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  1. Re: diego milito

    Albiol might be a good one, but Milito's performing really well at Inter. Try to get either another striker in exchange (Toni sucks) or some cash, if it's easy to get another striker in your Game World, if not, don't do the deal, unless you really need a good CB and there's no other good CB options.

  2. Re: 10m. WHO TO BUY?

    AM risers I think.

    Nevermind, I got it.

    Antonio Candreva 22 83 AM/Wing SM value 3.4M

    I would strongly advise this player as a fantastic Am who will definately rise to 86/87 in the next Italian league rating changes.

    Candreva has played 11 out of 12 for struggling Livorno and has been simply outstanding and is fast gaining a glowing reputation and already attracting interest from Inter Milan and Juventus. He was also recently called up to the Italy national team and started in there 0-0 friendly match against the Netherlands.

  3. Re: My sqaud, Who is going up/downin rating

    Don't think Nani would rise, in fact, he may get the cold shoulder with his outburst... Valencia, Giggs and probably Park would be preferred to him.

    Rosicky is a bit of a wildcard, what with all the injuries, but I agree that the most pressing to get rid of is Heinze, Del Piero and Kaladze. Del Piero is replaced by Amauri, Iaquinta and even Trezeguet.

    Camoranesi is at least doing okay. Diarra a gem, Evra steady as ever, Fabiano is reliable as well.

  4. Re: AM risers Please help !!

    Toni Kroos? He seems to have slowed down a bit, but he's still young and could be good for the future. Pedro (Barca) is also a great prospect, has a great goalscoring record. Dan Gosling is one to watch out too, might not be playing regularly now but is a bright prospect.

  5. Re: 10m. WHO TO BUY?

    Well' date=' it depends on which position you need the player most on, but I can help you:)


    Muslera 86--->87/88

    Carrasso 88--->89

    Douchez 88--->88/89

    Marchetti 87--->88


    Cissokho 86--->89

    Andre Santos 86--->89

    Insua 83--->86

    Ciani 88--->89

    Bocchetti 88--->89

    Glen Johnson 89--->91

    Thiago Silva 89--->90

    Vermaelen 88--->90


    Marchisio 89--->90/89

    Ramires 89--->91

    Fransisco Fernando 89--->90

    D'Agostino 89--->90

    Bastos 89--->90

    Pjanic 87--->89

    Hazard 84--->87/86

    Pablo Hernandez 88--->90


    Falcao 89--->90/91

    Gignac 89--->90

    Pazzini 89--->90

    Chamakh 89--->90

    Brandao 89--->89/90

    Gomis 89--->89/90

    Hulk 88--->90

    Erdinc 88--->88/89

    Jovetic 88--->89/90[/b']

    Super generous?? I think the best of these are Cissokho, Vermaelen, Thiago Silva, Insua, Marchisio, Pablo Hernandez, Pjanic, Jovetic, Gomis, Pazzini.

    Antonio Candreva looks a great prospect too.

  6. Re: Brazil vs England

    I think Johnson, then Richards for RB.. I think their clubs would get their acts together, this is just a bad spell for them. Wes Brown wasn't playing, and Ferguson seems to like O'Shea.

    And for CM, I think wildcard could be Cattermole. He proved his importance with his absence, Sunderland having a torrid time without him. He's the kind of player to break down attacks and bring the ball forward, something like Essien. Would be a sound backup for Barry, only that he's inexperienced at international stage.

    IMO, strikers should be Rooney (all-round), Defoe (fast), Heskey (strong), Owen (supersub!). If injuries hit, Gerrard or Walcott should be able to play second striker?

  7. Re: Centre Back help - keep or sell (only 4!)

    I would sell all apart from Upson based on potential (they're all quite old), and get some CBs with better prospects:

    Brede Hangeland

    Thomas Vermaelen

    Curtis Davies

    Jonny Evans

    Daniel Agger

    Simon Kjaer

    David Luiz

    Franco Douglas

    Johan Djourou

    Phillippe Senderos

    Ivan Marcano

    Neven Subotic

    Or simply reinvest in 90+ CBs which could be your 1st-teamer.

  8. Re: Varying form

    That sounds a bit like Adebayor or Rooney, their consistency aren't really on top. But I'm pretty sure SM would look into a longer period of time and not just right before the rating changes.

    I think a good example might be Defoe, he wasn't really used a lot at Tottenham, so he dropped to 89 from 91, but when he moved to Portsmouth, he become awesome, so he moved up to 90. I guess it really depends on how bad is bad and how good is good, really.

    Or you might wanna keep an eye on like Modric to see how he fares in the rating changes, he used to be almost anonymous but is emerging, sort of.

  9. Re: Fulham's awesome defence

    Good, nice to see Fulham getting some deserved attention at last.

    I think Hangeland and Schwarzer are the better performers of the defense. Hangeland in particular has done well even since last season. Bullard has been amazing, deserves more than an 87, probably 89 would be a better evaluation. And Fulham have the 3rd best home record, I think (6W3D1L). Only 1 loss at home, I'm pretty sure only Man Utd and Liverpool bettered that.

  10. Re: List of 89s to hit 90 in the next changes

    Yeah, I've been keeping tabs on Molinaro since like forever.. Was good at Siena, then went to Juve and slotted in immediately (of course thanks to Jorge Andrade's injury) and this season, with Chiellini moved to the centre, Molinaro is the 1st choice LB. Should have risen to 90, I think a rise to 91 might be on the cards too, seeing as he is a starter for one of the biggest clubs in Europe.

    Methinks a rise is one for Daniel Agger and Jimmy Bullard too.

  11. Re: Top 18 - 21 Talents

    Quite a good list, but a bit hazy, in that is prediction for the next rating changes the next time they're gonna be changed, or for like end of season or something? Cos someone like Walcott is obviously 91+ material, but prolly not by this season.

  12. Re: Portuguese rating predictions (2008/09)

    Hey, firstly, good job. Portuguese is quite a big league but never seen such detailed stuff here.

    Just a few questions about some players i had.. Is Benfica's Pele playing well, and would he be able to be a regular in the side? Oscar Cardozo, you mentioned that he was 2nd/3rd choice but not really starter, is that true? I mean, 2nd choice is pretty much starter. Lastly, Miguel Veloso is quite a sweet prospect, is he really playing so poorly to drop to 90?

  13. Re: Drogba for who?

    I'd go with Villa.

    Drogba might be fit now, but Anelka has proven that he can score too. I think Scolari might not rely on Drogba as much as Mourinho or Grant has. Also Drogba's injury problems might be against him.

    Villa is attracting practically the whole of Europe, with Valencia in a bit of a rough spot. Definitely a class act, and an important piece of Spain's NT too. Has more potential of up than Drogba, IMO.

    And I don't think Milan is doing poorly, just had a minor bump. But they're still 3rd in Serie A. But I also think Ronaldinho won't be able to revive his career in Milan, unless Milan, as a whole, improves.

  14. Re: Fabregas To Go Up?

    I think Fabregas is in the league of 95s, he's as good and important in Arsenal as Lampard is to Chelsea, Gerrard is to Liverpool and Messi is to Barca, maybe even more so since he's the captain. Although Arsenal's in a bit of a rough patch now, he's undoubtedly a star, deserves his 95 totally.

    As for Spain national team, I think he's just below Iniesta in the pecking order. Senna and Xabi Alonso play a different role, so they shouldn't be compared with Fabregas. But he's class though, Spain just have too many players. Although I think he's just as good as Iniesta.

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