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  1. Re: Respuesta: A-League 2010-2011 From 74 to 78/79 I'd say now; It'll be easier to judge by season's end. If the Roar win both the premiership and the championship (finals series) and he keeps going how he has, then I'd say 79 is likely if he manages to say top the scorer's list in his first real season. It would have been over a year by the time they start the review anyway. Reinaldo also got signed by a Qatari team, so we will be relying on him and Solorzano a lot. Though I expect Postecoglou will buy a decent forward in January for decent back-up. Kruse, who plays for Melbourne Victory, has been ripping it up for them this season and is 78 right now - He'll go to at least 80 (he had 2 decent seasons before this one; 4 goals in each). 79 wouldn't be out of the question the way he's going recently. Brisbane they say has been the best team since the A-League started in terms of performance, so if they win the two titles I'd safely say the whole team will be rewarded correctly.
  2. Re: Terry Antonis - 16 Year Old Sensation I've heard this from several on 442. Great news for our u19 NT going into the u20 WC later next year.
  3. Re: A-League 2010-2011 I'd say so personally. Has been given a chance by Brisbane and has taken it with two hands and has contributed nicely. Reinaldo is a bit of a donkey (although okay at times) and is 78. Probably a 77 if they have ratings around now (within the next month) like they usually do (and at the end of the season), but I'd assume it will probably be at the end of the season to make things easier given the changes. If they are at the end of the season, then if he continues his form a 78 would be very likely. Also Brisbane being on top should help sway the decision. I have been slack with it this season, but should post the ratings update I think next week.
  4. Re: Neymar I wonder what his chances are of going to say 90 in their next changes. Probably an 89 I'd say for now, but he'll likely continue to be involved in the NT. Maybe he might be in with a chance. It'll be interesting once he makes the move overseas, how he'll go. Italy or Spain would be his best options (over England), over say a stepping stone like some tend to do.
  5. Re: TINGA, Araujo (76) - 9C I am wondering the same... How much would he be likely to rise to next and what sort of club is he likely to end up at on potential?
  6. Re: Bradden Inman, Nxt Kaka?? He recently got put on the DB (no games, it seems they are putting reserves in or the odd bench player). Inman was apparently out for 2 months or more and in the last 2 weeks, more or less, came back and I know in one youth game scored two goals (I guess I will have to look if he went straight back into the reserves after that). He was Newcastle's young player of the year last season or something - unless it was youth player of the year, either way he impressed highly at youth and reserve level (a nice goal scoring AM/pm). I'm sure if he wasn't injured in the early parts of the season he could have easily played by now, at least cup games. Heck, Vuckic has played 3 LC games. Inman may be put as Scottish on here, but I am hoping he will be up as Australian soon enough! Better chance for playing in a WC too!
  7. Re: Andy Carroll Epic fail for this comment. Six goals so far in 11 games for him. I am sure he will go to 87 (88 at long odds) at least with this form at the end of 2010, but I guess he could have another nice rise at the end of the season.
  8. Re: Mustafa Amini- HUGE POTENTIAL! Also I posted some footage I found from the recent u19 AFC tournament which we played a lot of quality attacking football. He scores a very nice goal at around the 50 second mark - against the UAE in the QF. There is meant to be a nice run or two (this was possible my favourite match of the tournament).
  9. Re: Brazil Player Reports and Updates Is Bruno Cesar going to rise by much in the next Brazilian changes (I assume they are early next year)? 86 or so, depending on form?
  10. Re: Mustafa Amini- HUGE POTENTIAL! He's only 17, but it'll be awesome to see him fulfull his potential and for us (the Socceroos) to have a quality playmaker soon!!! I guess we can make more of a judgement when he is Oar's age. It wouldn't surprise me if a decent overseas team snaps him up after the u20 WC next year. I am sure he will have a big role to play there, but I'd like to see Inman playing, who just returned from being out for a bit over 2 months I think (our best chance of getting Inman would be probably Socceroo level though). I'm sure he'll get some games for Newcastle United before season's end!
  11. Re: Balázs Dzsudzsák (psv) Will he likely stay at 89 in the next rating changes or go to what seems the maximum of 90 (at the end of 2010 I guess)? Wait til the end of the seasons rating changes?
  12. Re: Aguero, Higuain, or Benzema??? Will Aguero fall to 93 at the end of 2010 when they have rating changes soon?
  13. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread 2010/11 Sigurdsson - 83 to say 86 in the later part of this year?
  14. Re: Help with who to keep Google them and decide... Like Rakels would be one to keep!
  15. Re: Giorgi CHANTURIA, Barca New Signing Messi was signed in 2000.
  16. Re: Brazil Player Reports and Updates What will "Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva" from S.P right to in the next Brazilian changes?
  17. Re: Brumsters' Hot Buys From our A-League in Australia you could probably mention players like Leckie, Cernak, Payne, maybe DeVere. Just to let you know, but I guess you can see for yourself if you choose to do the A-League.
  18. Re: Dzeko 92 or 93 If he keeps up this form until the rating changes maybe a 93. They might prefer to look at him near the end of the season though. I went for 93 anyway.
  19. Re: Alan DZAGOEV 90 for Dzagoev in the next rating changes?
  20. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Krasic +2 when the ratings get reviewed in say 2 months or so (current form)? Pastore +1 or +2?
  21. Re: Terry Antonis - 16 Year Old Sensation He did play wel against Iran and I got to see bits and pieces of the last group game in which we looked ordinary and probably missed the work from him and Amini in the last game. I'll be looking forward to the crucial QF against UAE.
  22. Re: Mustafa Amini- HUGE POTENTIAL! It must have showed we were missing him against South Korea in the 0-0 draw (along with Antonis), as I think both were rested. I saw that South Korean game and we seemed average at best compared to the other games.
  23. Re: Korean K-League Risers How much could Byung-Soo Yoo rise? He's going brilliant for goals.
  24. Re: Offical Australian Ratings Nothing special or worth keeping after his small rise in the near future I'm thinking and based on other opinion's, well I guess we'll see over the next couple of years. He'll get that rise from 70 to 75 though in November I think it normally is and is an injury repalcement player at Melbourne Heart until another player, Sarkies, returns.
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