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  1. Re: Daniel WASS - The Danish Riser Nice shout, will be hoping for a good increase.
  2. Re: Diego Milito Hi.. sorry to dig up an old thread of last season.. This season, Zaragoza's been relegated, but Diego Milito has still managed to score 15 goals, playing over 30 games. As such, do you think Milito's current rating of 93 would drop due to playing in the Segunda Division, or would he secure a move away from Zaragoza? I haven't heard any news about him moving, but it looks quite possible? Last season, Juve were playing in Serie B, yet Trezeguet and Buffon did not get much of a decrease. Milito could yet stay the same?
  3. Re: Wing Backs I don't really recommend 5 at the back, since it's really dangerous to let the opposition have too many shots at your goal, especially if your keeper isn't good. You mean 5 defenders as in 1-4-3-2 or 5-3-2? In the former, I guess it would be the same if it were 4-4-2. For 5-3-2... In defense: RB/CB---CB---LB/CB I prefer having RB-CB-LB, but having CBs at the wide positions is fine, I guess. But in midfield, even though they say 5-3-2, those are actually better played by Rm/LM/W. If you have a DM, why don't you try out formations like 4-1-3-2 or 4-1-4-1 which gives you a dedicated DM, instead of playing him in fullback position.
  4. Re: Need tactic help? - post your team here Wait out the TB for those 2 which just decreased, and P/E for a good LB, like Chiellini, Maxwell, Chivu, Abidal, Jansen, Evra etc. Just take care not to take one in a team not doing so well. That's a marker for going down if there ever was one. Also, don't keep Gilberto Silva, since he's not really playing much at Arsenal. Same with Tuncay at Boro, especially with Afonso Alves around. One tip for P/E is that don't P/E players of same position, since the perceived value is lower. Just play 442. ------------Buffon----------------- Semberas---Ayala---Heitinga---Goian Quaresma---Gilberto Silva---Pizarro---Mancini ---------Tuncay---Marica---------- Playmaker Quaresma, No Target Man, Counterattack, Offside, Tight Marking. Slow Tempo, Short Passing, Pressing All Over should get you some possession.
  5. Re: Inter Milan Formation and Squad Help!!! Nice sound squad you've got there. For the starting XI, just try to fit in the strongest 11 you've got. They might lose for the first few matches, but once they start playing together more, their game will be raised. I favour the 4-2-3-1 system, so I'm gonna recommend you get another winger or wing AM. Elano (AM/RM), Hleb (RM/AM) or just any W which is preferably 92 and above. Try using Zaccardo, Barry and Reyes in part exchanges. 4231 ------------Soares---------------- Maicon----Mexes---Chivu---Maxwell --------De Rossi---Cambiasso------ (Winger)-----Messi--------Quaresma ---------Ibrahimovic--------------- If you don't like this one, could try this one too. 442 ------------Soares------------------- Maicon----Mexes---Chivu--------Maxwell Quaresma---De Rossi---Cambiasso---Barry ---------Messi---Ibrahimovic------------ Play Defensively, Through The Middle, Pressing All Over, Slow Tempo, Counterattack, Offside, Playmaker Messi/Cambiasso, Target Man Ibrahimovic, Tight Marking.
  6. Re: Italian Ratings Hasn't really played this season, only had 5 games, I think, cos of injuries and such. Still a very effective striker, just returned from injury, will see more of him from now on.
  7. Re: Italian Ratings He's one of Milan's top strikers for now, excluding Inzaghi and Ronaldo through injuries. His 7 goals is only 2nd to Kaka's 8. Was a bit shocked that he went down. Doesn't deserve it. I think he's one of Milan's more consistent players. Even though Milan started poorly, they've picked up quite a bit of momentum and could still do well.
  8. Re: Standard Setup Teams Couldn't European Championship have more teams in one division i.e. 20, cos many of the European teams are quite good, deserving of a top division spot. I.e. Div1 1. Barcelona 2. Real Madrid 3. Sevilla 4. Valencia 5. Manchester United 6. Liverpool 7. Chelsea 8. Arsenal 9. AC Milan 10. Inter Milan 11. Roma 12. Juventus 13. Bayern Munich 14. Werder Bremen 15. Ajax 16. PSV Eindhoven 17. CSKA Moscow 18. FC Porto 19. Lyon 20. Celtic? Div2 1. Villarreal 2. Atletico Madrid 3. Real Zaragoza 4. Tottenham Hotspur 5. Everton 6. Manchester City (?) 7. Fiorentina 8. Lazio 9. Benfica 10. Sporting Lisbon 11. Zenit St. Petersburg 12. Spartak Moscow 13. VfB Stuttgart 14. FC Schalke 04 15. Shakhtar Donetsk 16. Dynamo Kyiv 17. Marseille 18. Lille 19. Rangers 20. Feyenoord Anyway, I'd rather manage a European or South American team rather than an Asian or Middle Eastern team, since there isn't much coverage about these teams. So I would rather have a South American + European Championship rather than World Championship.
