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  1. Caceres, Acevedo, and now a good +9 for Skov Olsen. Not bad at all.
  2. Hi guys, I'm a little bit out of the loop. Are we expecting Argentina to be reviewed next?
  3. Italian and Napoli fan here - totally deserved. Koulibaly is considered the best CB in Italy and rightfully so. Meanwhile, Hysaj has been so poor for us this season, and was never really good to begin with. In fact we played most of our UCL games with Maksimovic as our starting RB and Malcuit is also playing a lot. Hysaj can also play on the left but, with Rui and Ghoulam fully recovered, won't play there at all.
  4. Tbf I was the first one to talk about him on this forum (in my thread that I'm not updating anymore) Anyway, I'm getting tired of this neverending Germany review...
  5. I don't like Lukaku but Higuain is way older, plus he's past his prime, so I'd keep Lukaku.
  6. Montpellier - 3rd Dijon - 18th That's the only explanation I can think of
  7. You said +1, I was expecting +3... but I'll glady take this +5 😍
  8. it was just a random upgrade, in this thread we also discussed about that
  9. it's time for my French army to rise and shine
  10. thanks. I'm still here, still finding talents, but in this period university's calling... so I don't have enough time to update the thread.
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