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  1. I dunno if anyone posted on this before, but my search button is screwed.. Anyways. The Blocked Deal by SMFA is starting to make me angry, because I recently concluded a transfer saga for Totti with the Inter manager.. So, Inter offered 30m and Cambiasso (9.1m) for Totti (8.4m). I it, but it got blocked. I had to settle for 20m and Cambiasso..accepted I went to check the explanation, which was that to look at other deals that were allowed and refer to that as a guideline. Inter had bought Steven Gerrard (11.5m) recently from Pool for 48m, Patrick Vieira (6.9m) and Luis Figo (1.8m), which is almost 5 times the value. So why did my deal get cancelled? The basis of this function is to stop cheats from abusing transfers. So, IMO, shouldn't any transfer between these two 'cheating' managers be banned, and not just a seemingly fairer transfer? <- (I know it isn't too clear, but I don't know how to phrase it)
  2. Re: Cup matches Yup, I think Cup schedule is fine now (even though one of my teams is dying from exhaustion T.T). Makes the game more challenging, and would force you to go into Rafa-Benitez-mode (also known as excessive-squad-rotation-mode) BTW. Domestic Cup =/= Champions League
  3. Re: Player Assists Ollie means saying who assisted in the goal, which wouldn't be reflected in the assists in the player profile. Would have to check before and after the game to find out who made the assist(s). On the other hand, this has been brought up before already, use the search tool to look for similiar threads.
  4. Re: help cant score Actually, I think you should just try out one combo for a while eg. Adriano-Aguero, so that they can gel together and start scoring after a while. Maybe u can use crespo to buy another player and strengthen ur midfield or sth, cos crespo is getting old (altho in rl, he was in good form last season). It's your take.
  5. Re: Form Slump I also have managed spartak moskva, and i find andy johnson-pavlyuchenko is a potent combination. johnson has scored 21 times in 30 games :D .I find Gareth Barry is also a good scorer (11 goals in 28 games) if u want for reference, this is my squad (1st after 32 games): - Polish KOWALEWSKI, Wojciech G 30 87 100 V.Good £3.7M - 7.28 32(0) 0 0 - Argentinian RODRIGUEZ, Clemente LB 26 89 86 Superb £6.3M - 7.19 32(0) 1 3 - English RICHARDS, Micah RB/CB 19 88 90 Superb £7.0M - 7.18 28(0) 0 1 - Russian SHISHKIN, Roman RB/LB 20 87 100 Average £6.1M - 7.75 4(0) 0 0 Int Argentinian MILITO, Gabriel CB/LB 26 92 90 Superb £8.4M - 7.41 22(0) 1 1 - Spanish ALEXIS, Ruano CB/RB 22 89 99 Okay £7.2M 19 Oct 0.00 0(0) 0 0 - English BARRY, Gareth LM/CM 26 90 91 Excellent £7.0M - 7.93 28(0) 11 7 - Russian BYSTROV, Vladimir RM/CM 23 89 100 Excellent £6.9M - 7.31 13(0) 3 0 Int Spanish ARTETA, Mikel CM/AM 25 91 93 Superb £7.9M - 7.69 32(0) 3 8 - Brazilian LUCAS, Pezzini Leiva CM/DM 20 88 98 Superb £6.8M 24 Aug 7.36 14(0) 2 3 - Brazilian MOZART, Santos DM 27 89 100 Superb £5.9M - 7.46 24(0) 1 4 Int Portugese NANI, W/AM 20 89 86 Superb £7.6M 12 Aug 7.89 19(0) 4 4 - English JOHNSON, Andy F 26 90 88 Good £7.0M - 8.37 30(0) 21 8 - Dutch OWUSU-ABEYIE, Quincy F 21 85 100 V.Good £4.6M - 7.22 9(0) 4 3 TrL Russian SONIN, Aleksandr F 24 80 100 Average £1.9M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0 - Russian PAVLYUCHENKO, Roman CF 25 89 95 Superb £6.5M - 8.21 24(0) 9 12
  6. Re: help cant score I find playing 424 is horrible, cos ur midfield gets overpowered super easily... don't play it unless u have a crap midfield and fantastic defenders. but if you do, i think playing long ball helps cos u bypass the midfield with long balls from defence to attack.
