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  1. Re: Offical Australian Ratings We had 8 players 25 or younger make the provisional squad of 31. All of them are Overseas, with Oar having recently signed with FC Utrecht. Federici will be the 2nd GK in the final squad and I would say Holland and Lowry are the only two out of those listed that don't have a good chance to make it. I would have liked to see Spiranovic in the squad too, but he didn't really have any playing time. This is what Verbeek said when he justified his selections. Adam Federici: Adam played every game in the last year with his team Reading. He was very solid. Tony Franken was there and saw him many times and we are very happy to have him with us also. James Holland: One of the youngest players in the selections is James Holland. I saw James more than several times in his club AZ. Central midfield at the moment, we all know him as an attacking midfielder. Very promising. He played his first big game against Celtic for the first team and he will be part of the selection for AZ next year so I thought it was a great opportunity for him to be part of this 30 players and maybe part of the last 23. Shane Lowry: Shane is on loan at Leeds United and played most of the games there. Left back and central defender, young and talented and it's always good to have a few players in your squad who can play in more positions. Very young still, but has grown up in English football. Tough player to play against, it's good to have him with us. Mark Milligan: Millsy is one of out biggest talented players. He was the captain of the Olympic team in China, after that played in China, plays in Japan at the moment and plays every game. He has played a lot of games in his league and Millsy can play central defender and right full back and even in the midfield. Tommy Oar: Left winger. Very, very promising. Got an opportunity from Brisbane Roar to play and develop and I think it's great for Australian football that we have a player like him, just 18 years old. He made a big impression in the few weeks he was in the Netherlands. He signed a contract there to play for a very interesting club. I'm sure Tommy can be a great player in the future. So it was good for him to be a part of the selection, especially as you don't get many left-footed players with his qualities. We all remember the game against Indonesia, but he still has to show that he is not only a talent, he is also a great player. Nikita Rukavytsya: Originally in the Netherlands, he's on loan in a Belgian club. He's very important over there, scores every week. They are in the playoffs at the moment so he still has two games to go. Nikita is one of the fastest players we have. He can play striker and he can play left winger and makes a good impression in Belgian football. So it's good to have him with us also. Dario Vidosic: Dario Vidosic is one of those players who changed clubs. He went from Nuremberg to Duisberg in the second Bundesliga. Dario is one of our most talented players. He can play in several positions. He even played right full back in the last two games and we all know that attacking-wise he is at his strongest. Very good player, very promising player. And it is good to have him with us. Rhys Williams: Rhys Williams has made unbelievable progress. A year ago he was not playing at all for Middlesbrough and he went on loan to Burnley. Played a lot of games there as a right full-back. He decided to part of the Socceroos and play for Australia and he did. He has played in Middlesbrough in every game, central midfield and he went very well over there. Tough, good football player, still very young, very promising and it's good to have him with us.
  2. Who would be the best young GK to get? Adler, Akinfeev, Lloris, Neuer, Hart, other? I have Casillas and Asenjo, but am thinking of selling Casillas (in a custom league where there's plenty of players still available) for a GK with less salary. I guess it depends on if any of them end up at the Man Utd's of Europe next season. I'll probably still keep him as he was brilliant last season (his first season in my Chelsea team) and going great again. I'll see over the next week.
  3. Re: Theo Markelis- Valencia's future Wayne Rooney?? I first heard of him before the middle part of last year (mentioned in my thread below). He isn't mentioned much over here and his date of birth is 1992 I am pretty sure, so he probably turns 18 sometime soon. We had a mostly home-based squad of u19's go over to South America recently, but Valencia did let him go over. I didn't see the games obviously, but he might have played in an AM role (maybe vertisle, and can play AM/Deep-lying FW/ST). I'm sure the Greeks will try to come calling, if not already. Hopefully he can impress over the next two years and make the Olympics and/or Socceroos depending how he goes. It stated somewhere that at one stage in 2008/2009 he had 14 goals in 17 youth matches (might have included a hat-trick against an u17 Belgium NT in a 4-1 win for some Valencia team).
