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  1. Re: Gomez for david silva? I'm pretty sure it's only a short term muscle injury this time. Silva is still the better player to have in your squad. He wont rise yet, but should at least keep his rating. Gomez will stay or drop 1 (I'm not sure his performances quite justify 93, although he's still scored 14 in 24 in the Bundesliga). Silva is the better long term prospect. And yes, get Dani Alves if you can.
  2. Re: Its great for the neutral!!!! As long as we win it in the end, I'm happy. Running away with it is a bit boring really. A close battle with us just scraping it is much more fun.
  3. Re: Sinisa Mihajlovic and Giuseppe Pancaro Fron what I remember, Nesta and Fernando Couto played CB most of the time. Mihajlovic was mostly at LB. Pancaro definately played at RB, even when Mihajlovic did play CB (Favalli was LB then). Another option at RB was Paolo Negro, but I think he was mostly used as backup. That's what I remember from what I saw anyway (everything that was shown on British TV).
  4. Re: England U21 squad I've heard he talks the talk, but rarely manages to walk the walk. Flatters to deceive most of the time, and frequently gets outplayed by others with considerably less natural ability. Nah, I just copied and pasted from the site and deleted teams and player info... obviously I was rushing a bit.
  5. Re: England U21 squad http://www.thefa.com/England/U21s/Players/ Goalkeepers Joe Hart Scott Loach Joe Lewis * Defenders Martin Cranie ++ Kieran Gibbs ** Michael Mancienne Nedum Onuoha Micah Richards Ryan Shawcross ++ Andrew Taylor Steven Taylor + David Wheater Midfielders Lee Cattermole Craig Gardner Tom Huddlestone Tottenham Hotspur Adam Johnson Aaron Lennon*** James Milner Fabrice Muamba Mark Noble * Jamie O'Hara Jack Rodwell * Theo Walcott + Forwards Fraizer Campbell Matt Derbyshire Sylvan Ebanks-Blake Daniel Welbeck * * selected for France game only ** selected for Norway game only *** named in the Senior Team squad + withdrawn injured ++ late call-up
  6. Re: Manchester United Chucking The Title Away? Here's an interesting stat for you... United's home record last season: Won 17, Drawn 1, Lost 1 - The draw came in our 1st home game, the loss came in our 14th. United's home record this season (so far): Won 12, Drawn 1, Lost 1 - The draw came in our 1st home game, the loss came in our 14th. ...looks like maximum points at home from now on then.
  7. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Villa - Going to Barca (Henry replacement) Iniesta - Staying at Barca Chiellini - Staying at Juve Ronaldo - Could end up playing for any top European club... EXCEPT Real Personally, I think you'll get Benzema, another CM you don't really need, and no defenders (which is what you probably need most, unless Garay is gonna speed up his development a bit).
  8. Re: Wes brown.. 30 isn't really that old for a defender though (not saying it's young, just nowhere near retirement age in most cases). They tend to play for 3-4 years longer than midfielders and forwards. Attacking players often peak at around 23-25 these days, whereas a defender (ignoring the pacy, super-attacking minded full-backs) will rarely peak before about 27 or 28. When Brown gets back to full fitness, he'll definately be competing for a 1st team place, and probably will be for another 3-4 seasons at least. In my opinion, he's our best RB at the moment (and England's best too). Rafael looks ok for the future, but needs to learn how to defend (Fabio has looked much more solid from what I've seen of him), and Neville is on his last legs now.
  9. Re: Champions League Draw Predictions Nope. This is Arsenal's Champions League squad, according to uefa.com: 1 Manuel Almunia » 21 Łukasz Fabiański » 24 Vito Mannone » 53 Wojciech Szczęsny * 3 Bacary Sagna » 5 Kolo Touré » 10 William Gallas » 18 Mikaël Silvestre » 20 Johan Djourou * » 22 Gaël Clichy » 27 Emmanuel Eboué » 34 Kyle Bartley » 36 Thomas Cruise * 38 Jay Thomas * 2 Abou Diaby » 4 Cesc Fàbregas * » 7 Tomáš Rosický » 8 Samir Nasri » 15 Denilson * » 16 Aaron Ramsey » 17 Alexandre Song » 19 Jack Wilshere * » 28 Amaury Bischoff » 37 James Dunne * 40 Kieran Gibbs * » 43 Fran Mérida » 47 Mark Randall * » 56 Emmanuel Frimpong * 57 Conor Henderson * 9 Eduardo da Silva » 11 Robin van Persie » 12 Carlos Vela » 14 Theo Walcott * » 25 Emmanuel Adebayor » 26 Nicklas Bendtner » 44 Rhys Murphy * 55 Sanchez Watt * I'm not totally sure why UEFA allowed Real to use Lass (I know they let them choose either Diarra or Huntelaar, but I don't know why), but you're without Arshavin, I'm afraid. EDIT: Apparently, UEFA regulations say if a club signs players that have already played for other clubs in the UEFA Cup, they can select ONE of them for their Champions League squad (doesn't matter if you sign 2, 3 or even 10... you can only use 1 in the CL). They can NOT select any players that have already played for another club in the Champions League.