  7. Re: help cant score try playing 3412 with adriano and crespo in front at strikers position, robinho in AM. Short passing style with pressing all over should get u possession so that u can score from it (hopefully). or maybe u played barcelona and chelsea and got super unlucky... O.o
  8. Re: Albelda or Frings Defo get hargreaves if u can, cos at man utd, the only way he can go is up, especially since fergie seems to favor him. The only reason his rating is so low now was because of injury. He can defo rise upto 92, and by 2 seasons he'll be 93.
  9. Re: To sell or not to sell? ok the deals didn't go thru, i tried 25m + cambiasso as well... but inter managed to buy gerrard for 48m + vieira and figo? thats more than 55m already, and gerrard's value is only 11.5m? The explanation given was that only offers upto 3 times the player value can be accepted, but if the gerrard deal was allowed then i don't see why totti for 25m + cambiasso is not allowed? (totti's value is 8.4m, the deal is worth 34.1m) From Chairman explained: After playing the game for a while you should be able to decide what is an acceptable deal and what is not. A good tip is to look back on the previous transfers to see what deals are acceptable. This can be found in the Transfers section. Buying a player who is worth £6m for 3 times his value, £18m is not acceptable neither is trying to buy him for less than or just over his valuation, as the selling clubs chairman will want to sell him for more than he's worth. However buying a player who is worth £10m for three times his value, £30m is an acceptable deal.
  10. Re: Belgium, France & Switzerland Nice list... :D Will snap them up at once. BTW. I find your lack of colour sense disturbing.. Please don't use green again... :eek:
  11. Re: Josmer Altidore He's already been mentioned before.. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=6034&highlight=altidore http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=4596&highlight=altidore Anyways. I agree that he's gonna rise. One to look out for. Defo.
  12. Hi guys.. Just a few questions on Play Style. 1. On function of Men Behind Ball: Is it only good to use this when you have a weaker team, when you only have 3 defenders or when you have a weak backline? 2. When should you play offside? 3. Is it good to use Playmaker with Target Man together? Thanks.
  13. Re: Help and Strategies for making the best Barcelona team ever !!! Eduardo da Silva would probably make a mark at Arsenal, cos Wenger has a knack for uncovering gems (see Fabregas, Henry).. I bought him for some of my teams as well. Mario Gomez might also be a good bet as he would prob go up later.. Read around the forums for his info. To have a 96 rating with young players is quite impossible unless u spend big.. I guess u should just go for youngify the squad.. Get players like Nani, Babel, David Silva, Luis Anderson, Lahm <- versatile wingback. Could use fringe players / old players in exchange eg. Angulo, Giuly, Van Bronckhorst, Nakamura, Thuram, Yaya Toure, DAlessandro, Abidal for Lahm.
  14. Re: Players under 300k likely for increase in rating changes? Omg that's a sweet list... although SM cheats by looking at the forum posts too... Most players mentioned have gone up lol..
  15. Re: SM Newbie Here. Need tactics help! Could try 3421, with robinho and raul behind rvn. anyways, with real madrid and the stadium, u'd prob earn about 3mil every turn u have a home game, which is like one in two games. so ya. don't worry about going into debt.
  16. Re: What strikers to play? Yup, from my setups, gilardino is quite a poor scorer, but has occasional flashes of brilliance where he produces man of match performances and singlehandedly saves the game. Actually, i think it depends on the inter-striker dynamics as well, cos the partnership has to be correct for effective scoring. I would play whoever has been on a better run of form and has scored more in the season(s).
  17. Re: Who should I.. Agreed with the other posts, don't really like older players. Go youth!!! Anyways, if you need a quick fix, another player could be Nikola Zigic. Scored quite a lot of goals last season in Primera Liga, could rise.
