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  1. Re: help!!!! i need a left back that will rise to 91/92 I think Radu or Taiwo might be good calls, but I'd go with Taiwo in your case since you need a class LB now. Radu's more of longterm potential. Also try Gareth Bale, Marcell Jansen (91), Marvin Compper (more of CB though, but cheap and expected to rise much), Ivan Marcano (longer term), Jose Mane (was highly rated last season, not sure of this season), Erik Pieters (again, longer term). Could try Miguel Torres, though he's a RB/LB on here. But Marcelo's still the best.
  2. Re: Rod Fanni; Buy him PLEASE! (for your own sake) Hmm... Everton? Interesting move.. Everton seem to be having an inconsistent season.. But they're seemingly improving already, and Fanni's arrival can only strengthen their squad. And i take fanny to be a sexual euphemism. Seeing how darshan is reacting.
  3. Re: Abou Diaby Well for 6m.. Why not? But it also depends on how much money you have, of course. I thought that he would replace Flamini, but Wenger seems to put Denilson or even Song there in CM. Denilson is probably a better prospect, but I'd buy Diaby too.
  4. Re: Best buy? Er.. I wouldn't sell vela. Gonna be class for Arsenal, methinks. I'd get David Silva and Arshavin first, since their rating is higher, and hence would probably be hotter property. Then Aquilani if you can later? Since Italy ratings are some way off too.
  5. Re: Estimated Profits Lol.. I accidentally did that before with a Cardiff City.. made about 3-4 million on a defender. Was really nice, helped me to buy Stephen Ireland Anyway. The profits are in SM value only? Would be more for a smaller club, and lesser for a big club. Good job anyway, like some sort of scout list
  6. Re: List of 89s to hit 90 in the next changes
  7. Re: Hugo Lloris Rating I think Lloris has got great prospects, being part of a Lyon team which doesn't look like relinquishing its hold on the Ligue 1 title yet (although they do have the occasional slipup).. None of the other French teams look good enough to win it from them. It's safe to say that Lloris would rise? Especially since this is only his first season as Lyon's 1st-choice keeper. I reckon he might kick Mandanda off sooner or later. But one gripe from me.. Lloris is on 2 of my teams, and he is normally one of the poorest players. Dunno why. He concedes a lot. X.X
  8. Re: Moses Adams Probably just a small moneymaking prospect.. I doubt he would rise any higher than 82? Since his club's top rated is 85, and he's just come into the side this season. And 5th in belgium don't sound very convincing to me. He needs a move to one of the bigger clubs to be a longer-term prospect. But worth a punt, only 1m.
  9. Re: -Nemanja Matic- Serbian U21 Starlet - Good shout. Matic is currently rated 81, 20 yo, so should still have quite some way to go. Although, don't think he would have a great rise yet. Even a move to Boro wouldn't put him above like 85 by the end of the season, methinks. But he is a good prospect for the long term, I mean being in the NT and all. Hope to see him more often from now on?
  10. Re: Nemaja Vidic I'm not sure about his lowest, but I know he was rated 89 last last year.. that was 2006. And then the meteoric rises after that.
  11. Re: Best team to suceed in 2010 due to his U-23 playes England has the potential to become really strong, but that depends on the development that their clubs allow them. Just take a look: Rooney, Ashley Young, Agbonlahor, Richards, Milner, Downing, Lennon, Hart, even Michael Johnson and Wheater. But it really hinges on whether their clubs start them, and also how well their clubs play, of course.
  12. Re: Official Manchester City Thread 08/09 I would have rather preferred the Arabs not to have taken over.. With Mark Hughes at the helm, the club looked to be going in the right direction, with Jo, SWP, Kompany, Zabaleta, Ben Haim coming in. The squad looked sufficiently strong enough to secure UEFA Cup place for next season and have a good run in the UEFA cup, probably. But now, with Robinho and the Arabs' arrival, expectations have risen exponentially, and it feels like Chelsea all over again (whom I started to dislike after their mega spending spree). I dunno whether Robinho would shine or flop (I certainly hope its the former), but I think City's expectations now, to be the best club in the world, seems a bit hollow with the squad bought like this. I'd prefer Hughes to show his transfer acumen and show that he can work wonders with City and slowly build up his squad, but now, with the Arabs' looking to undermine him and even bring in Mancini, I feel that the Arabs' takeover may not have been as good as it seems.
  13. Re: Home page choice I'd prefer the old club overviews, the new one's much too jarring, what with 5 million transfers happening (just start of season for me), setup news feed is like WHOA! long. And best managers is... a little useless for me, I don't need to read it everytime I log in.
  14. Re: Loan Recall Well, I just had this idea, that if loans couldn't be recalled, they probably would be allowed to be used in parts of transfers? Just an idea, but seeing the whole Berbatov saga, where Berbatov moved to Man Utd with Campbell loaned to Spurs, I think it might be workable? I would appreciate a more realistic transfer market with all these other factors coming into play. I support unrecallable loans. I think that if you loan out a player, that means that you probably have no use for him as he is surplus to requirements at that point in time. If there are upcoming cup games, obviously I wouldn't loan out anybody at all, or at least, make sure I have enough cover before loaning anyone out. That should be the way. Anyway, there is no such thing as 'first-team experience' in SM (although I certainly hope to see it), so loaning has no tangible effect on the parent club other than wages. In real life, there are no recalling of loans. One season means one season, so managers normally have the sense to have some depth in their squads before loaning players out, which, I believe, should be the way.