  4. Re: Respuesta: Offical Australian Ratings
  5. Re: Offical Australian Ratings U25's Review of the A-League Season Central Coast Mariners Matt Simon (born 22 May 1986) He has had a rapid rise in confidence since the 2008 Olympics, in which he was selected. He made it over a few players who had shock omissions. He scored 11 goals during the 2008-2009 season in a team that finished 4th out of 8 (using a few forwards). This season he backed it up with 7 goals, in which the CCM's struggled late to finish 8th out of 10 teams. They struggled to find a steady combination up front. He's hoping to go overseas in the future, but probably not considered much more then a decent A-League player. I would say his qualities are that he can hold the ball up at a decent level and he can pop up for a goal at the right time. He probably lacks speed and technique. Danny Vukovic (born 27 March 1985) He has been a regular for CCM since the A-League started in 2005. This season was probably his best yet in an underperforming team and he got 10 clean sheets in 26 games (missing one game). He was selected in the last ACQ recently, along with Galekovic and Bolton, in the "top 3" from the A-League. After his brain explosion in 2008, he would want to show he has the maturity to succeed overseas. This should be his next step in his career soon. Bradley Porter (born 19 February 1987) This young right back played most of the season, 25 games. He had a decent season, but will probably spend most of his career in the A-League. You can only get so far with certain coaches and leagues, but the right career move can help. He's underrated though for a right-back in the A-League and produces a good cross. Nigel Boogaard (born 14 August 1986) Nigel was one of CCM's few shining lights this season. He has been in the squad since the A-League's inception, but his career has been disrupted by injuries on and off. In his early teens he was rated as a very bright prospect. He has the ability to play across the backline and is young enough to still have a decent crack overseas. He has the build and talent to have a similar development to Beauchamp, but the key difference would be mentality. He signed on for Adelaide before the start of the ACL and has played 3 minutes. Michael McGlinchey (born 7 January 1987) After having a injury disrupted career at Celtic he decided to try his luck in the A-League. He impressed in his first season having a few quality games and capped it off early by being selected for New Zealand after the rule changing. He has since went on loan to Motherwell. He'll probably end up back overseas in the near future. He's decent on the ball, but I doubt Arnold will help improve him compared to a coach like Lavicka. Nicky Travis Matthew Lewis Shane Huke David D'Apuzzo Andrew Redmayne Brisbane Roar Thomas "Tommy" Oar (born 10 December 1991) His season started with selection in the u20 WC, though his performances were up and down. This season was a good one for the young left wingers and he has now drew comparisons to Harry Kewell. Though I think that is very much pre-mature, Oar has an abundance of speed and agility and a more then decent cross. He played about 18 games of the 27 games (missing a couple or so due to the u20 WC) and finished with a goal and two assists. He was named the first Young Player of the Year for the A-League and along with Zullo and Sarota, signed for FC Utrecht in the Netherlands. He could easily become a regular for the Socceroos if he can develop certain attributes (end product, etc). When Oar made his debut last month for the Socceroos in the last Asian Cup Qualifier (mostly a A-League team, except for a couple of players), he was the Man of the Match and showed his promise with his runs down the left and many crosses. Former Roar coach Frank Farina, who brokered the deal with Utrecht director of football Foeke Booij, described Oar as "a gilt-edged diamond". Michael Zullo (born 11 September 1988) Zullo had a decent season, which was slightly injury interrupted at times. He is a similar type player to Oar, but during the season the new coach swapped him to LB. This worked alright at times, but Zullo is more of an attacking player. It will be interesting to see where FC Utrecht use him. A goal scored by Oar, set up by Sarota in December. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5adJeu-MP4 Adam Sarota (born 28 December 1988) Adam named the NYL Player of the Season (first youth season) last year and was steadily eased into the team this season. He is a central midfielder and played 12 games and provided one assist. His main asset seems to be speed and agility and has a decent pass. Haven't seen much of him, but hopefully he can take the step up overseas. He had a couple of decent runs from around the 3rd minute onwards. