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  1. Re: Gerrard To 98? 98 is pushing it a little bit to be honest. Yes, he is one of the top 3 or 4 CMs in the world, but should he really be 4 points better than the likes of Van Der Vaart, Sneijder and De Rossi?? 3 better than Essien, Iniesta, Ribery and Fabregas?? 2 better than Xavi??? I don't think so. I would put him level with Ronaldo, but Ronaldo should only really be a 97. He was the best player in the world last season, but it was only ONE season... that's not quite enough for a rating level with Kaka and better than Messi imo. I also agree with those who said Xavi should be at least level with Gerrard.
  2. Re: Road To South Africa(Part 4):Brazil, can they get the 6th? I doubt that would ever be the first 11 to be honest. If you're playing a back 3' date=' it needs to be 3 CBs unless you want to constantly leak goals. The wide players in midfield would need to be wingbacks too, rather than players like Kaka and Robinho. Anyway, for me it will be one of the following formations: [center'] Julio Cesar Maicon/Alves....Lucio....Juan....Maxwell/Marcelo Gilberto/Josue/Assuncao Diego....................Anderson Ronaldinho/Robinho....................Kaka Pato/Luis Fabiano Julio Cesar Maicon/Alves....Lucio....Juan....Maxwell/Marcelo Gilberto/Josue/Assuncao....Anderson/Diego Robinho........Kaka........Ronaldinho Pato/Luis Fabiano [/center] The only real problem they have is a lack of quality holding midfield players. With their attacking style of play, they really need someone to protect the defence, otherwise quality opposition will just pick them apart on the counter attack. Against weaker teams, Anderson and Diego can play together in the middle, but although Anderson gets stuck in, he isn't enough of a natural DM to be effective in that position against better teams (at United, he often has a more defensive minded player alongside him). Gilberto Silva, Josue and Assuncao seem to be the only options, but a team of Brazil's quality would probably want someone slightly better. A lot of people seem to rate Hernanes, but I haven't seen him play yet so if anyone's wondering why I left him out... there's your reason.
  3. Re: Players I think MCFC should sign! The key word there is 'plan'. Every team in the world plans to be successful, but the top players will only really pay attention when you actually start to win things. 2 to 3 years is very optimistic in my opinion. Maybe you will break into the top 4 in the next 5 years if the money man stays around long enough, but even then you never know who else will be on the way up who might steal your spot. Your first target should be consistently finishing in the top 6 and maybe then challenging for the UEFA Cup. Champions League dreams at this stage are only going to get a lot of your managers sacked for not getting the job done.
  4. Re: Road To South Africa(Part 3):Turkey, Will Euro's magic continue? Only one team from each group is guaranteed to go through, and Turkey will almost certainly finish 2nd or 3rd (depending on how well Belgium play - and personally I think Belgium will take 2nd), so IF they qualify it will have to be via the playoffs. There are also quite a few better teams than Turkey who probably wont win their groups either. Portugal, France, Czech Rep, Russia and Croatia/Ukraine could easily end up being 5 of the 8 - with the others probably being any 2 of Israel/Switzerland, Ireland/Bulgaria and Scotland/Iceland/Norway. Even if Portugal, France and Czech Rep eventually come good and win their groups, they will probably be replaced by Sweden/Denmark, Poland/Slovakia and Serbia. Turkey will need a bit of luck in the playoff draw to make it to South Africa in my opinion. In my opinion though, the playoff teams will be any 8 of these 9: Portugal (Denmark will win group 1), Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Belgium, Croatia, France (Serbia will win group 7 unless Domenech gets sacked), Ireland, Norway.
  5. Re: X Factor Final 2008
  6. Re: X Factor Final 2008
  7. Re: Pascal Feindouno? I obviously can't speak for anyone else, but regardless of club loyalty I'd rather play in the French top division than some unknown middle-eastern mickey mouse league that just happens to have found a few rich investors. Moving to clubs in leagues of a similar level for more money is fine. I have no problem with that. Taking a massive step down though just for a fatter pay cheque is nothing but greed. He can't be that bothered about the actual game if he's taken that huge a step down. Burs - You've actually made a couple of good points there. I don't necessarily agree with everything though, and I still don't think it's right that the pay is so high, but I do see some of your reasoning (I'm tired now so I'll reply in more detail tomorrow if I remember).
  8. Re: Pascal Feindouno? A GP can expect to earn between £80-120k a year... a Premiership footballer (not necessarily just the top ones either) averages £676k (according to 2006 figures). You tell me how a footballer' date=' no matter how talented, deserves 6-8 times as much as a doctor. I know a doctor's career is 2-3 times as long as a footballers, but that much of a gap in pay is ridiculous. In terms of value to society, a footballer's talent doesn't come any higher on the scale than jobs such as plumber, electrician, joiner etc. And yes, players do deserve a share of the club's money. Clubs should take less from the fans, and as a result pass less on to the players. It's the clubs that are at fault for ripping off the fans so much... that's another debate entirely though, so I won't go into it. So they have to change clubs every few years... so what? They WILL get a club, they just don't always know which one it will be. How about current job security in most normal jobs at the moment? Footballers' incomes are a LOT more secure than most people's with the state of the economy at the moment.
