 - 2 SOUTH AMERICA (top 4 qualify, 5th goes to playoff vs N/C America 4th) Paraguay -- 11 - 23 Argentina -- 11 - 19 Brazil ------ 10 - 17 Uruguay --- 11 - 16 Chile ------ 10 - 16 Columbia -- 11 - 14 Ecuador --- 10 - 12 Venezuela - 11 - 10 Bolivia ----- 11 - 9 Peru ------- 10 - 7 NORTH/CENTRAL AMERICA (top 3 qualify, 4th goes to playoff vs S America 5th) USA ------- 2 - 4 Mexico ----- 2 - 3 Costa Rica - 2 - 3 El Salvador - 2 - 2 T&T -------- 2 - 2 Honduras --- 2 - 1 AFRICA (group winners qualify) Group A Gabon ---- 1 - 3 Togo ----- 1 - 3 Morocco -- 1 - 0 Cameroon - 1 - 0 Group B Tunisia ------ 1 - 3 Mozambique - 0 - 0 Nigeria ------ 0 - 0 Kenya ------- 1 - 0 Group C Algeria -- 1 - 1 Rwanda - 1 - 1 Zambia -- 0 - 0 Egypt --- 0 - 0 Group D Mali --- 1 - 1 Sudan - 1 - 1 Benin -- 0 - 0 Ghana - 0 - 0 Group E Burkina Faso - 1 - 3 Ivory Coast -- 0 - 0 Malawi ------- 0 - 0 Guinea ------- 1 - 0 ASIA (top 2 qualify, 3rd goes to playoff, winner of playoff plays New Zealand for qualification) Group 1 Japan ------ 5 - 11 Australia --- 4 - 10 Uzbekistan - 5 - 4 Bahrain ---- 5 - 4 Quatar ---- 5 - 4 Group 2 North Korea --------- 5 - 10 South Korea --------- 4 - 8 Saudi Arabia --------- 5 - 7 Iran ----------------- 5 - 6 United Arab Emirates - 5 - 1 OCEANIA (New Zealand won and play winner of Asian playoff for qualification) New Zealand -- 6 - 15 New Caledonia - 6 - 8 Fiji ------------ 6 - 7 Vanuatu ------- 6 - 4
  12. Re: Gerrard VS Xavi Yes, but to get 98 he would have to IMPROVE on the form that got him a 97... not just continue playing at the same level. Gerrard is brilliant every season, but to put him on 98 (above Messi ) would be silly. If he single-handedly drags England to the World Cup final in South Africa, then I might reconsider that. (Just for the record, I'd also rate Ronaldo at 97) He deserves a 97... so does Xavi. For me, Xavi is the slightly better player (although their roles are different), but the difference isn't big enough to give them different ratings. If you did want to separate them, you could point out that both perform well domestically and in Europe, but only Xavi excels at international level (the difference in quality between Spain and England isn't really relevant - a 97 rated player should be able to carry England in the same way he did for Liverpool before they improved the rest of the team).
  13. Re: The Fallen Wonderkids of Yesterday. Not at all. He's 19. Not every top class player hits their peak at 20-21 like Messi... in fact, very few players reach the top level by 19 (most peak in their mid-late 20s). He's got AT LEAST another 4 or 5 years to start to reach his potential. Look at Riquelme... how long did he take to come good? No young player can be called a flop until they have been given time to develop. If he's still at Ipswich when he's 25, then people who are calling him a flop might actually have a point. Right now... don't be ridiculous. Jordi Cruyff... now there's a flop. Javier Saviola is a good one. For some reason though, he's always impressed me when he's played for Argentina... just never really replicated those performances at club level.
  14. Re: gerrard's excellent dive last night How is it any different? You dive - you get free kicks/penalties you shouldn't get. You bribe referees - you get free kicks/penalties you shouldn't get. The result is the same either way. Cheating is cheating, no matter how much you try to dress it up.
  15. Re: Boro handed FA fine Tim Cahill punches the corner flag everytime he scores. Hardly a reason to fine him tbh, although there are definately inconsistencies with punishments (involving all clubs, not just United).
  16. Re: Boro handed FA fine I'm sure if anyone bothers to look up the stats, the big teams probably get fined/punished just as often when they step out of line. It just hurts smaller clubs more because they aren't as wealthy, so we pay more attention when it happens. The FA are just generally inconsistent all across the board with rulings and punishments, no matter how big or small the club involved happens to be. £6000 is hardly a harsh punishment anyway. It's not like they've made an example of them. Considering clubs can be fined up to £250000 (I think) for such offences, as well as facing a 2 point deduction, most would probably say Boro got off pretty much scott free.
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