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ht29dkh-FMA Mitch Nichols (born 1 May 1989) In 2008/2009 he impressed in the NYL and then stepped up to the A-League to provide numerous goals and assists in the second half of the season. This season he apparently seemed to not live up to expectations and I may contribute it to confidence and a hard performance at the u20 WC. His best assets are his shots with power, his runs before reciving the ball, and his energy. One video I had a quick look at he scores at the 4.30 minute for a goal that wasn't ruled (just going over). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71qNAFLDXok Luke Brattan (born 8 March 1990) Isaka Cernak (born 9 April 1989) Sydney FC Sebastian Ryall (born 18 July 1989) He is a young defender (CB/RB), who has been involved with Victory and now Sydney FC; winning the premiership/championship double in each of the last two seasons. He was likely to captain the u20's at the YWC last season, but due to charges was suspended at both levels for a little. He is easily one of the better young defenders involved in the A-League or NYL and played in 18 games (starting 13). With Colosimo heading to the new Melbourne team, he is set to become a very important defender in the team. He'll be looking to head overseas maybe in a few years or so, depending when the time is right. Brendan Gan (born June 3, 1988) Gan played a small role in Sydney's winning side. He played 929 minutes over 22 games (starting 7), scoring 1 goal. Whether he goes above A-League standard is probably not likely. Next season will be a big one for him. Stuart Musialik (born 29 March 1985) Musalik had a successful season and contributed from his position at DM. In 2287 minutes over 25 games (all started) he contributed a goal and an assist. His next step would be to head overseas as his aim like most would be to make a WC squad and his last chance would likely be for 2014. Kofi Danning (born 2 March 1991) Danning has a solid start to the season over a 7 game period where he contributed 2 assists and a goal in a game against NQ (backing up his two goal effort in 4 games at the start of 2009). He's a winger, who has the qualities to go far, but in December he tore his ACL. Maybe he could have been in a better position then Oar (in making the 31 man provisional WC squad). He has the potential to be a future regular Socceroo, but hopefully the injury hasn't affected his development too much. Shannon Cole (born 4 August 1985) Not as impressive as his first season, Cole finished with 4 assists over 29 games at mostly rb. He earnt his international at the start of the year; playing against Indonesia in a mostly A-League based team (other then a few). His strengths, though a bit down during that season, are crossing, direct passing, and freekicks. Antony Golec (born May 29 1990) Golec was only a bit part player, appearing in 3 games and will have to wait a bit before he forces himself in a starting spot. Chris Payne (born 15 September 1990) Considered somewhat a decent talent, Payne became a regular mostly late off the bench this season after being a key member of the Sydney's winning NYL premisership/championship team at the start of 2009 (2008/2009 being the first NYL season. This season he appeared in 14 games, 12 off the bench, scoring 3 goals and providing 2 assists in 322 minutes. He was behind good A-League players like Alosi, Brosque, and Bridge. His chance probably came in the preliminary final where Alosi was struck down with injury early and he scored two goals to help Sydney win 4-2 over Wellington and make it to the GF to beat Melbourne, in which he started. Alosi is heading to Melbourne Heart (new team) next season and if they don't replace him (with Fowler or whoever else), then Payne could have more of a chance next season. Here is his two goals in the preliminary final (around 2, 20 and 4, 10). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO25ZHI6NKg Matthew Jurman (born December 8 1989) Adam Casey (born 1 May 1986) Mark Bridge (born 7 November 1985) Rhyan Grant (born February 26 1991) Joey Gibbs (born June 13 1992) Iain Ramsay (born February 27 1988) Sam Gallagher (born May 5 1991) http://au.soccerway.com/national/australia/a-league/2009-2010/regular-season/ http://au.soccerway.com/teams/australia/sydney-fc/ http://soccernet.espn.go.com/players/stats?id=123705&cc=3436 Review of the NYL Season (u21's/close to 22 year old's)
  6. Re: Offical Australian Ratings These three "u25's" made the 5 man bench for the team of the season: Danny Vukovic (gk) (Central Coast Mariners) Nikolai Topor-Stanley (Newcastle Jets) Tommy Oar (Brisbane Roar)
