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  1. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ignorance Yeah the Cantona comparison is a fair one. The main point I was trying to make though, is just that if you don't watch a player regularly, it's extremely difficult to judge them. An Italian who only sees Torres in the odd game in the CL or for Spain could quite easily have the same opinion of him, as you have of Ibrahimovic. Many world class players over the years haven't shone in Europe, but have still been among the very best in the game. Torres is undoubtedly one of the top strikers in the world (despite not being consistent in Europe yet, and underperforming for Spain), and in my opinion so is Ibrahimovic. (In my opinion, Villa and Eto'o are the top 2, and just after that is a group of maybe 4-6 strikers - Ibra and Torres are both part of that group.)
  2. Re: FIFA World 2010 Discussions Thread No mention of Brazil or Argentina? At least one of those two is always there or thereabouts come the final stages (I still believe Argentina would have won in 2006 had they won that shootout against Germany). You also can't ignore the fact that Brazil are still the only nation to ever win a World Cup outside their own continent. Spain are also a bit weak defensively except for Raul Albiol. Puyol is occasionally brilliant, but is just living on his mostly undeserved reputation these days. Capdevila is great, but better at going forward than defending. Ramos is the same, and also seems a bit lazy now to me. He's a lot less committed when he goes in for the tackle than he used to be, and a bit slower at getting back into position after attacking. They also may lack a quality holding player. Senna and Albelda aren't getting any younger, Alonso is hardly a ball-winning type player, Marchena is far better at CB and Zapater lacks the experience at that level to play that kind of role effectively. A world class goalkeeper won't get you out of trouble every single time. One day, Spain will get punished for their defensive frailties. One last problem (and I may take some criticism for this later) - Fernando Torres. He's ridiculously inconsistent in a Spain shirt, and has always been overshadowed by other strikers (Raul and to some extent Morientes in the past, Villa now). 4 goals in almost 4 years is hardly an achievement, especially for one of the world's best strikers. It's hardly a massive problem that Torres doesn't perform for the NT, because David Villa is an absolute machine, and Llorente looks like he'll provide good backup. If Villa gets injured though, Spain are left with an underperforming Torres and an inexperienced (and therefore, unpredictable, and possibly unreliable) Llorente and Negredo, and may have to rely on goals from midfield. Spain will be the favourites in South Africa, but anyone thinking they're invincible or don't have weaknesses are being a bit naive.
  3. Re: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ignorance Torres has still only had one good CL (last year when he scored 6 goals in 905 mins of football). Ibra scored 5 goals in 625 mins in the same season. His goals did mostly come against lesser opposition' date=' but it's hardly his fault Inter had to go defensive in the Liverpool game after a dodgy sending-off (then another less dodgy, but still controversial red in the 2nd leg), and got knocked out as a result. It's a bit difficult for Ibra to prove himself in the CL if Inter are out before the QFs most seasons. Official UCL 2007-08 Top Scorers Chart Torres is also constantly overshadowed by David Villa in the Spanish national team. Since Germany 2006 finished, he's scored just 4 goals in 12 competitive games for Spain (Villa has 16 in 18). That's pretty disappointing considering Spain are on fire at the moment. He hasn't even made up for it in assists (only 1 of those). Ibra will probably never do anything massive on the International stage, because he doesn't have the luxury of playing for a top team. Shevchenko didn't either, but he was still one of the top 3 or 4 strikers in the world before joining Chelsea. Same with George Weah and Ivan Zamorano in the past, and Samuel Eto'o now. So to say Torres has proven himself on the biggest stage would be a bit inaccurate (he has had the odd great game, but he's been nowhere near consistent - the same as Ibra). The only reason you and I know he's the genuine article is because we see him playing for Liverpool every week, and we see his quality as a result. It's exactly the same with Ibrahimovic. If you don't see him play every week, you won't see what the fuss is all about... but if you do watch him, you will.
  4. Schuldiner


    Re: Spotify Yeah, possibly. I did say I recommend it though. I just don't think people should set their expectations too high, especially if they don't listen primarily to genres other than indie/chart music. Sign up, try it out, and decide for yourself how useful it is. Hopefully they will. It's looking pretty dismal at the moment though... they have way less than half of Iron Maiden's albums on there right now, and less than a quarter of Judas Priest releases. If they're so poor for such mainstream artists as those, there's not much hope for metal in general just yet.
