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  1. Re: watch our players play I think that would be too much work to create match animations for every single match in every single setup for every single possible situation with every single player considered. The status quo is fine.
  2. Re: Players abilities- 6 basic for all I think it's a bit complicated, there's lots of debate about this too. I figure if in your example of 6 categories, it's quite redundant, cos obviously a higher rated striker would have better scoring then a lower rated striker.. ok fine, that is probably for CFs, since Fs are more playmaking. And most of the time, a higher rated CM would have better passing than a lower rated CM. Of course, speed is another thing, but do you really need to know that? If Walcott is faster than Hleb, but Hleb has better technical skills, it is reflected in their overall rating, so you would more probably pick Hleb over Walcott. So the speed is not really needed? Would prefer the second way, of putting like say finisher or whatever. But it might require a lot more research, and also a tweak to the game engine to factor in all these. A lot of work, methinks.
  3. Re: An unmanaged team that need certain players. That would have been under Chairman value already? Don't complain. This is already quite a good improvement. I once swapped Buffon for Sissoko (when he was rated 91)(and when I was once dumb).
  4. Re: Physical Tab I really prefer the previous kind of squad page... now, there's no condition and goals, which I probably wanna see at a quick glance, for example, when I'm looking at the other teams' key players or whatever. Really pointless to have so many tabs when you could incorporate stuff which would probably take up half an inch. If that's really impossible, then I agree that the least that can be done is to limit displayed players for youth and senior squads. But that would still be a hassle to do every single time I wanna go see a squad.
  5. Re: Ben Arfa Lol. I think he should move to like one of the bigger leagues rather than a team like Marseille... Would have loved to see him at like Man City or Aston Villa, the manager (Mark hughes, o' neill) can probably transform him into a winner.
  6. Re: Ribery Well, I guess since this is one of the rare one-off seasons where Bayern Munich aren't in the CL, it's not really fair to base your entire ratings on this season alone. They performed pretty well this season, especially RIbery and Toni as you pointed out, and although Ribery might have been a little more appropriate at 94... well, sometimes this happens especially in SM. But I think Toni has proven himself to be a top forward already, scoring loads from Italy to Germany. 95 for me. Bayern Munich are one of the top teams in Europe, albeit coming from a so-called weaker league (more competitive than PL tho ), their players still deserve quite a bit of credit. Even though they might have some off-days... well, those are unavoidable. Even Arsenal could be hammered by Tottenham 5-1 :p
  7. Re: SM Select XI - The best IN GAME team Lol. I guess Luca Toni and Adrian Mutu are great scorers... as well as Benzema, even when he was an 89. Got a Golden Boot with him once. Also had Golden Boot with Adriano before, but sold him when he moved to Brazil. Steve Howard used to score like 20 goals a season for 2 seasons, then i sold him. == But Gilardino seems to be unusually unproductive for a striker. Ribery is also a good scorer for a winger (about 10 goals a season).
  8. Just wanted to give some people the heads-up on this player (LB). Was first-choice leftback for Juventus for most of last season due to injury for Jorge Andrade which kept him out for most of the season, and Chiellini moving to centreback. From his current 89 rating, Molinaro could move up to 90/91 since Juve made it to 3rd spot. Took one whole season to prove himself, as he was rated 89 due to good form at Siena before this.
  9. Re: Looking for improving players Gabriel Agbonlahor, Jermain Defoe, Bafetimbi Gomis might go up to 90 very soon (esp Gomis), after a good season last. Eduardo should get games when he comes back, so you could buy him at 89 now and wait for him to rise. Joe Hart is probably gonna rise too if he continues his form into next season, especially now that he's in the England national team. Hatem Ben Arfa is another one who would probably rise high too. In the Euro 2008 France team. Michael Rensing would prob shoot up since he's only rated 87, and gonna get 1st choice keeper next season, after Kahn's retirement. Lassana Diarra is another one who impressed Domenech to pick him for the Euro 2008 France squad ahead of Flamini after a season with Portsmouth. Could rise more if Pompey are still this great next season. Miguel Torres might be a good buy, but I'm not really sure of his recent performances.
  10. Re: Matias Fernandez But villarreal got the better of Barca to get 2nd, the ratings might float up a bit more, don't you think? albeit this being the 1st season they have really excelled.
  11. Re: Mustapha Bangura Wow. can see that you put quite a bit of effort in it. But, seeing as he comes from quite a weak country in terms of football, I don't think he may have as much as chance as if he were to come from say, England or France. Nonetheless, good find.
