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  1. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 What will players like Schurrle, Kagawa, and Holtby rise to coming up in over a month or so? 88 each?
  2. Re: Matthew Leckie - Future Socceroo Star Very little information seems to be provided there, but this is the first time he's had his own thread. Just like plenty of other Australians that have been mentioned by me or others. People will look at accurate information by the way and not just someone's post count. To all people outside of A-League fans, I will provide more information and footage on here.
  3. SPORT.BSM. 18/9/10. Mathew Leckie of Adelaide celebrates his goal with team mates during the A-League match between the Brisbane Roar and Adelaide United played at Suncorp Stadium. Pic Darren England. Picture: Darren England Source: The Courier-Mail Name: Matthew Leckie Nationality: Australian Age: 19 - 4 February 1991 Club: Adelaide United Position: Winger Leckie shot to promise last season in a season he debuted for a disappointing Adelaide United. He was picked up from a second tier Victorian team (basically a 3rd tier, VPL/NSWPL/etc are 2nd tier pretty much), after Melbourne Victory didn't show much interest in the home-town product - Only offering a youth club contract from reports maybe. Last season he debuted earlier in the season and finished the season with 3 goals in 20 games, playing the odd/rare game up-front as a central striker/loan man upfront when they had an occasional injury. He was called up for the squad in the last Asian Cup qualifier - An A-League Australian squad plus a couple in Asia, 1-2 on a break in Europe, but did not play. With a new coach this season in Rini Coolen (Vidmar becoming the Olyroos coach and an assistant for Australia), Leckie and co have went from wooden spooners and a sold campaign in Asia, to current A-League leaders after the 7 games Adelaide have played. In that ACL campaign earlier in the year, Leckie again impressed with 2 goals in 6 games. At this stage of the season (20 September 2010) Leckie currently leads the A-League with 4 goals in 7 games (from 12 attempts apparently) and has one assist. He has formed a deadly attacking combination with impressive Argentinian AM, Flores and former Brisbane Roar central striker van Dijk. The Olyroos squad was picked (Australian based players picked) recently and they went away before the weekend just gone started to play a few of the first qualifiers, but players 19 or under (1991) were left out because the u19 Championships coming up soon (they'll miss I guess a couple of games for the A-League). Players like Leckie, Kanatarovski, etc. He is rated 77 as a forward/winger (winger for real) and given his impressive performances this season he clearly will go to 80 at least in say Novermber I think it is, but 82 wouldn't be out of the question. Maybe wait til seasons's end to increase from 80, but given his quality so far it wouldn't be out of the question. 82 seems to be the max really, other players like Culina (National Team players really), Thompson at 84 - will drop due to his injury for most of this year already, Hernandez at 84, etc. Plus players coming back from Europe. Main qualities I know of for Leckie: Very much speedy, strong, has a decent finish and cross, and loves to take on players. His control will obviously improve, but I haven't seen any footage this season for him. Here is a highlights package of him against Pohang Steekers in February. His brilliant individual goal was at around the 3rd minute mark: I am sure a quality European club will look to sign him after this season, especially given he is off-contract from March 31 2011!!! Here is an article about that situation and the Young Socceroos campaign coming up (to qualify for the 2011 u20 WC). It also says he is worth a bit under $600 k Australian, definitely an understatment unless it takes into account the contract that he has left. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/sport/soccer/leckie-young-gun-off-to-china/story-e6frectc-1225926648066
  4. Re: A-League 2010-2011 Round 3 Stat Summary Goals by u21 players Leckie 1 (AU) Babalj 1 (MH) Payne 1 (NQ) Assists by u21 players - Round 4 Stat Summary (after the first game) Goals by u21 players Barbarouses (BR) Cernak (NQ) Mullen (AU) Assists by u21 players
  5. Re: Neymar I've reading in other news and comments some are disappointed and all that, but it is a good move that he'll be staying for at least another year or two. I'd say until after the Olympics. Unless it can be certain that he will get regular minutes at a quality big club.