  9. Re: Pascal Feindouno? On the financial side of things, assume the average worker earns £20k a year (that's actually being very generous) and works for 40 years... that's a total of £800k. Now assuming a footballer 'works' for about 15 years, they need to be earning an average of about £53k a year (or lets call it £1k a week), to put them on or above the same level as most 'normal' people. In 2006, even the average League Two salary was £49600... and after that, footballers still have bonuses, sign-on fees etc to look forward to, which apparently increase the figures by 60-100%. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/4898392.stm Footballers are greedy. End of story. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure how Feindouno managed to get 91 to begin with. He's definately going to be dropped. Sell now.
  10. Re: Carling Cup Semi Final Draw! A conspiracy theorist might point out that Tottenham and Arsenal have met in the last 2 semi-finals, would have met this season if Arsenal had beaten Burnley, AND would have met 3 years ago if Tottenham hadn't got knocked out early on. That's FAR stranger than United avoiding Spurs when statistically there was always a 67% chance of exactly that. If you search hard enough though, you will see similar 'patterns' in any draw for any competition. It would actually be stranger if there weren't any coincidences. Haha... is this what you're looking for Doc? 1 / number of other teams in the draw x 100 1/3 x 100 = 33 (rounded off, of course) Seriously though, I don't buy all this talk of fixed draws. You can pretty much guarantee that people will be screaming 'fix' if any English sides meet in the CL quarter-finals (they'll say something like UEFA want to get rid of the English teams to avoid having them dominate again)... even though there's a 77% chance that that WILL happen if all 4 teams reach that stage... there's even roughly a 1 in 11 chance that there will be TWO all-English QFs (no I'm not explaining how I worked that one out ).
  11. Re: playing with 3 defenders I usually use CBs as that's what you'd use in real life. I'm told RBs and LBs work just as well though, although I think that's something SM should change.
  12. Re: Carling Cup Semi Final Draw! To be fair, there was only a 33% chance of them being drawn against each other.
  13. Re: Internet Explorer VS Mozilla VS Google Chrome Where's the option for 'other'? I'm mainly an Opera user myself (sometimes use Avant for certain games for it's 'full desktop' setting). For me, security is by far the most important aspect of a browser. Once I find out what is safe to use and what isn't, I go for whichever has the best mix of performance and features. Just out of interest, here's a little summary of which browsers are safest to use at the moment (according to Secunia): Browsers with no unpatched vunerabilities Opera 8 Avant 11 Flock 1 Netscape 9 Browsers with vunerabilities rated 'Not Critical' Opera 9 (1 not critical) Firefox 3 (1 not critical) SeaMonkey 1.1 (1 not critical) Browsers with vunerabilities rated 'Less Critical' Firefox 2 (1 less critical, 2 not critical) Safari for Windows 3 (2 less critical) SeaMonkey 1.0 (2 less critical, 1 not critical) Browsers with vunerabilities rated 'Moderately Critical' Internet Explorer 7 (1 moderately critical, 5 less critical, 3 not critical) Internet Explorer 6 (8 moderately critical, 9 less critical, 14 not critical) Basically that means don't use IE if you're in any way bothered by security. Avant and Flock are best (Opera 8 and Netscape 9 not so much because they're old/unsupported versions), but Opera 9, Firefox 3 and Seamonkey 1.1 are fine too. Chrome isn't listed because it's still a beta. In my opinion, the way Google are advertising it so much at such an early stage is shameful... they're basically just tricking users with little/no knowledge of computers into using a product that is still in testing (I'm not a fan of Microsoft, but at least they don't make their betas out to be fully stable final products). Various reports (see Chrome thread) suggest it would be less safe than anything else listed here. Google do seem to be fixing bugs, but the fixes are mostly only available with developer versions of Chrome at the moment... meaning we are all stuck with the bad versions.
  14. Schuldiner

    Google Chrome

    Re: Google Chrome Up to date doesn't mean secure though... For example, a fully up to date copy of IE7 still has 9 unpatched vunerabilities according to Secunia, who are very well respected when it comes to uncovering holes in software (one is even listed as 'moderately critical' and still hasn't been fixed despite being known about since 2006). I don't have exact statistics for Chrome because it's still a beta (and probably will be for another 2-3 years), but from the various reports I've read, Chrome seems to be the worst browser you can use in terms of security.
