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  1. Looks like he is to be joined by Pablo MORENO (18) too at Girona also on a season long loan
  2. Excellent idea pal 👍 Picked these up when you first mentioned them Most definitely 👌🏻
  3. glad you finally got it sorted pal, similar thing happened to me. on the plus side though at least you got your man & saved money in the process 👌🏻
  4. Definitely much slower when selecting new page or refreshing
  5. most definitely 👍 which one you thinking of doing
  6. @Kierans91 I had a similar problem a few months back, offered chairmans maximum & kept on getting blocked, dropped it down by about 5 or 6m & then the deal finally went through. think its more down to the deal being too heavily weighed towards one of the clubs as it states in SM's response, which is stupid really as what's the point in having the option of a chairman's maximum if you can't use it.
  7. ok guys, any decent risers from any of the big leagues or even any leagues that are due to be reviewed, that I can cash in on to boost my funds for a couple of my game worlds.
  8. he doesn't seem to be on the database anymore, was looking at buying him to make money as have limited funds in a couple of game worlds
  9. Courtois + Havertz for me & maybe look at replacing Kolarov at the back
  10. hi guys, who is the best GK option in Bartlomiej DRĄGOWSKI & Alban LAFONT, I know Lafont is a higher rating & younger but also seen a lot of talk on here about Dragowski. any help would be appreciated 👍
  11. Cheers @Kurt angle much appreciated
  12. Many thanks @Soccahappy I assume the final player on your list is Marcelo Herrera from San Lorenzo? if there are any others would appreciate them also 👍 cheers
  13. Can anybody advise on anymore big money making risers that will rise very soon, as I've already snapped these up & looking for a few more to build up my coffers 🙏
  14. many thanks @Kierans91 much appreciated 👍
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