  7. Re: Offical Australian Ratings New 15-25 year old's added: Joe Costa, 17 70 CM Adelaide United Steven Lustica 18 70 AM Gold Coast United Francesco Monterosso 18 70 CF Adelaide United Matthew Foschini 19 73 RB Melbourne Victory Aziz Behich 19 70 AM/W Melbourne Victory Jack Hingert 19 73 RB/LB North Queensland Fury Osama Malik 19 73 CM North Queensland Fury Calum O'Connell 19 70 LB Brisbane Roar Luke Brattan 19 70 CM Brisbane Roar Evan Kostopoulos 19 70 Fwd Adelaide United James Brown 20 72 AM (more of a RW I am sure) Gold Coast United Panny Nikas 21 70 DM Central Coast Mariners Ivan Franjic 22 76 RB/RM Brisbane Roar Andrew Barisic 23 73 Fwd Gold Coast United Rating increases (to update): Matthew Leckie 19 72 to 77 Fwd/Wing (mostly RW I am sure) Michael Marrone 23 70 to 77 RB/DM News: Also found in an article that Oar could trial with FC Utrecht or Feyenoord (as previously stated, seems to be Feyenoord only though). Hopefully he is on the bench for the game against Indonensia and make his debut on Wednesday (hope a couple of other youngsters play too). He took out the A-League Young player of the Year, the first time this award has been given. "Oar and Roar teammates Michael Zullo and Adam Sarota will head to Utrecht later this month for a three-week stint that has been described as a training opportunity rather than a trial." http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/soccer/tommys-dutch-treat/story-e6frey4r-1225837170623
  8. Re: Jack Butland - Birmingham City Youngster Hmm, interesting... Thanks in advance.
  9. ryan2007

    Two CF's

    What's the best formation to use 2 CF's together (and if any arrow, etc)???
  10. Re: Offical Australian Ratings Out of the high u25 Australian rises, the two I would keep in mind that I see on the list (other then Kanatarovski) is defiantly Leckie and Oar. Leckie, who is mostly a right winger, rose from 72 to 77 and recently turned 19. He had 3 goals in 20 league games for an Adelaide team that finished last. He also just scored the winner in the first group match for Adelaide of the ACL (based on the 2008/2009 season who plays from Australia, given the finals for the season that overlaps) against Pohang, who was the ACL in the late half of 2009. He has very good strength and speed for his age and hopefully he can go overseas within the next two years. Oar turned 18 in December and has been linked with an overseas move (was linked with Feyenoord). He's a left winger and rose from 70 to 77 and was probably an obvious pick-up. He also got called up for the mostly Australian based Socceroo's squad that will play the last Asian Cup qualifying game. The Australian media have rated him the next Kewell, just like other players in the past, but a bit of an over statement until he can develop at a good overseas club. If he can be half the player Kewell is, then that alone would be a great future. I'll probably start a preview for the next A-League season (though a review of the whole A-League season and NYL season at first), which starts say August. There was also a fair few new Australians put up, though Rojas is a New Zealander not an Australian.
  11. Re: Offical Australian Ratings Some very nice rises for young Australians. I probably could have did a full coverage, but had a lot on my mind of late.
  12. Re: Offical Australian Ratings Qantas Socceroos Squad v Indonensia (last ACQ, 3 March) Players 26 or older this year (probably make up a lot of the team): Clint BOLTON Sydney FC, Australia Alex BROSQUE Sydney FC, Australia Shannon COLE Sydney FC, Australia Simon COLOSIMO Sydney FC, Australia Jason CULINA Gold Coast United, Australia Andrew DURANTE Wellington Phoenix, New Zealand Eugene GALEKOVIC Adelaide United, Australia Daniel McBREEN Perth Glory, Australia Jonathan McKAIN Wellington Phoenix, New Zealand Matthew McKAY Brisbane Roar FC, Australia Jade NORTH Incheon United FC, Korea Republic Matt THOMPSON Newcastle Jets FC, Australia Luke WILKSHIRE FK Dinamo Moscow, Russia Josh KENNEDY Nagoya Grampus, Japan Depending if they get injured or maybe results I think it was for this weekend: Jacob Burns, Mile Sterjovski. Players 25 or under this year (some probably more for the experience of being in camp, sorted by youngest to oldest of age this year): Ben KANTAROVSKI Newcastle Jets, Australia, 18 Mathew LECKIE Adelaide United, Australia, 19 Tommy OAR Brisbane Roar FC, Australia, 19 Luke DEVERE Brisbane Roar, Australia, 21 Scott JAMIESON Adelaide United, Australia, 22 Michael ZULLO Brisbane Roar FC, Australia, 22 David WILLIAMS North Queensland Fury FC, Australia, 22 Michael MARRONE Adelaide United, Australia, 23 Stuart MUSIALIK Sydney FC, Australia, 25 Mark MILLIGAN JEF United, Japan, 25 Danny VUKOVIC Central Coast Mariners FC, Australia, 25
  13. Re: Offical Australian Ratings Bouzanis extended his loan at Accrington Stanley until the end of the season (League Two). With Brad Jones and Michael Petkovic, along with Nathan Coe, not featuring regularly, it means his chances have went up a lot to get that 3rd spot. Galekovic and Vukovic are the chances from the A-League. I guess the one way Bouzanis would make it over them is for the experience of it and the fact he could end up as a world class GK.