  6. Re: A-League 2010-2011 Round 1 and 2 Stat Summary Goals by u21 players Neville 1 (PG) Payne 1 (NQ) Dugandzic 1 (MV) * 1 Kantarovski own goal Assists by u21 players Payne 3 (NQ) Cernak 1 (NQ) Dugandzic 1 (MV) Kantarovski 1 (NJ)
  7. Re: Colossal 10k riser list For those that bought young Bozanic before he has a small rise (I just saw this thread now), well he played for the Central Coast (coming back to Australia) in the first game of the new season overnight. It was as expected, though I don't see the games as I don't have cable, but he'd be worth keeping until at least November or so when Australia normally has its first rating review. He will probably rise to 78 I am guessing if he shows good form, so he might be a keeper until then if you own a small team with him in it (or at season's end).
  8. Re: Mid level LB Risers? Another two for sure. Also Makeev may be a chance at a small rise, but the others are better. Coentrao is a NT regular now and a small chance to sign for Liverpool (though Insua might still be staying with Aurelio signed again as well).
  9. Re: Mid level LB Risers? Vegar Eggen Hedenstad will get a small rise from 83 (lb/lm). Yaroslav Rakytskyy should get a rise from 86 later in the year (cb/lb). Santon is at 87 if he's available, may not rise in 2010 (well if Maicon leaves he will play even more). He is one of the top talented fullbacks at a young age in the world though (plays rb/lb).
  10. Re: A-League 2010-2011 ..........
  11. Re: A-League 2010-2011 ADELAIDE UNITED Mark Birighitti - 19 - 1991 - GK - 72 to 75 Matthew Leckie - 19 - 1991 - RW - 77 to 80 Daniel Mullen - 20 - 1989 - RB - 78 to 78 Joe Costa - 18 - 1992 - AM - 70 to 75 Francesco Monterosso - 19 - 1991 - CS - 70 to 75 Evan Kostopoulos - 19 - 1990 - ST - 70 to 75 Matthew Mullen - 21 - 1989 - CM - 66 to 70 In-Sup Shin - 21 - 1989 - AM -72 to 76 Iain Ramsay - 22 - 1988 - AM - NOT ON DB BRISBANE ROAR Luke DeVere - 21 - 1989 - CB - 78 to 79/80 Luke is the first choice CB for the Roar and with Moore having headed off on his Greek expidition at the start of the year (now retired), he'll be wanting to press on and show he is one of the better young CB's in the league. He has leadership to bring to the team and for himself to a R.McGowan or Lowry, he'll have to show his worth against some of the quality forwards in the competition. If he can do this and also help get them to the finals, a rating increase to 80 could be seen. Calum O'Connell - 20 - 1990 - LB - 70 to 75 Luke Brattan - 20 - 1990 - CM - 70 to 75 Costa Barbarouses - 20 - 1990 - ST - 74 to 76 Andrew Redmayne - 21- 1989- GK - 70 to 75 Mitch Nichols - 21- 1989- AM/CM - 77 to 78 Rocky Visconte - 20 - 1990 - LW - NOT ON DB CENTRAL COAST MARINERS Oliver Bozanic - 21 - 1989 - LM - 73 to 78 Bozanic is a traditional LM type player, who just came back to Australia from Readining and various loans. His first touch is quite good for an Australian or younger player in general and is usually a pass. His running and body protection of the ball is good too and Bozanic is a chance to play more often then not for Australia, but with players like Oar and other young players likely to be ahead of him. I'm certain he'll be a regular through the whole season and if he plays to his ability should get a rise to say 78 for sure. Matthew Lewis - 20 - 1990 - LM - 72 to 75 Marc Warren - 18 - 1992 - Defender - NOT ON DB Trent Sainsbury - 18 - 1992 - CB/LB - NOT ON DB