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    Date of birth: 18.05.1996

    Age: 15

    Nationality: Australian/Liberian

    Club: Adelaide United

    Position: Winger (right mostly)

    Foot: right

    You may or may not remember him from the u17 WC, but he certainly impressed in his limited time he featured (the last game we struggled in though).

    Teeboy is looking likely to make his debut in the A-League tomorrow night, Fridya night Australian time. Rumour has it he could be coming off the bench and the tender age of 15.

    He's been the focus point of Adelaide's Youth Team and has been scoring and assisting a lot of their goals in what appears an average performing team at both levels.

    Adelaide have had injury problems on and off, but if Teeboy is to get some time, then he will become the youngest A-League (2005 onwards) player ever by just under a year.

    Strengths: Speed, creative skill - something out of nothing, ground crosses excellent, strength for his size.

    More to come tomorrow as it's getting late and I'll set it up properly.

  2. Re: Sam Hutchinson

    Now 22! He was playing football for Chelsea before he retired at 18 through injury to his knees which kept him out' date=' a few years down the line and Chelsea have given him a new contract. The specail one once said he was one for the future. If he comes good and stays if could be a great player/signing. Cheers :)[/quote']

    He retired at 21, but has been injured on and off since he's been in and around the first-team.

  3. Re: Dylan Tombides - New Kewell

    Yes, apparently at the start of November or late October it was gone, but he has side effects and was waiting for them to clear, but the cancer has come back... Australia will be waiting and hoping and maybe one day him and his brother will both be Socceroo stars!

  4. Re: Australian A-League 11/12

    Would add an assist to Antonis.

    Had a brilliant game against Adelaide. This kid will be something special

    I'm betting clubs will be after him at the end of the season. Cahill will get into Everton's ears. ;) He's go well at a quality Spanish club too.

    Three great performances so far for him.

  5. Re: Dylan Tombides - New Kewell

    A good second game against "The Mighty Brazil" in a 1-0 loss for us. He caused them some problems despite going for it on his own at times (couple of good chances at least, including one over the bar). We had a quality first half against them, but the second half was much better for Brazil. Didn't look much better a lot of the time considering they'd have one player worth more than what our whole squad would fetch on the European market.... Piazon didn't do much at all against us.

    We were missing 15 year old Teeboy Kamara, who impressed off the bench in the first game. He was injured in training, but I hope he's alright for the 3rd group game.

  6. Re: Dylan Tombides - New Kewell

    Swear I read that he was a left fullback... maybe its just because he is left footed.

    Anyway gotten huge raps and hopefully he will debut in the Championship this season.

    Really exciting time to be an Aussie with so much good talent coming through

    Hmm... Bradley Smith is the Australian LB in the England u17's (Liverpool). He has big wraps himself.

    Tombides has wraps a bit like Kewell, but his style is a left forward or Central Striker when need be (he was playing as a striker up front in the first game). I was watching it on and off, but he was going floating a little back at times for more ball. Looked quite quick, especially when he made a run in the first-half and fired a bullet a bit over the bar.

  7. Re: Dylan Tombides - New Kewell

    I figured I would do an update on him.

    He ended up sitting on the bench for West Ham's last game, but didn't get on. I guess that means he could still be added now, given a lot these days get added for making the bench?

    As many would know he very much impressed in our game for the u17's this morning! :D Scoring the winner against Ivory Coast in what was a great performance by him individually. A clear standout for us.

    Makarounas scored an awesome first goal (he's quality as well).

    Here is some highlights below already uploaded from the game. Makarounas scoring around 1, 45 and Tombides around 2, 30.


  8. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II)

    CASNOS' date=' Luc [/b']

    Noticed he's just signed a deal with Inter. Will Luc be able to make his way into the lineup anytime soon? Any potential to rise in the near future?

    Also any good risers in the 80's you would recommend?



    He'd likely get loaned out to another club. I heard something about a Serie B team, but hopefully a Serie A team that would be needing someone.

  9. Re: Weverson Leandro-New Grêmio star??

    That may be the case' date=' but it's starts and goals in the State Championships rather than in Serie A or Liberatores so it won't get him a rise (for people looking for risers).

    If he's as good as you say then he could well be worth a punt if he looks like getting some proper competitive match minutes though.[/quote']

    Plus that State League his team is in is one of the easier ones compared to the one Santos and co are in.

