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  1. Rams Fan

    Oxegen 2010

    Re: Oxegen 2010 Amazing! I just about survived! Absolutely quality weekend!
  2. Re: 28mill for Bastos Soz bbz <3
  3. Re: 28mill for Bastos Why ask then? You Goon!
  4. Re: Need a young first team centreback Don't buy Garay. He hasn't got a chance at Real Madrid. And try to avoid Kompany.
  5. Re: Need a young first team centreback No worries Maybe Subotic or Badstuber? Or Boateng?
  6. Re: Need a young first team centreback David Luiz would be a good option
  7. Re: Iker Casillas vs Juilo Cesar Although Cesar is better real life and could reach 96, Casillas is already there and is younger. Obvious: Casillas
  8. Re: busquets for di maria First of all, do you support Derby? Both good players to have, but I think Di Maria has the best future. Busquets hasn't really been that good for Barca, whereas Di Maria has been outstanding for Benfica this season and should be moving to Real Madrid. He's still young and could become a future 95+ Hope this helps mate
  9. Re: Which player to get? If you're buying from external, rather than P/E someone like Drogba and get about £30m for him, you could sell Drogba normally and try and get around £50m for him. You can then use that money to get more players from external or unmanaged clubs. Hope this helps mate
  10. Re: Bench Warmers - Who has got the best?! I'm in a pretty competitive set up. Took me years to build my team. My bench is: Sneijder, Robben, Ramos, Silva, Higuain.
  11. Re: Underperforming defense My defenders are Maicon, Ramos, Evra, Chiellini and Mertesacker. And they very rarely get a rating above 6, as I've noticed with most teams in most setups. I've alwaus been baffled by it...
  12. Re: Your best SM transaction! I got Messi for Van Nistlerooy + Henry + £8m.
  13. If money was not an issue... You have to pick 2 teams of 11: 1. The best current team of players in the world. 2. The best upcoming young players in the world. So that's 2 players for each position, one the current best, and one that's gonna be the best. Will be interesting to gain some opinions. Cheers
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