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  1. oh wow. The memories! I was there when Arruda Mazola received a +23 going from 60 to 83. (8th september 2010 - even though I stopped playing from 2014 to 2018 circa) Only 70 rated (or less) players were worth 10k. Most of the european players were introduced with a rating of 75
  2. hi guys. In your opinion, who are the best young players that are starting to emerge after the covid break? i.e Florian Wirtz, Andrea Papetti (Brescia)
  3. without football I'm losing interest in SM as well, anyway... I have a question: any 70-rated GK worth buying? I'm selling Bodart and I need a cheap replacement.
  4. Hey guys. Quick question: after Turkey do we know what will be the next league reviewed? Cheers, socca
  5. So you would sell both of them? Do you think it's not worth to keep them for a little bit more?
  6. no further rise for Boadu? Shame anyway we should do a keep or sell Netherlands edition I'm currently selling every dutch riser I have except Az and Ajax players
  7. Were there any doubts about it? Anyway, what are we expecting after Portugal? Netherlands and Belgium?
  8. league two reviews are making me angry
  9. Keep or sell? I need money in one of my teams and I was thinking about selling these players, but since they might rise again at the end of the season I'm not really sure about what to do. Can you help me? Are they any good? Sean Longstaff Laszlo Benes Imran Louza Dwight Mcneil Javairo Dilrosun John Lundstram Joan Sastre Mounir Chouiar Boulaye Dia Steven Alzate
  10. I hope Netherlands will be reviewed after the Championship. The waiting game begins
  11. I was about to ask the same thing, as I have Maignan from Lille, rated 89. I wanted to sell him and get a more promising keeper, and I was about to choose one between Pau Lopez (I think he will be rated 90 at the end of the season), Meret (I'll be honest, I don't really like him), Nubel (not sure he'll take Neuer's spot). What would you do?
  12. Keep Mbappe absolutely Anyway, I don't have De Gea but dropping him to 93 is very harsh IMO; at least the other players' reviews were fair. I hope they don't f.u.c.k up Chelsea and Leicester cause I bought a lot of players from them
  13. VVD made a couple of mistakes against us in CL but he's been perfect in PL so far. I'm sure he will be 96 by the end of the season. Comparing him to Vidic is pointless. Ihattaren, Lisandro Martinez, Czyborra. If you want to buy some risers go and check Tmcosta's thread.
  14. Any chance that Firpo rises tomorrow? 😒
  15. I don't have him in any of my teams but dropping to 93 seems harsh I'm happy for Partey and Renan Lodi though
  16. Lepinjica and Biraschi for sure. Also Kouame has a long term injury but once you sell him you can't buy him back so if you need forwards keep him. I personally don't think he will ever be rated 89 or higher on SM
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