  10. Re: Schlupp, Taft and Smith - Future Leicester Stars

    I was going to mention Alex Cisak, but just realised he was released instead of being loaned to Accrington Stanley (in league 2) at the end of 09/10. He's a 21 year old young Australian/Polish and has been impressing a lot since making his league debut for them in October and being the regular pretty much since (I assume). Probably came to Australia as a baby or like 1-2; with them from 2004 at the latest. Could push them into the promotion spots.

  11. Dylan Tombides

    Club: West Ham United

    Position: Striker

    Nationality: Australian

    D.O.B: 8 March 1994

    Age: 17

    Not on DB

    Dylan has made such an impact at youth and reserve level that just last month or so he was brought with the first-team to a training camp in Europe. Like other young talents from here, he is said to be "the new Kewell". Definitely rated to have the potential to be a star striker for us at this level. He's scored 3 goals in 11 starts, 18 total at youth league level in a competitive young team, but it's at reserve level where he has made his mark over the rest of their youth stars at West Ham. In the reserves he has scored 3 goals in 7 appearances (4 starts), which contains a recent double against Arsenal. Has that feel about him and looks like a second striker type.

    Apparently could have appeared for them recently if not for their current situation. Given their relegation fight I assume we'll have to wait until next season (mentioned in the media he could make debut at the end of season).

    We will be able to see him first hand in the u17 WC! As he'd be a certainty to be added to the group that qualified (plus others).

    Dylan Tombides Interview


    Note: He's the one with the red sort of boots.

  12. Re: EAU and QATAR risers

    Ahmed Khalil raised +2 today' date=' a small rise, i was expecting a little bit more i admit.. But like said previously, this changes are mainly to drop the overrated old players of this league.. Now comes Croatia, Romania and Serbia.[/quote']

    Pretty much... Wait and see how he goes in a few seasons.

  13. Re: EAU and QATAR risers


    Ahmed Khalil is the only one I know really. He's a gun I guess and certainly can get to a high level if he pushes himself. Long overdue for a rating increase.... ;) I am leaning towards 82-81 (80 at least obviously).

    Scored a lovely goal (also a penalty) when we beat UAE in one of our u19 games in the later part of last year. They didn't qualify for the u20 WC as we beat them in extra-time 4-2 in the quarter finals.

    His goal to take it to 2-2 is at around 1 minute, 40 seconds (little before that).


  14. Re: When will brazil rating change happen??

    Its been on Brazil for over a week now will NEYMAR EVER GO UP?? Its soo long the australian happened in a couple of days!!

    Haha... Maybe they should have took their time for OZ, cause they got several ratings wrong... Still flabbergasted for several of the Perth players (Jamie Coyne, Harnwell... especially Velpahi going from 77 to 80 for how low they are and a lot of the GK's ahead of him). A couple of the Sydney players... Flores not going up.

  15. Re: A-League

    BUTwith respect ... the point of my post was "Are my stats wrong or is Adam Hughes badly treated??" He's played nearly ALL the minutes for Adelaide so he can't have been playing badly. I would have thought much more than plus1 to 78 or 16th in the Adelaide pecking order. 79 would have made him11th in the pecking order. 80 - 9th etc. etc. Squad cap was 85 but reduced when Slory went down to 83. Adelaide are 3rd at present & someone with less minutes from the bottom club has a bigger rise??

    lol I know right.

    One of the worse players in the A-League, Jamie Coyne, went from 78 to 79. LOL He'll probably get released at the end of the season, but they won't given Chris Coyne came back from China from his loan (his much better brother), so doing that would probably annoy him a bit. :rolleyes:

    Maybe I should be like the head of the A-League section.

  16. Re: A-League

    How has Flores not gotten a raise has been one if not the best player in the A-League this season :confused::mad:

    I was wondering the same.

    In my thread I wouldn't have had those Perth players rise - drop maybe.

    Soccermanager must have no clue, they base it on minutes or something?

    Perth have been woeful for where they were tipped to be, yet half their team gets raised.

    COYNE, Jamie - Arguably rated one of the worst performers. HOW he got a raise is beyond me.

    Howarth, Pellegrino, Harnwell, definitely not rises.

    Velpahi maybe a rise of one at most, but it's a joke he is ahead of GK's much better then him. Plenty have performed better.

    Jacon Burns going up 2????????????????????????? :eek::eek::eek::eek::confused::confused::confused:

    He's done nothing... Brisbane's and Adelaide's players should all be like 85 then if these players get raises.

    Hayden Foxe for Sydney plus 3 to 77? :confused: He was woeful before his injury and they were near/on the bottom.