  9. Re: Tactics Or if you wanna wingbacks, select "Down (Right/Left/Both) Flank(s)" and "Attacking" Mentality. That ought to send them a bit more attacking.
  10. Re: which winger? Could go for Aiden McGeady, Allesandro Rosina, Turan Arda as alternatives.
  11. Just a suggestion, dunno whether this has been brought up before. Searched but nothing came up. The current system of accepting bids is to go to club messages, find the bid, click on respond then click on accept. Why not change it such that from the player profile page, you click on the bid (e.g. Club's Bidding: Liverpool - 8m) to bring you to a page that confirms your choice of the bid. This would make it less of a hassle to deal with bids. The current system could still coexist with this one.
  12. Re: Friendly Cup All English Team please comment Of course there would be prize money to play for, as well as personal prestige. If you don't play one of these just because of running the risk of getting players injured, then you wouldn't be playing in the existing Cups and Shields as well, since they carry the risk of giving your players suspensions and injuries as well, causing you to be detracted from the League. Anyway, this Community Shield is just going to be one match, and at the start of the season, there are quite a few matches before the cups start to come in, so this competition could be played then.
  13. Re: Friendly Cup All English Team please comment What about a Community Shield-like trophy which is played before season starts or on the first Monday/Tuesday. Pitting the English Cup winners vs. English Shield winners, with additional money, of course. Don't know if this has been brought up before, tho.
  14. Re: TACTICS, do you agree with the new? Yep, kudos to SM for new tactics, albeit after a long time. Much more hassle-free, instead of loading pages, it's a much cleaner interface. I don't mind my whole youth squad showing up on tactics, cos there's a scroller. In fact, I prefer having youth squad on tactics page, so there's none of the youth to senior squad just to play.
  15. From Wikipedia: Franck Songo'o (born May 14, 1987 in Yaounde, Cameroon) is a French football player, currently playing for Crystal Palace on loan from Portsmouth. He is the son of former Cameroonian national team goalkeeper Jacques Songo'o, who featured for Spanish side Deportivo La Coruña in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He is highly rated as a future prospect by Portsmouth coach Harry Redknapp. Although he was born in Cameroon, he has represented the French under-19 international team. He came through the youth ranks at Barcelona. Franck Songo'o is highly rated around Europe and during the summer he was close to a loan move to FC Nantes before the move broke down after Songo'o claimed he wanted to stay and fight for his place. On 31 August 2005 Portsmouth signed him for a fee of £250,000. On October 20, 2006 he joined League 1 side Bournemouth on a one-month loan[1] but failed to make an impact. On 8th March 2007 he signed for Championship club Preston North End on loan until the end of the season.[2]. He became Neil Warnock's first signing at Crystal Palace having joined them on a month long loan on October 29, 2007. --- Franck started in all 3 games for Palace since coming from Portsmouth, albeit on loan. Another bright prospect, seeing more first team action could be good for him. Came thru the ranks of Barca academy, and following the likes of Fabregas, Bojan Krkic and Fran Merida, could be very good in the future. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_2833768,00.html
  16. Re: Gregory van der Wiel That's great, seeing another Ajax academy product coming out... Could follow the footsteps of Drenthe and Emanuelson. Too bad he's already bought in my setup :(
  17. Re: nani? Nah... i don't think 92 is fair for nani.. he's only arrived this season and it isn't really enough yet to justify an 89>92 rating. Even scoring fantastic goals are not enough.. only if he repeats it for at least half a season. Come Dec, if he's still playing this well, 92 would be a target. But now, prob 91 or 90.