Sam Gallagher - 19 - 1991 - CB/LB - NOT ON DB Mustafa Amini - 17 - 1993 - AM - NOT ON DB Matthew Ryan - 18 - 1992 - GK - NOT ON DB GOLD COAST UNITED Gol-Gol Mebrahtu - 19 - 1990 - ST - 72 to 75 Another African refugee, young Australian resident, who was apart of Gold Coast's sucessful debut winning NYL team. He will be competing with a role off the bench with Chris Harold (the golden boot from last season's NYL). Gol-Gol, Gold Coast will certainly be hoping he lives up to his namje in the future. Joel Porter and NZ superstar Shane Smeltz will be the two forwards starting. He's impressed and scored during the pre-season with Smeltz pulling out of his Chinese deal just in the last two weeks pretty much (coming back to Australia). He'll obviously get a rating increase to 75, but if his form continues during the season and he plays well then who knows. Adama Traoré - 20 - 1990 - LB - 75 to 78 Tahj Minniecon - 21 - 1989 - WING/ST - 76 to 76 James Brown - 20 - 1990 - AM/CM - 72 to 75 Jerrad Tyson - 20 - 1989 - GK - NOT ON DB MELBOURNE HEART FC Brendan Hammil - 17 - 1992 - CB - NOT ON DB Aziz Behich - 19 - 1990 - AM/WING - 70 Kamal Ibrahim - 18 - 1992 - WING - NOT ON DB Jason Hoffman - 21- 1989 - WING- 75 Ante Tomić - 18 - ? - ? - NOT ON DB Eli Babalj - 18 - 1992 - ST- NOT ON DB Kliment Taseski - 19 - 1991 - CM - NOT ON DB MELBOURNE VICTORY Matthew Foschini - 19 - 1990 - RB - 73 to 75 Mate Dugandzic - 20 - 1989 - WING/ST - 74 to 78 Petar Franjic - 18 - 1992 - CB/RB - NOT ON DB Diogo Ferreira- 20 -1989 - RB - NOT ON DB Sebastian Mattei - 19 - 1991 - GK - NOT ON DB NEWCASTLE JETS Ben Kantarovski - 18 - 1992 - DM/Def - 80 to 80/81/82 James Virgili - 18 - 1992 - WING/ST - 65 to ? Sean Rooney - 21 - 1989 - CS - 76 to 76 Marko Jesic - 21 - 1989 - ST - 74 to 76 Brodie Mooy - 20 - 1990 - Mid/RB - 72 to 75 North Queensland Fury Jack Hingert - 19 - 1990 - RB/LB - 73 to 75 Osama Malik - 19 - 1990 - CM - 73 to 75 Chris Payne - 19 - 1990 - ST - 72 to 78 Isaka Cernak - 21 - 1989 - CM - 73 to 76 PERTH GLORY Aleks Vrteski - 20 - 1989 - GK - 75 to 75 Scott Neville - 20 - 1989 - RB - 75 to 78 Anthony Skorish - 20 -1990 - WING - 70 to 75 Brent Griffiths - 20 - 1990 - CB - NOT ON DB Howard Fondyke - 20 - 1990 - CM - NOT ON DB SYDNEY FC Rhyan Grant - 19 -1991 - RB/DM - 73 to 76 Kofi Danning - 19 -1991 - WING - 73 to 76 Matthew Jurman - 20 - 1989 - CB/LB - 74 to 75 Antony Golec - 20 - 1990 - CB - 73 to 75 Sebastian Ryall - 21 - 1989 - CB/RB - 77 to 78 Terry Antonis - 16 - 1993 - AM - NOT ON DB WELLINGTON PHOENIX FC Marco Rojas - 18 -1991 - AM - 70 to 75 James Musa - 18 - 1992 - CB - NOT ON DB Mirjan Pavlovic - 21 - 1989 - ST - NOT ON DB
  12. The A-League kicks off later this week and I'm sure many have been looking forward to it kicking for awhile. I'll kick it off during the week with a pre-season ratings prediction for player u25 (maybe u21 level instead) and a short statement about each player. This season will definently be a close season in the A-League. If Melbourne Victory don't bring in a decent striker they might struggle for goals; Thompson is out injured I think until later in the year. Right now I'll start with a few players from each and work my way through this week. I'll also now do the overseas players as well, like the Roar's young NZ forward (the few of them). GREEN - Likely to rise 5 or higher. ORANGE - Likely to have a small rise or could stay. GREY - Likely to stay. RED - Possible drop.