  10. Re: Which country has the best league You can argue all you want about which is best in terms of the quality of the teams (personally I'd say the EPL and La Liga are about equal overall - with the EPL stronger at the top, La Liga stronger in mid-table, and both rubbish at the bottom), but for entertainment value from a neutral's point of view, it has to be the Bundesliga. Just look at the gaps from 1st to 10th in the 4 biggest leagues: EPL - 27pts (30 if United win their game in hand), La Liga - 36pts, Serie A - 29pts, Bundesliga - 17pts (and only 12 from 1st to 9th). That speaks volumes. The style of play and pace of the game is very similar to the EPL (certainly closer than any other major league), and everything is far more unpredictable. How many other major leagues have 8 or so teams who can realistically aim to challenge for the title?
  11. Re: Messi position? He also plays too deep to be considered an F, in my opinion. His primary position should definately be AM. His secondary position could be either W or F. I wouldn't complain about either.
  12. Re: Ronaldo. Whats Happened to Him? To be honest, I'd take van der Vaart plus a bit of extra cash over Robben. Robben is far too injury prone and van der Vaart would be the perfect replacement for Scholes (and can also play wide). Then we could use the cash and raid Bayern for Schweinsteiger as well as Ribery. None of that will actually happen though. If Ronaldo does get sold, it will be to some other top team. No way Fergie will let him go to Madrid after last summer (he'll go somewhere else for a year or two when he leaves United, then go to Madrid later in his career).
  13. Re: Ronaldo. Whats Happened to Him? 17 goals this season in all competitions... only the 4 below have been penalties. Bolton - 27/09/08 (EPL) Derby - 20/01/09 (Carling Cup) Everton - 31/01/09 (EPL) Liverpool - 14/03/09 (EPL) I agree he hasn't been anywhere near last season's standard though. Maybe he just can't be bothered at United anymore? Hope we cash in on him soon and buy Ribery (yeah, I know it won't happen ). Ronaldo's attitude is appalling, and Ribery (although slightly less talented) does far more for the team anyway. Last season was probably just a one-off though, really. It's very rare for any player to have a season like that... to perform that well every year is totally unheard of (unless your name is Zidane). Anyone expecting 40+ goals (or even similar performances without the goals) from him every season is a bit delusional, to be honest.
  14. Re: thread about free albums? I posted some albums here last night that were made available for free download by the artists that created them (i.e. totally legal and not violating any copyrights). Apparently the post had to be checked by a mod before it was made visible to others. Just wondering if any mods have looked at it yet? Did it get denied, or are things just taking a while? I'm assuming it's the latter, as I can't see any valid reason why they wouldn't allow it to be posted given that it's all above board with links to prove it.
  15. Re: thread about free albums? Maybe there should be a thread for albums that the artists/labels themselves have officially released as (perfectly legal) free downloads? Such as these: Nine Inch Nails The Slip Ghosts I (click 'Free Download' > 'Continue', then follow instructions on site) Atmosphere Strictly Leakage (.zip file download link) Official Rhymesayers website confirming it is in fact free sHEAVY (Black Sabbath influenced stoner doom - albums are free from official website, but tracks have to be downloaded individually) Blue Sky Mind The Electric Sleep Celestial Hi-Fi Synchronized Republic? Carcariass (highly recommended technical death metal band) All 3 of their albums are available for free download from their website. Click 'Disco' on the left of the page, then right-click and save what you want. Official Carcariass website Reth (grindcore/death metal) Precursors To Extinction Reth's official Myspace confirming it's free Heathen (thrash metal) 'Breaking The Silence' and 'Victims Of Deception' are both available as free downloads from Heathen's website (link below). You need to right click the tracks and save them individually... or you can stream the albums (without saving them to your hard drive) by clicking the 'stream' link on the site. Official Heathen website - Media section
  16. Re: Fabregas spits on Brian Horton !!!! I don't doubt it at all. Like burs pointed out, he's done it in the past. Hull would have nothing to gain from making it up. The publicity they get from it certainly won't help at this stage of the season, where they need to concentrate on their football and nothing else. And it's also not a mind games thing between clubs fighting for the title or European places. I'm inclined to believe Hull on this... although we'll see what happens when it's investigated.