  5. Re: who is the best GK ever? Toss up between Schmeichel and Kahn for me. I let my personal bias get in the way and voted Schmeichel, but as Bob said, Kahn at his peak was arguably slightly better. Buffon, although amazing, isn't quite on the same level. Didn't see anywhere near enough of Zoff because I wasn't born when he was playing (only seen Youtube clips and they are nowhere near enough to judge by), so it would be wrong to say him anyway. I remember Andreas Kopke was as good as a brick wall for a season or two, but seemed to disappear after that. Jose Luis Chilavert was also brilliant for a while, and Michael Preud'homme, Sergio Goycochea, Bodo Illgner, Andoni Zubizarreta, Gianluca Pagliuca, Angelo Peruzzi, Johannes van Breukelen and Thomas Ravelli all deserve at least a mention too, I think.
  6. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Not sure I agree with that. The first goal definately shouldn't have stood, in my opinion (actually, I can imagine the uproar if the same happened at the other end instead - and LFC fans would be right to be unhappy if it did). Awful mess up at the back, but Torres definately gained an unfair advantage before tapping it in. Liverpool easily deserved the lead, but the hand on the shoulder definately had me wondering if the ref might benefit from a visit to Specsavers (either that or maybe he's best mates with Rafa ). Haven't got a clue about the rest of the game though... switched to Juve/Chelsea after that goal, and I'm glad I did. Cracking game, and a performance Juve can feel proud of, despite it not being quite enough.
  7. Schuldiner


    Re: Spotify I just use Myspace for checking out new bands. There's way more chance I'll find what I'm looking for on there (although I guess that's where taste comes in, as you said it's generally pretty good for indie - it's pathetic for metal ). Then with Myspace, you also find similar bands in the top friends list quite often, so it's not unusual for me to go on there to find out about 1 new band and coming away with 3 or 4 others that I also like. I suppose if a band IS on Spotify, I'd find more songs than on Myspace... but most of the time I just get nothing, and it asks me if I meant something totally different. For new albums by bands I already know about, I just stick them on my wishlist in Soulseek (easier than messing about with torrents because it lets me know when it finds what I want, without me having to spend ages searching myself). Then if I like it, I'll try to buy it... and if I don't, I won't. Fair enough though, if you find it useful for all that. I just don't. Despite all the negative points I seem to be making, I do recommend it - it's just that my more underground music tastes probably make it less useful for me, personally, than it is for others.
  8. Schuldiner


    Re: Spotify Usually you just find a few individual songs though, or one album from what I've seen. I haven't used it that much yet, but it seems it's extremely rare you will find a band's full (or close to full) discography on there. I suppose it depends what you call 'obscure', too. I mean there are a total of 3 songs by The Gaslight Anthem, and they aren't the slightest bit obscure since they released The '59 Sound. Just out of interest, I searched for Stereophonics, and it's just the 'best-of' album, 'JEEP' and 'Pull The Pin'. 'Performance and Cocktails' and 'Word Gets Around' (their best albums imo) are nowhere to be seen... neither are any of the other albums. Like I said before, it's a nice idea, but until the library is expanded (by quite a long way) it's only really useful for when mates come round, where it would be a bit selfish to just play your own stuff all night.
  9. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Maybe, I'm not sure. Overall though, he's played more games than nearly everyone. If anything, it's Iniesta who's the sub. I'll shut up now though seeing as it's a Madrid thread.
  10. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Since when has Henry been a sub? He's started more games than Messi this season (equal in La Liga, 1 more in CL), and he's only 5 behind Xavi who's started more than any other outfield player. Barca's defence is a bit iffy anyway. They do probably have an edge in midfield/attack, but their defence and keeper are nowhere near United's standard imo.
  11. Schuldiner


    Re: Spotify I like it (sort of). Really useful when you've got mates round and you don't have any of their music on your hard drive. Unfortunately, anything even remotely obscure is nowhere to be found. Even some major artists aren't on there (i.e. Metallica, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, The Beatles). Great idea, terrible library.
  12. Re: Can Lyon do it? It's still Real Madrid. They're still a stronger team than Liverpool' date=' and they still might actually turn up this time. I think you will go through to be honest... but if you don't, it won't surprise me in the slightest. An away goal is only really significant if both teams score. It's impossible to go through on away goals if you win something - nil in the away leg. If you'd won by a bigger margin, then fair enough, that would be way more difficult to overcome. 1-0 though, isn't really that much better than a draw. At 1-0, all Real have to do is put the ball in the net once (which they're more than capable of), then they have the upper hand. Although the scores would be level, they still have the opportunity to score [i']more[/i] away goals (i.e. 2-1 or 3-2 to Real would put them through).