  12. Re: New Talent Found here! He's been mentioned a lot here. Probably overrated, as you are. But we can never be sure.
  13. Re: Zlatan IBRAHIMOVIC?? Ibrahimovic no doubt is a great goal scorer in game, and I've seen him in many setups scoring many goals in a season, attesting to his ability to score ingame. However, since you already have Tevez and Huntelaar, 2 good young strikers, it may be redundant to have Ibrahimovic. Maybe Huntelaar + cash for Ibra, but not Anderson, definitely.
  14. Hi... considering to buy Nigel de Jong from Hamburg SV, don't know whether he'll rise? 23 yo rated 90.
  15. Okay, this has been around really quite long and irks me to no end. and i can't search for this, cos it doesn't allow me to search "last" nor "name". So yea. within the last year, SM apparently decided to change the format of all the players' names, so that they had to have a first name and a last name, like Wayne Rooney. So players like Ronaldinho and Kaka had their names changed to Assis Moreira RONALDINHO and Ricardo KAKA. which is wrong, cos ronaldinho's full name is Ronaldo de Assís Moreira, where ronaldinho was just a nickname. similarly, kaka's full name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite. hence, i propose that this sort of players, who go by their nickname in the footballing world, just have a singular name like KAKA. some other egs: Anderson DECO Ferreira LUCIO Ferreira PEPE Luis NANI Marcos CAFU Rodrigues ALEXANDRE PATO
  16. Re: Player stats ratio They could use their fav trick, which is the tabs - something like the div 1-4 tabs in the league table. so it could be like "league" tab, "cup" tab, "shield" tab, "total" tab. wouldn't take much, i suppose. and yea, it would be better if we could see the stats for the other compts. as well. and prob also by club, cos now when they show the totals for all the seasons that the player has played, it does not distinguish from diff clubs, so it could be 50 games for Portsmouth and 50 games for Derby COunty, but it still shows 100 games played.
  17. Re: Contracts and Transfers Yup. I'd prefer offering contract and transfer at the same time. There could be a minimum expectation of the player, and if you offer more, you would make the player happier? I dunno, sth like the minimum fee. Altho I'm happy with the status quo. THe additional contracts seem a little redundant.
  18. Re: 5 Idea for Improving The Shortlist I like the position suggestion one. Quite the useful. In addition, I think there could be like tiers for shortlisting, eg. the ones you want to buy most, the ones you may want to buy and the ones you just wanna keep an eye out for.
  19. Re: Michal Pazdan Looks promising, but would he rise that much? Judging from the rest of the team, the best players are only low 80s. In a weak league, maybe he won't rise that much? Or will the whole team rise?
  20. Re: John Terry sorry i was joking. o.o anyway. agree with the previous post, terry hasn't had an absolute fantastic season, but that's why he got decreased from 96 to 95. he still makes some great goalline clearances, like in the CL liverpool and man u games, and is still one of the top defenders around. only that injuries marred his season. altho i think he's lost some of the prowess since his prime, and i reckon it would be hard for him to go back up again.
  21. Re: John Terry Hmm... I think he should go down, for missing the penalty. Ha. I bet he's shooting himself now.
  22. Re: Jeremy Helen and Darnel Situ Yea.. I've heard too. However, I think it seems vastly improbable that these two would get any playing time at all; instead, they'll just get loaned out, and maybe after a season or two, get sold to some other smaller club. But these two must be good prospects tho, if Fergie has his eyes set on them.
  23. Re: Live score centre / vidi printer It's a suggestion, but I don't think it'll be practical, simply cos all the managers in SM may not be able to log on at the time the matches are being played. People play SM from America to Australia, how do you account for the time difference? And even then, I think very few people would sit through 1 and a half hours of a match. Of course, this suggestion makes the whole game a lot more realistic with live subs, but it's just not feasible.
  24. Re: Player History Totals Yup, nice suggestion. I like it. Could tweak it a bit, showing like the amount of games he plays at each club (like in Wikipedia). e.g. Valencia 5 games 4 goals, Manchester United 23 games 15 goals or sth like that.
  25. Re: Shelvey Nice player there, although I think he won't be able to break into the first team, being only 16. And he's a midfielder. Hope to see more of him though. Might get a few more games, although I suspect he played only cos Charlton didn't have anything to play for anymore.
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