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  1. Re: Barca youngster - big talent!! Hehe, sounds like everyone who comes thru Barca's youth academy is the next Messi or sth. Looks promising tho, would definitely get him :D
  2. Re: Player Release Refused!!! Question! For unmanaged clubs bidding on your transfer listed players, are you allowed to accept? Cos 1 unmanaged club bid for my player but there isn't a "Respond" button in the Action's column? Which means I can't accept the bid?
  3. Re: Need Help! My team just cant score!
  4. Re: Player Left, Right Or Both Footed. Okaaay.. let's think A great solution to this preferred side would be *drum roll* TO PUT THE PREFERRED SIDE IN FRONT OF THE UNPREFERRED SIDE!! Ain't I a genius :cool: ? ... ... ... Oh.. it already exists in SM. :eek: Just joking.. hope nobody took any offence. Anyway. [For example, Schweinsteiger prefers RM, but can also play LM. So that's why he's RM/LM, not a W. David Silva can play both positions well.. So he's a W..]
  5. Re: GOAL ASSIST INFO I think this is a great idea.. wouldn't be that hard to implement either (i think) BTW i'm distracted by your piccy Julian :o
  6. Re: Gabriel Heinze Lols.. he is wanted by other clubs because United can afford to let him go.. it's as if he was transfer listed or sth cos Fergie puts Evra in front of Heinze. Prob still has talent, but needs to move away from United or at least get the LB position back from Evra before he can increase tho. 91 or 90 for me.
  7. Re: Sebastien POCOGNOLI and Jelle VOSSEN Will definitely get Vossen for some of my teams, and keep an eye out for the other guy with the long name. Hope Vossen gets more playing time next season. With the avg. rating of Racing Genk, we would be expecting... a rise to low 80s? That'd be a profit of 2m... nice scouting :D
  8. From Wikipedia: Abdoulrazak Traoré (born 28 December 1988) is a Cote d'Ivoire footballer who plays for Norwegian Premier League club Rosenborg B.K., where he plays as a midfielder. At Rosenborg, he plays alongside his compatriot and Cote d'Ivoire international Didier Ya Konan, who joined the club in December 2006 from homeland club ASEC Abidjan. Traore played on Raja Casablanca before he ended his contract and joined Rosenborg B.K. on a free transfer a few months later. Traoré is known for his great technique and speed. He plays left forward in a 4-3-3 formation in Rosenborg due to the many midfielders in the club. His left foot is good for both shooting and crossing. He has also shown that he is an excellent dribbler and can also jump and head despite his height. He is considered by many one of the greatest talents in Norwegian football, as he was chosen in front of both Per Ciljan Skjelbred, who declined a junior contract with Liverpool F.C., and Alexander Tettey, another young, talented Rosenborg player. ---------------- Traore played a total of 19 games, 3 as subs, scoring 4 goals, clocking 1313 mins on the pitch. Although most of his games were preseason games, he still made some league appearances and cup appearances for Rosenborg. He kept out players such as Daniel Braaten (rat 86) and Didier Ya Konan (rat 80) for the first few games in the season. My Norwegian isn't that good, but Traore must be doing something right if he makes so many appearances for one of the best Norwegian clubs. Rated only 77 and at age 18 valued 1.1m, he could develop into a good player in the near future if he gets more games at Rosenborg (which he should). He frequently plays at LM and LF, but is in SM as a CM.
  9. Re: Taking A Step Back? Ok.. so the loan thing irks me only. So what about the NMF, I8 and S3 etc. icons? I mean as in Squad View > General, so that you'll be able to see from squad view your suspensions and injuries? Now it only shows Inj or Sus, or NMF when there's a long injury and the guy gets below 60 fitness. Point taken... but what about other teams? You wouldn't know whether 0 fitness means long injury or simply being overplayed.
  10. Re: Tal Ben Haim You don't get an increase just cos u move to a big club. Look at Boulahroz. Been a big disappointment in a season where chelski needed him to perform in the absence of terry. Down to a 91 lol. Although Ben Haim moved to Chelsea, I can't see him having much playing time other than in second-string games, since there's already Carvalho, Terry, Boulahroz, probably Rodrigo Alex from PSV too. Unless Chelsea get hit by a bad spout of injuries again.
  11. I think some aspects of the game that were changed recently should be changed back for good measure.. Injured/Suspension Length - Would like to see injured or suspension length like before eg. I8 or S3 since it would make it clearer (instead of having to click on player page). Also, when a player is injured for a long time and the fitness goes down to below 60, NMF is shown. Wouldn't it be better if the injured length be shown so that one would not be confused over whether the player is I10 or just NMF? Loan Length - Liked the old style of setting the loan length better eg. L10 or L20. In real life, loans are not always for a whole season. Transfer Status - God, when is this coming back? Also to clarify. One of my players got injured quite some time ago, and it was stated that he would be injured for 12 turns. Recently, if anyone noticed, the injury was changed to be counted in days instead of turns. So now my player is injured for only 6 days instead of 6 turns (which means that i would be able to play him next week, effectively cutting down 4 turns of injury). Is this a bug or is this meant to be?
  12. Re: Currently Active Users Lol. I like the idea about last logged in thing more than the looking at what you are doing thing, cos i really dont give a care what the other manager does with his time online as long as he is on and looking at his messages (which, everyone would do when they're online)(I suppose). The attention window is also a good idea, dunno what it would take to implement tho. Maybe like, an icon appears in the topleft of the next page u load, like a <'You got a message!'-below-an-envelope> icon.