  13. Re: SM Forum "Updates" Yeah, I really don't like how some things have been left half finished. Seems a bit unprofessional. If you aren't going to finish a job, don't start it. Wait until another day when you know you CAN do it properly. It's like having a dodgy builder round who leaves you with half a house. No problems with any of the updates that have actually been finished. I can't really see the positives in them, but there aren't really any major negatives either. A bit pointless maybe, but nothing I can't live with. First job: Sort out the profiles and that drop-down box in the top right, which is just full of numbers with no explanation as to what they mean.
  14. Re: who is better carrick or mashcerano ? It really depends what kind of player you want in your team (Carrick/Alonso or Masch/Hargreaves would have been a better comparison). I think Bob said it best though, and Masch does get more opportunities to express his more technical side with Argentina than with Liverpool. Carrick has been playing out of his skin this season, but Masch is the better player in my opinion.
  15. Re: Can Lyon do it? I'm saying no. Barca have only lost twice at home all season - the Espanyol game you already mentioned (which they completely dominated and were extremely unlucky imo), and Shakhtar in the CL group stage (where the Barca team was Jorquera, Victor Sanchez, Pique, Sylvinho, Caceres, Busquets, Keita, Vasquez, Hleb, Bojan, Pedrito). Barca should have won anyway in Lyon. They controlled possession and had easily as many chances. They only drew because of one class free-kick. Henry's goal was hardly just in time either. It was 25 minutes before full-time. An away goal, home advantage and a far better team will see Barca through safely, I think. I'd actually say Barca are in a better position than everyone except Bayern at the moment - bearing in mind Chelsea and Arsenal both have potentially tricky away games, United and Liverpool's opposition are both much stronger than Lyon, and the other two games are very unpredictable to say the least.
  16. Re: Japan or Australia Both will qualify unless Bahrain' date=' Qatar or Uzbekistan finish in the top 2 (extremely unlikely).
  17. Re: Can Ireland do it? They're only where they are because they haven't played Italy or Bulgaria yet. Only the top team definately goes to South Africa - that will be Italy. After that, 2nd place is probably going to be either Ireland or Bulgaria, and even if they are one of the 8 best runners-up, there are quite a few stronger nations that are likely to be in the playoffs too. Common sense says no, unless they get a bit of luck.
  18. Re: Right now i'm listening to... x9zVapcIX_U&fmt=18 Love it or hate it, you certainly can't say they didn't make it their own.
  19. Re: V Festival 2009 Might end up going to this (chance I might get a free ticket), but from that, it looks like I'll be spending most of my time drinking. The T In The Park lineup blows V Fest right out of the water. Ahh well, should be fun even if there is only 1 or 2 bands I care about and none I'd bother going to see at a normal gig. Unmissable: None Would watch: Oasis Snow Patrol Pendulum Happy Mondays Seasick Steve Ocean Colour Scene Don't care: The Killers Razorlight The Specials Elbow James Lily Allen The Enemy The Script Biffy Clyro Paolo Nutini James Morrison The Streets Dizzee Rascal Avoid like the plague: Fatboy Slim Keane The Ting Tings MGMT Katy Perry The Wombats Peter Doherty Lady GaGa The Saturdays
  20. Re: "Do not count your chickens before they are hatched." Totally agree. Anything can happen in 90 minutes of football. I remember a few years ago Milan took a 4-1 advantage to the second leg against Deportivo and still lost. If Inter score first at OT, we're certainly going to be in trouble. Inter just didn't turn up in the first half in Milan. I don't think we'll see that side of them again. They've had their scare, and Jose will make sure they learn from it. I just hope United don't underestimate them with having home advantage. I actually fancy Roma to beat Arsenal. Arsenal weren't really all that great away from home in the group stages, and they still don't really have much of a midfield to speak of at the moment. I dont know who will go through, but I can definately see Roma winning the 2nd leg. Chelsea I think will have just about enough to get past Juve, as they have a stronger squad than Arsenal, but it's by no means definate. Liverpool... who knows? Madrid are on form at the moment (ignoring that one game), whereas Liverpool seem a bit unpredictable. However, Real have been awful in the CL in recent years, and they've shown nothing so far this season that indicates things might change.
  21. Re: Carling Cup Final Yes, the Intertoto Cup is being scrapped after this season. 1st-3rd go into CL group stage 4th go into CL playoff round 5th, FA Cup winner and League Cup winner goes into Europa League If a cup winner already qualifies by league position, the place goes to 6th then 7th in EPL. Possibility of an extra Europa League place based on UEFA Fair Play rankings. No Intertoto Cup.
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