  15. Re: 24/7 Transfers poll Well, it's obviously good in that it will stop all the midnight transfers so that everyone can get a shot at getting the players, especially for unmanaged clubs... Bad for all those who dabble in this sort of thing (which, sadly, I am too). Can only think of one other disadvantage, is that I wouldn't know when my bid is gonna be accepted.
  16. Re: Rewarding Loyalty To mirror real life, I think that managers can have a sort of 'pull' quality on players. In buying players currently, there is only consideration on money offered (quite realistic, eh?). Maybe the manager could affect how much the player wants to go to that club. Imagine Ferguson being at Man City, then all the Berbatovs flocking to City because of him. Something like that. The more reputable you are, the more 'pull' you have, so to speak. But of course, not by too much. Having a reputable manager could probably increase morale of the players as well. Okay, I know morale is useless, but SM could probably tweak it to affect match performance as well! Imagine again, Ferguson and his hair-dryer treatments, all the players would probably be spurred on to play even better!
  17. Re: Robinho - Will he Drop? Well, sadly for Robinho and people with Robinho in their clubs, I think it is inevitable that Robinho will drop, even if Man City achieve 5th (which, Tottenham has been a consistent 5th-place standard team for a few seasons now bar last season, and their highest is (was) only Berbatov 93 and Keane 92. As such, 93 is probably the highest anyone can go outside the top 4 of EPL. For Robinho to keep at least 95, Man City would have to consistently challenge for top 4 probably all the way till the end of the season, and I think, is the realistic maximum, for this season at least). he would have to be the key to that as well. However, with Robinho, Man City would definitely become an exciting attacking force, with Petrov, Elano, Jo, SWP and Robinho together (though not all at once). The players other than Robinho would probably benefit most, and if Man City really decisively show their quality with a top 4 or top 5 challenge, 92-93 is a realistic target for all of them. And i would really love to see Micah Richards blossom with the team Man City have at the moment. CL football is probably okay to do without, but only if you play really really well in the league that merits CL football. Take a look at Bayern Munich last season, accidentally fell out of CL, bounced back to own Bundesliga, and players like Ribery and Toni (new recruits) earned their 95 and 94, deservedly. If Robinho has this kind of effect on Man City, 95 is no problem. PS. Hope Milan learn from last season and own Serie A as well.
  18. Re: José FERNANDO TORRES Torres was nowhere near his EPL form in the Euros at all. Not enough space, I guess he wasn't that suited for Spain's passing game after all. In all fairness, it's only been Torres' first phenomenal season. Furthermore, Liverpool didn't win any silverware. But if Torres keeps it up, which he will, 97 is definitely possible.
  19. Re: Balotelli Well... what are the chances of him breaking him into the first team this season? Anyone can shed some light on this?
  20. Re: Thread for CZECH REPUBLIC RISERS Look like nice talents. Good shout.
  21. Re: Player Condition Ya, agreed, I never put out my main squad for cup games unless it's by accident or unless it's a final or semi-final. I like this suggestion, but what's the use if you know that the other team is probably gonna put out a totally fit team (if the manager logs on regularly). It's not gonna change your tactics much. And also, you could probably do a bit mroe homework by checking up on his last 3-4 games to see who played. It's just a punishment for the lazy. I think that you could probably also tweak fitness a bit, by making say older players recover more slowly than younger players, and probably wingers and fullbacks burning a lot more than say a centreback, or maybe the direction you attack in (down left/right flank or through centre) could affect how much stamina the player in that position might have.
  22. Re: Setup Bulletins We had a notice board a long time ago, and I still remember the Chelsea manager putting up 10 notices to buy players from 95-99 in any position :rolleyes: Anyway. Why couldn't there just be an alert to say like 'There's a new article in the newspaper in the Transfers section by Maximilian Kohler' or something like that in the Club Messages thing. As opposed to having a whole separate bulletin system. And this wouldn't be spammed, cos I have never seen the Newspaper being spammed.
  23. Re: Devolution features.. OMG. Quite a lively discussion, tho I didn't read the last few posts. Sorry bout that. First off I would like to say. Ya, I really loved the little club crests, much more than the jerseys. I think another way could be simply to lock down transfers for 48 hours or until a manager comes to manage it regardless of whether another manager within the setup accepts or rejects the job offer. And basically, bug eradication, ya?
  24. Re: Reputation Ah. Quite a good idea. Altho I disagree that more smaller clubs would be left unmanaged. I think it's vastly more difficult to manage a big club from the start well (unless you're really good with a good club) than to build up a small team and work up the division ladder. And I think it would be more reflective of rep in real life. Like Roy Keane probably has more rep than McClaren if they were playing SM.
  25. Re: Overview page. I think it's cos of the adverts which take up major space. Methinks the old one was great. While I'm on it, I also wanna say that some info is quite useless. I don't really care whether Bayern Munich was founded in 1900, neither do I need to know the jersey colours. I prefer the old times where the schedule and league table pages showed the club's crest rather than the jersey. Cos like a lot of teams have the same jersey colour and it's not really identifying nor representative of the team. (A quick check of my schedule turns out 8 white jerseys)
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