  13. DeepThanes


    Re: finances what tim means that is: A player at 89 gets about 22.5k wages. A player at 90 gets about 45k. So instead of buying the 90 player, buy the 89 player so that the wages are not that high. If a player gets promoted in rating from lets say 89 to 91, the wages will still stay at 22.5k until a new contract is offered, whereby his wages would increase to 45k. The wages are done in brackets like <85-89 20k>, <90-94 45k>, <95+ 75k). So prob tim is suggesting to buy players that border the rating bracket eg buying 84 rated instead of 85 rated and not specifically buying 89 rated!
  14. Re: i need help with my chelsea The only winger at 94+ is Cristiano Ronaldo -.- Would consider investing in youth since your first team is quite good: eg. Nani (If Sporting would let him go), Turan Arda (Galatasaray), Ryan Babel (Ajax), Garay (Racing Santander), Lucas Leiva (Gremio), Karim Benzema, Samir Nasri (both Lyon), Gonzalo Castro (i forgot which German team), Gael Clichy, Emanuel Eboue (both Arsenal). A variety of positions for u to pick from . For RB, there's Cristian Zaccardo (Palermo) and Micah Richards (Manchester City). Neither of them are super brilliant but Richards could be set for an increase. Could use some players for part-exchanges or to sell for money: Harry Kewell, Gael Givet (only for another CB), Paulo Ferreira (for another RB), Owen Hargreaves (might fetch quite a bit of money).
  15. Re: Best Young Central Defenders?? Fernando Gago! Lucas Leiva! Luis Miguel Veloso! Jean Makoun! Only ones i can think of now... :( First two are almost sure to rise tho.
  16. Re: ruud van nistelrooy Rvn has really been fantastic for Madrid, and is leading Real's attack to clinch the La Liga title. Up to 96, and next season I suppose he could rise to 97.
  17. Re: Davide Bassi-young goalie made breakthrough Seems decent, will pick him up for some of my teams .
  18. Re: Wages I guess it wouldn't be that hard to change? Anyway, it could be better since there's usually one home and one away game each week (excluding cups) so the having the wages paid on the day you receive gate receipt money so u can see your weekly profit (instead of going through two turns worth of finance page). This issue isn't much of a hindrance to me tho.
  19. Re: interviews 4 de newspaper Good to hear that the newspaper's getting a makeover . Nice job SM!
  20. Re: Liverpool Squad The calculations are based on the four key factors that contribute to a player's effectiveness and his ability to help his team win matches. The formulae were devised through analysis of hundreds of games since the start of the Premiership in 1992 and have been statistically proven to measure a player's effectiveness in winning matches. Complex mathematical formulae were devised to calculate the value of each player's contribution, match by match. In simple terms, the Actim Index comprises six calculations: Calculation 1 - Assesses a player's contribution to a winning team, based on points won by the team when he appeared. Calculation 2 - Assesses a player's performance in each game, by allocating points for actions that positively contribute to a winning performance such as shots, tackles, clearances and saves. It also takes points away from players for negative actions such as yellow/red cards and shots off target. Calculation 3 - Allocates points based on time on the pitch. Calculation 4 - Allocates points for goal scorers. Calculation 5 - Allocates points for assists. Calculation 6 - Allocates points for clean sheets. [from premierleague.com] Finnan is one of the best (if not the best) RBs in the Premiership, and while I admit that Neville did poorly this season on the Actim Index because of injuries, Finnan contributed a lot to 2 Liverpool sides which, indeed, reached 2 Champions League Finals and won one. Has also been the first choice RB for 3 seasons now. He definitely deserves a 93 rating (on par with Neville). Other players: Carra 94, Xabi Alonso 94, Mascherano 92, Riise 92.
  21. Re: my barca att force I guess if you wanna accomodate 5 attacking players then there's no choice... If you have a good team it's usually no prob, just use long ball passing to get the ball from your defender's third to the final third and bypass all the opposition midfielders? A bit cheap but it works for me. Also works if you have a great DM eg. Claude Makelele in the DM position to scoop up all the balls and feed your attack force.
  22. DeepThanes


    Re: Kaka [best player in the world --> Kaka <-- Best player in the world] defo deserves top spot in SM, been a phenomenon in the CL (top scorer = [best player in the world --> Kaka <-- Best player in the world] woo ) and playing extremely well... Only downside is that Milan didn't chase the scudetto at all this season cos of points deduction. But it's not [best player in the world --> Kaka <-- Best player in the world]'s fault. That's the only blemish on an otherwise outstanding season for [best player in the world --> Kaka <-- Best player in the world].
  23. Re: wing back position I think it's a good idea, for it would be good for the formation 5-3-2, as well as when one wants to play defensively and needs a defense-minded wide man, instead of using W/RM/LM who may be more attack-minded. But then again, how would we differentiate between LB, LWB, LM and W?
  24. Re: multi position player search Quite a good idea, but most of the time I would not use it, since I wouldn't consider putting the player in his secondary position since he would fare badly. In addition to this though, I would want to see a search function where the players you searched for a specific position must have that position as a primary position. Eg. Willy Sagnol RB/CB vs. Carles Puyol CB/RB. If I search for RB, I wanna see Sagnol but not Puyol, since Puyol would not play as well in RB (even though his rating is much higher o.o).
  25. Re: my barca att force No way is there a 5 man strike force nowadays. In the earliest times there where 2-3-5, but SM doesn't use it. No one uses it now. The closest I think would be for 4 strikers - either in the 4-2-2-2 or the 4-2-4 formation. However, the wide men in both formations would prob be better for wingers. <4-2-4><4-2-2-2> Ronnie--------------Messi -------Eto'o--Torres----- [P.S. In real life, Barca plays 3 men upfront with Messi and Ronnie on the wings and Eto'o in the center, so I dunno.]
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