  14. Re: Mustafa Amini- 16 year old Aussie talent- HUGE POTENTIAL! Well hopefully he gets a few chances for CCM next season.
  15. Re: Jason Davidson- up-and-coming Australian left back With Chipperfield to retire after the WC (highly likely), his chances will rise highly for a spot in Socceroo's squads. Other LB's off the top of my head are Carney (he'd be the first choice after the WC), Lowry (CB/LB type player), Jason, and two local players like Jamieson, and Heffernan.
  16. Re: Offical Australian Ratings If he does get a rise it will be to 79 or 80 (80 seems to be a rating for the better young A-League players who go overseas, eg. Nathan Burns). I am not sure if he's been as good as last season, but he was nominated for the Young Player of the Year for December (first season with these awards). I think he's played a fair bit at CB, which is out of position for him. Though on SM it seems a lot of Aussie's are listed in the wrong position (AM for him). He's probably more of a DM or DM/CB, but there's a couple of players in Newcastle who are 80 or higher and he's a better player then some. 80 (or at least 79) isn't out of the question, but I guess it depends on how the rest of the season shapes out for him. I think he may hope for overseas's interest after the season ends in March for the A-League (he turned 18 on Wednesday). He's also smart and it stated in an article that his preferences were nuclear medicine, psychology, architecture and construction management.
  17. Re: Offical Australian Ratings Just had a quick look. Scott Neville, just turned 21, sure to get a nice rise from 68. I don't get to see much of the A-League on TV, but I read enough to know opinion's about players and how they are going. It said Rangers were keeping an eye on him. He's played most of the matches for their A-League team, so he could easily increase to 75, maybe 76 (also other ratings). Tommy Oar just turned 18 late last season and is rated 70. Given he is now a regular starter (2 assists, 1 goal) I'd guess a rating of say 75-76 seems not out of the question (was called up for a mostly A-League Socceroo's squad). Kofi Danning, is 18, and before he got a bad injury during the season, was playing quite well. He may get a rise to 76. Mate Dugandzic, 20, rise to say 75. Rostyn Griffiths, 21, rise to say say 75. Sean Rooney, 20, 70 to 73. Elasi and Payne, not sure yet, but given they are 68 to 67, have did alright despite limited chances. Mitchell Langerak, 21, 72 to say 75-76, has did better then Moss since becoming MV's GK during the season.
  18. Re: Offical Australian Ratings I mentioned it a bit lower. I guess the Croatian 2nd tier is of an easier standard, but once he gets a more important role I am sure he will flourish. I'll probably just set out a basic rating's post and then I guess by the end of the season I will post it (or update it). Since I changed it to 15-25 year old's for this season, I might just go have a look at the players I know will get handy rises for the A-League (up to the end of 1985).
  19. Re: No rise for Baros and Kewell? Kewell would still start for Liverpool on this form!
  20. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings What are some of the young fairly high raisers coming up?
  21. Re: PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Disscusion Thread What are some of the young fairly high raisers coming up?
  22. Re: Spanish Rating Changes (09/10) What are some of the young fairly high raisers coming up?
  23. Re: Andrea Ranocchia, New Alessandro Nesta
  24. Re: Andrea Ranocchia, New Alessandro Nesta How much do you think he will raise to? Would he maybe raise to 85-86?
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