  18. Re: How does one unload 100mil? I suggest Mikel Arteta, Andy Johnson, Mario Gomez, Fernando Torres, Eduardo Da Silva, Carlos Tevez, Micah Richards, Ezequiel Garay, Gerard Pique, Ruano Alexis, Javi Martinez, Sergio Aguero, Nery Alberto Castillo, Gonzalo Higuain, Nani, Luis Anderson, Pepe, Garcia Sergio Ramos, Marcell Jansen, Gael Clichy. Most of these players have worked for me in other setups, so i think u would also be good with them. With your cash, i think u could get quite a lot of these players, as most of them are in unmanaged clubs, which u can offload ur older and lower rated players to for the price they are valued at.
  19. Re: To sell or not to sell? I've gotten Aguero, Bent, Castillo and Sosa as stated, is that good enough strikeforce. Would prob get another striker with the funds from the sale.. I would have prob 35m? EDIT: sent out pm's for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Dimitar Berbatov, RVP, Henry and Javier Saviola. Don't know if the offer i made (25m) would go thru tho.
  20. Re: Lulinha.. The new ronaldinho? Ooo... another great talent... I like. It's nice. :cool: Will probably make a move for him for all my clubs.. thanks for the shout.
  21. Re: which CB should i go for ? Vidic could possibly go higher, based on last season's good showings. Set to be the mainstay CB next to Ferdinand, and would possibly go up 93 or 94 in the coming seasons. I'd go for Pepe.. He's is gonna be a regular for Real by next season, can't see Cannavaro staying there too long. Alex as well.. if Terry is so prone to injuries, Alex may well get some playing time. However, given the influence of Terry and good form of Ricardo Carvalho last season, Alex may get relegated to backup CB most of the time.
  22. i manage a roma team, and i've gotten an offer for totti (30yrs 96 rated AM/F)... well actually two offers. one is 35m + patrick vieira and the other is 25m + esteban cambiasso (both from inter). ok.. i have a bit of dilemma because totti was my best scorer and main man last season (being captain and all). my other strikers are sergio aguero, darren bent, jose sosa and nery alberto castillo. i'm thinking of getting a replacement but there aren't many decent forwards available out there. been pm'ing managers about their strikers but haven't got too many replies. on the other hand, 25m + cambiasso and 35m + vieira is enticing, cos my CMs are de rossi, fernando gago, lucas leiva and alberto aquilani. don't know what to do, help greatly appreciated. thx lots.
  23. Re: Top 10 tips.... where's the yuri? lolz anyways. player ratings are done based on their current (prob for the past season) form, mostly in the clubs that they play at. not in the simulation of sm, in reality. for selling, managers have subjective views about values eg. ronaldinho could be sold for 75m even tho he has about 12m value, whereas other players could be sold at a cut price. just pm the manager to find out his asking price. if it is an unmanaged club, by shortlisting the player and checking club messages, u get an approximate value to pay for him (about 150% of his value). for transfer listing, as long as the price is not absurdly high, eventually an unmanaged club will come and bid for the player and if you're satisfied, you can just accept it. the offer would normally be a little lower than your asking price.
  24. Re: yaya toure - to buy or not to buy Willl toure get time at barca? there's iniesta, xavi, deco (he's moving?), marquez (strictly cb, but plays better at dm for mexico), edmilson (didn't know he's moving too). altho strictly rijkaard plays cms on wings as well, don't think toure might increase short-term. long-term... may increase in 1 or 2 seasons, but i can't see him up with so many quality-oozing cms in barca. that's why i sold him for 25m.
  25. Re: Key skills eh. i think there's already a game like this. only it's not called sm, but fm. or whatever football manager game there is. for having different skills and stuff so to speak, there have already been threads disputing the need for it. the main argument against it is that one rating is enough, as it takes into account about the many aspects of a player's game, enough such that it is a good reflection of a player's ability. if u wanna know who can take free kicks, just do some research. like, omg. just found out that beckham can do good free kicks :eek:
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