    Totally bad ratings in my opinion and for people who actually see the games.

  17. Re: top rated youths for sale

    I currently have Gotze' date=' Smalling, Henderson, Reinartz, Arnautovic, Herrara, Menez, Mlapa, Fofana, Ciaran Clark, Roberto Pereyra, lacazette, casemiro, Edu Ramos, alberto perea and Grenier.

    I clearly have invested a bit of time building my youth team but I now really need to strengthen my first team squad.

    My question is who to sell and who to keep? I could use some of these players as bait to get better players but which ones are most likely to be in the 90 bracket first and which ones could go on to be star players 93 plus?

    Any help would be great


    Definitely keep Gotze - was tipped straight after the World Cup to be a star and in the next WC. Going by this season he'll be a big star I'd say. Given Borussia is doing so well, he'll edge very close to 90 at the end of the season maybe. 88 at least... Depends on SM really.

    Smalling I'd keep as back-up, depends on who else you have because he's played good when he has this season and will be Ferdinand's replacement.

    Casemiro is a talent and will be getting a nice rise. Henderon is a definite keeper.

    Depends on you really - Not hard to figure out. Lacazette was apart of the quality u19 French team last season - as well as Fofana (a good leader).

  18. Re: A-League

    Having trouble making sense of some of the Australian re-ratings SM have done today:-

    Just one example: Osama Malik +4 to 77 hasn't played for Adelaide Utd (3rd of 11) yet' date=' but played 1305 minutes for [b']bottom club [/b]N.Queensland Fury (11th of 11)??

    Contrast with others played this season for Adelaide:- Adam Hughes played 2132 minutes out of possible 2269 for Adelaide but gets just +1 to 78!!! Something must be wrong as you didn't predict much more for him (79) but I checked the minutes seem to be right??

    Bear in mind Boogard (305mins) is 79, Slory (zero mins) is 83, Travis Dodd (887 mins) 82 rated, Galekovic (1993mins) 82, Cornthwaite (1383mins) 81, Leckie (749mins) +3 to 80, Usacar (78mins!) 80, Pantelis (1483mins) remains on 80. Don't understand :confused:

    Are my stats wrong or is Adam Hughes badly treated??

    They haven't done NQ, Wellington, Perth, or Sydney yet.

    Malik got an early release from his contract as he was going back to Adelaide next season anyway. Fury may be surviving for next season hopefully. Must have played well dispite result results? I put him down for 76.

    Players aren't just based on minutes... ;) Maybe a fair result, but apparently he's been much better then last season, decent (he was a dud for them most say). 79 could have been fair.

    Boo... He's been inured since early in the season.

    Dodd maybe should have went to 81 or even 80 - though Adelaide are going well. He's been injured on and off this season too.

    They only just signed Usacar.

    Pantelis on and off role really - bench from here on in...

    You should have bought Leckie as I suggested and in my thread. Depends what team you control and if you need the money (like controlling an A-League team or low division team).

  19. Re: A-League

    Though I assume you were more "optimistic" than the ones I have so far and before the ones up now? I was planning to a month ago, but... plenty on the mind and everything else. Mckay I might be over eager, but he is in career best form and made the Asian Cup squad after all for his efforts.

    Basically the Roar of this season have been dubbed "Barcelona". haha Probably the best quality looking team since the A-League started. Adelaide with Leckie are good too - plus the new players they have/will have. Gold Coast probably more defensive this season in style and Newcastle struggle with finishing without the injured British players.

  20. Re: A-League

    It has been revised' date=' you guys are completely right.

    I was too optimistic in the first ones and the others were pretty much based on what I'd done first, so were a bit off aswell.

    I hope now it's more accordingly to what should be.

    So keep coming those comments, good or bad :D[/quote']

    Just finished mine a bit ago after I had them sitting on file for awhile on request. You did decent, I just put mine up (in part so far) because I had been struggling with time amongst personal things too. The A-League has been at probably it's best standard, so being "optimistic" isn't such a bad thing.

    Leckie I had a rise to 79, despite his injury. I was leaning towards 78, but his performances have me hoping. He comes back this weekend coming apparently. He probably would have been in the Asian Cup if not for the dirty injury he got from the Thai player in Melbourne Victory... maybe just missed out of Kennedy was fit too.

    Maybe I might change him to 78, but he is quality and even made that list of players to watch out for in 2011. It had particular players, but didn't have Pato and the likes. Some seemed to make it, some didn't.

    I guess SM take into account talent and potential for some.

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