  13. Re: What are the best young up and coming CM`S? I don't know about the best, but out of some Australian youngsters, Antonis and Julius Doe Davies (Kantarovski is a DM pretty much). Antonis has been mentioned on here and turns 17 later in the year and got signed by Sydney FC this season. Julius is a young highly rated Australian (African refugee) at Bayern Munich and turns 16 in September I think it is. He already featured I guess often in their u17 team last season. A bit before Julius features obviously, if he does. Antonis is a chance for a bench role maybe.
  14. Re: who are the future DM's from Brazil in 2014?
  15. Re: Offical Australian Ratings Agree with the below opinions. Monterosso, Brown, and Lustica are more long-term players (prospects in the future). I'm sure Danning will get a bit of a rise depending how much he plays (probably coming off the bench at best after just coming back from the injury, he was playing good early last season though). It depends how much of an opportunity Monterosso gets; he is on 70 so I guess we'll see if the two main forwards in front of him go. He's already more then proved himself in the youth-league over the two seasons the NYL ha sbeen running. Gol-Gol Mebrahtu might get a bench role; his chanes were looking high when Smeltz left (all be it for about a week). The opinion's about Lowry and co were by Verbeek (if I remember correctly). I'll probably try to start a preview of the season coming up with players up to say u25. I'll keep it short and simple though (maybe more of a highly rated thing instead). I also noticed the 3 Roar players who went to the Netherlands were put in Twente and not FC Utrecht. Oar will be the likely one to get the odd appearance off the bench or depending how they impress over their first season.
  16. Re: 2 years from now .......... Muller has a great WC didn't he. What more could you ask for from a soon to be 21 year old, winning the golden boot. He wasn't in the German u21 (u23) winning team in 2009 was he? He has had a great rise this last year.
  17. Re: Terry Antonis - 16 Year Old Sensation I was going to do one on him, oh well too late. I read from someone that he has the ability to give a killer final pass, so maybe not Tim Cahill for the most part, but he has an eye for goal too. He was linked to Everton, Inter Milan, and Marseille when he was a bit younger, but the move was blocked by the FFA due to his age. He's probably a bolter for the u20 WC if we make it in the later part of 2011. I guess it depends on if our overseas players are being noticed and how they are fairing by then.
  18. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? I play pretty much a 4-5-1 for my Chelsea team and am probably thinking of selling a couple of AM's who generally play in that am role (my squad right now is 46). I have the following main ones (hazard and wilshere as squad players): Rooney fwd/am 24 96 rating (moved there from a cf/f role due to Torres being bought and having messi at lw and ronaldo at rw) - 20 league games Nasri am/wing 23 92 rating - 24 league games (19 off the bench for 15 mins, sued to be 30) Gourcuff am/cm 23 92 rating - 16 league games (8 off the bench) Ozil am/lm 21 91 rating - (bought in April after selling Kaka as I wanted to lower my finances) - 9 league games (7 off the bench) Hamsik am/cm 22 91 rating - 12 league games (8 off the bench) The league has 30 games (a custom league I joined several seasons ago) and I generally have good runs in the cups with this team (winning both cups this season that just finished). Who would be your first and second choice to sell?
  19. Re: Theo Markelis- Valencia's future Wayne Rooney?? Yeah it is hard to find information. Doesn't seem like much stats are kept and the Valencia site doesn't help. The person below said he is a bit like Wayne Rooney or maybe a David Villa. We might get to see him in the 2012 Olympics. Though I am sure we can see him in action for Valencia maybe or most likely on loan somewhere soon.
  20. Re: Shane Lowry He is in the 31 man provisional squad. Can't see him making the WC squad, but I am pretty sure the other 8 might still go over (I know at least train on ones will).
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