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    Re: Casino Help! Haha. Cheers for the link. Unfortunately, my lack of money is preventing me from gambling anyway so I won't be needing it just yet.
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    Re: Casino Help! 18 Although individual casinos sometimes have their own policies which may be above that age. Best thing to do - find out which casino you would be going to, go on their website, and find the age on there. EDIT: Beaten to it
  19. Re: Alonso or Carrick? I think the main reason Carrick doesn't play that often for England, is Steven Gerrard. With a slightly more defensive player alongside him (such as Barry or Hargreaves), Gerrard is freed up to attack a bit more than he would be if he played alongside a more all-round CM such as Carrick. Gerrard plays best when he's got a pure ball winner behind him and doesn't have to worry about defensive duties so much. Carrick is a better player overall than Barry and Hargreaves, but he's maybe a bit less effective as a pure holding player, which seems to be what Capello wants. Alonso does play slightly more often than Carrick, but only making 6 competitive starts since the 2006 World Cup ended, hardly makes him a first team regular for Spain (Xavi has made 19 in that time, and Senna, Fabregas and Albelda have made 9 each). Actually, since the start of Euro 2008, Alonso's only starts have been against Greece in the Euro 2008 group game (after Spain were already guaranteed to go through), and Estonia in a WC 2010 qualifier. Over the same period, Xavi has started 9, Senna 8 and Fabregas 3. Who is better? Well, the difference is extremely small, but Carrick is a slightly better passer and can use both feet well. He's also arguably a better tackler, and has better positional sense and awareness (although that may be due to Alonso's more frequent forward runs). Those are the most important attributes for the deep-lying playmaker role they both occupy. Alonso does have a better shot, but that's a bit less important in that position. Both excellent players, but if I have to choose a winner, I'll say Carrick just shades it for the reasons mentioned above. If Alonso played for United instead though, I really wouldn't be complaining too much to be honest.
  20. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ignorance Whether you think it's relevant or not' date=' most of Torres' best European performances have been against other English teams. That's not really any different to Ibra taking Roma apart earlier in the season. You could also point out that Torres has an awful record against Real Madrid, and in 5 seasons in La Liga, he only scored more than 15 goals twice. Again, I'm not saying Torres is any less than world class. I'm just pointing out that stats can be manipulated to 'prove' pretty much anything. Ibra has done plenty of the same, just in games people in England are far less likely to have seen. Even in the CL, a lot of people see all or most of Liverpool's games, but most people in England only see Inter when they face English opposition. He scored against Spain in the Euros, and a brilliant goal against Greece, who were European Champions at the time. He's also put 3 past Roma this season. He hasn't scored against Milan or Juve this year, but he has got assists against both. Can't remember specific games, but I know he's scored at least a couple against Milan in the past, plus more against Roma and Fiorentina. Juve, I'm not sure about... but when he was playing for Juve, I know he's scored against Bayern Munich, Roma and Inter.
  21. Re: Man Utd V Liverpool To be fair, Maicon, Cordoba, Samuel, Santon is hardly a weak back four. If Rivas had played, you might have had a point... but he didn't. Cordoba is their best CB in my opinion. After that, they have Chivu, Materazzi and Samuel who are all of similar ability. Burdisso isn't in the same league as those anyway. Maicon is the world's best RB, and Santon is keeping Maxwell out of the team (says everything you need to know about him). Inter's problem is their lack of width and lack of penetration in midfield, not their defence. I think Real Madrid are just as weak as Inter at the moment too. Probably even moreso. 3 substandard defenders, and one who has bags of talent, but looks like he can't be bothered. Then there's the attacking problems, with van Nistelrooy out and Huntelaar ineligible for the CL. General lack of creativity in midfield (van der Vaart needs to play every game imo). Real Madrid are becoming the laughing stock of Europe at the moment, actually. 2nd in the group behind a team that weren't even in the competition last year, dumped out in the QF by Monaco in 2004, dumped out in the last 16 every season since... they're a quality side, but they're underachieving almost as badly as pre-2008 Spain these days. Right now, in Europe, Inter > Real Madrid. Liverpool got a brilliant result though. Can't wait for Saturday. You're not going to beat us at OT, by the way. The last time we didn't win at home was the 1-1 draw with Newcastle on the opening day of the season... and the last time anyone beat us at OT in the EPL was february LAST season.
  22. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ignorance
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