  18. Re: New player infos Don't really like it though. The addition of the chairman value eradicates the need for an SM value, cos the chairman value is the only value needed while having transfers. Furthermore, in some cases, the chairman value may not accurately reflect the importance of a player to a club. A player may have a low rating, but clicks with the rest of the team and scores a lot, leading to the manager starting him in a lot of games. Another player on the same team may have a higher rating, but does not perform as well due to inter-player dynamics, but is given a higher valuation solely because of his rating. In this, I think it is not that good yet. Also, I've seen a Chelsea squad where the 4th choice CB, Khalid Boulahrouz age 25 rated 91 is chairman-valuated at 10m, but the 2nd choice striker, Shevchenko age 31 rated 93 is chairman-valuated at 7m, even though Shevchenko is, in a sense, more important to the squad than Boulahrouz.
  19. Re: New La Liga League Remember the old European League? Top teams from Europe in a breakaway league... kind of like WC, only that only top Euro clubs are added. This game setup contains the top 24 clubs from around Europe and splits them into three divisions with 8 clubs in each division. The setup also contains a Euro Championship Cup. European Championship Division 1 Arsenal Barcelona Bayern Munchen Chelsea Juventus Manchester United Milan Real Madrid Division 2 Internazionale Liverpool Lyon Marseille Newcastle United Roma Tottenham Hotspur Valencia Division 3 Ajax Amsterdam Atlético Madrid Borussia Dortmund Everton Manchester City Paris SG Villarreal Werder Bremen Stopped creating these setups after a while, but I think that this is a more competitive setup than EC. And compared to WC, I prefer this as well, cos I don't really follow South American footie, and don't know much about clubs like Sao Paolo.
  20. Re: The Financial Improvement Was lamenting the lack of money to buy players, cos the chairmen were putting the prices so high. Was aiming to get a player on the cheap, but now, I'll have to wait a few turns for the stadia increase to generate some cash for me... For me, the thing that irks me is the player value calculation. If there is already an Chairman value, which essentially is the only thing that matters when dealing, then why is there still a fixed SM Value? One would only need to look at the chairman value to wheel and deal for players, totally ignoring the SM value. In this respect, I think it is not perfect yet? Liked the chairman evaluations change though, seemed unlikely that Kaka could go off for as little as 20m in an EC. However, would it be better if the other chairman could value your player in view of how beneficial the incoming player could be in player exchanges? Eg. In EC, I'm Man City, and I wanna buy Stekelenburg from Ajax (unmanaged). The Ajax chairman values him at 14m. I offer Isaksson in a part-exchange. Isaksson's SM value is 7m, but the Ajax chairman could value him at 11m, seeing that Isaksson would be the 1st choice keeper there. So shouldn't the Ajax chairman's valuation of the player be considered instead of the SM Value? Currently, only the SM value of the player is shown when offering in part-exchange. Shouldn't the other chairman's valuation of the player offered in part-exchange be considered as well? In addition, chairman evaluation should not be calculated based only on the formula of player rating. Performance and the number of players that the club has in a position should also be considered in the valuation. A 90 rated player may score more often and perform better than a 91 rated player, so the 90 rated player may be more valuable and important to the club than the 91 rated. For financial income, I think that the most realistic would be to take the performances of clubs into account. A team which scores more or wins more games at the top of the table would get more coverage than a team who is hovering at the bottom end of the table. Of course, teams should also consistently perform well over the season and this should contribute to teams' income.
  21. Re: Ever Banega Banega's up to 88. He's one of the main CMs for Boca Juniors after Riquelme and Gago's departures... Also won u-20 in canada. Been keeping tabs on him since he was 72, now he's 88 :D Think he could go up even more, has huge potential. But only if he moves away from boca or if the club does extremely well, tho.
  22. Re: End of Season Cash injection??? Does the size of your squad make a difference to how much money you get?Eg if you have 18 players as opposed to 40 players. I always thought that was the case, cos my luton town with 18 players got 10mil in div 2 with a 9k stadium, whereas my man city with 18 players as well got 13mil in div 1 with a 48k stadium. i think the income from stadium is calculated separately, cos there is a season ticket receipts money that comes in the same time as the chairman cash injection. its like a season pass.
  23. Re: Values It's just a bug that's been on for very long... 70 rated players will always be 10k no matter the age.
  24. Re: Do Unmanged Or Unable To Managed Clubs Always Reject Your Loan Offer??? I have no idea as well, but i recommend that if you need loan players, try getting some from other teams in the league. Make loan offers to reserve players of the stronger teams as those teams would probably not need those players (esp. if there's already one or two better players in that position on the team) The maximum no. of players that can be loaned to your club is 3.
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