  15. Re: Internet Addiction Test ! 31 I was surprised considering I spend ages online. So it looks like it's easily possible to spend a lot of time online without it being an addiction. I guess it's just something I do when I'm bored though (happens a lot ). Preferable to watching TV, but as soon as I get the opportunity to do something better, I'm off.
  16. Re: How America Sees The World Just thought I should point out that the mp3 player is a German invention (and in my opinion, Creative still make better players than Apple, but that's just me). Apple just used someone else's idea as usual and made it look all fancy and white. Apple get top marks for OS-X though... just a shame Macs are such a ripoff.
  17. Re: Best CB in the world Vidic is my pick at the moment. 2nd is Ivan Cordoba and 3rd is probably still Nesta (when he's fit). Of the other's on that list, Cannavaro is way past his best (he's been Real's weakest link at the back for a while now) and I don't see him as a world class defender anymore... Puyol is the most overrated footballer on the planet (Raul Albiol is Spain's only top CB)... Terry is quality, but not as good as Rio or Carvalho at the moment... Lucio is better with the ball than without it (Demichelis is Bayern's best CB, Juan is probably Brazil's best)... Carragher is overshadowed by Skrtel these days, and it's only a matter of time before Agger takes his place.
  18. Re: Federico Fazio - Sevilla He's just a fringe player at the moment that's all. Isn't injured and hasn't been dropped to the B team. From the 13 league games so far this season, he's made 3 starts (including the Barca game on saturday), 4 sub appearances and been an unused sub 4 times. The problem is, he's competing for a place with Squillaci, Escude, Navarro, Mosquera and Dragutinovic. He's also still getting the odd game even though they're rated higher than him, so he should definately keep his 87.
  19. Re: Top 3 hard as nails footballers! Stuart Pearce Guiseppe Bergomi Julian Dicks I'm surprised Neil Ruddock, Dennis Wise, Paolo Montero and Martin Keown haven't been mentioned yet too. From the present day, I'd say Vidic, Gattuso and err... Vieira maybe? EDIT: Can anyone remember the name of that guy who nutted Pearce years ago... cos I think he gets my vote for player with the biggest balls.
  20. Re: Clichy + Adebayor + 11 million for Messi You don't really need Clichy and you definately don't need Adebayor, so why are you even thinking about letting Messi go? I'd just laugh at that offer to be honest. I wouldn't even accept it if the Arsenal manager was offering you Fabregas and Nasri. The only way I'd ever sell Messi is if I was getting Kaka or Ronaldo as part of the deal.
  21. Re: Marmite: Love it or hate it? Where's the option for 'never been tempted to taste it because it looks like the putty that's filling the gaps around my double glazing'?
  22. Re: Best Footballer Of All Time? Maradona wins for me. Simply because he won games for his club and country by himself. Pele was always surrounded by other top players, which made his job a lot easier. Putting C Ronaldo on that list though is an insult to the likes of Cruyff, Best, Eusebio, Garrincha, Puskas, van Basten, Beckenbauer, Platini, Muller, Di Stefano, Rossi and I don't know how many other legends. I doubt Ronaldo would even make a list of the top 20 players of my lifetime, nevermind be a contender for best ever. I don't even rate him higher than Cantona, Keane or Giggs until he proves he can be consistent.
  23. Re: Is Hull going to go down next season? Everyone seems to say that' date=' but they forget how close the table is this season, and how bad Hull's form is at the moment. They're currently only 8 points above the relegation zone with 23 games still to be played, (it's this that matters at this point in the season - the fact that they're 6th means almost nothing with the table as close as it is) and their form over the last 6 games is worse than everyone except WBA and Blackburn. Form and momentum is a very important factor for the poorer teams in the league. Once they start losing, it's very difficult to start picking up points again. These are the points totals from the last 6 games for all the teams either low in the table, or expected to finish near the bottom: Bolton 12 Wigan 11 Fulham 11 Stoke City 11 Tottenham 10 Middlesbrough 9 Newcastle 9 West Ham 5 Man City 4 Sunderland 3 [b']Hull 3[/b] Blackburn 1 WBA 1 Blackburn, Sunderland (to some extent), Man City and West Ham all have much stronger squads than Hull too, so you'd expect them to start picking up more points sometime in the near future. And I also can't see Hull getting more than 4 points from their next 6 games either (3 against Sunderland and 1 against Man City is my prediction - Boro, Liverpool, Villa and Everton will all beat them), so it doesn't take a genius to work out they're going to be in trouble soon unless a minor miracle happens. Until Hull played Chelsea, the only really testing fixture they had was Arsenal (who always get beaten by more physical teams anyway)... that's why they started the season so well. I can quite easily see them being in the bottom 6 before the end of January, and if that does happen I don't think they have the quality to recover from it. Forget next season... Hull are going down this season.
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