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  1. Re: Mario Gomez for 23m plus Darren Bent and Chris Smalling? Ive took a gamble, money is not amazing in the world but im the one who sold Gomez
  2. I have both in reserve and need funds to bring in vincent kompany. Which one would you sell? Also would you sell any of them for a kompany deal? Thanks and rep will be given for answers
  3. Re: Bidding for a free agent Thanks mate. Repped
  4. Does the highest bidder still get the player. Or should i just bid the lowest amount and take my chances? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Re: Poll for the best 10 club teams in history Celtic 67 deserve a mention
  6. Re: Updates on these 4 youths please=) Thomas Rogne is certainly not playing much football. Cant see him rising anytime soon. Alan Patrick is well worth keeping, Great player
  7. Re: WINGERS help. Elia and Griezman for me
  8. Re: Best time to sell van der sar? He has had a great season and could be persuaded to stay on imo
  9. Im not completley sure how the retirement thing works. Would you sell Van der sar first chance you get now the season is finished?
  10. Re: Young Defenders Under 90 Rated Ezequiel Munoz
  11. I have been offered Dino Spehar for Josh Mceacran in a swap plus 2 million. Would you do this deal? Who is the better prospect?
  12. Re: Danny Welbeck's future rating There is no reason why he cant.
  13. I have the chance to buy either on of these 2. I have sufficient cover for both positions so im just looking for the better player/signing. Who should i go for?
  14. Re: Hulk for Pastore? I got Pastore from the deal.
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