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    Re: Gold Championship 56 Match Reports/Transfer News

    This season Manchester United won the double by winning the league and & the league cup. A Man' Utd spokesman has revealed to SkySports:
    " Things in the dressing-room are great, the players are all happy, the manager is happy, and the board are happy. This season has been a shock to us all, with United dropping out so early in the Champions League, fans demanded answers from the United boss. The fans were promised that United would defend the league, which has happened. We have also seen more new faces to add to the clubs amazing squad. Such as: Lahm, Andre Santos, Modric, Fabregas and Defoe all at the club. Next season the manager has revealed that he will NOT be looking in the transfer market and will focus on all competitions United are in.
    Also, United boss has warned giant clubs that star striker David Villa is not for sale. (Scoring 27 goals & assisting 21 in 50 games.)

    Happy at United... David Villa

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    Re: Expected ratings for my team?
    You have a good team mate but they are quite old try to invest in a bit of youth...
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    Hi, I'm just curious so I know who to ship off and who to keep, cheers. If you can't predict them all then no worries, any help is welcome. Thanks in advance.
    FREY, Sebastien
    FOSTER, Ben
    EVRA, Patrice
    ANDRÉ SANTOS, Clarindo
    ANYUKOV, Aleksandr
    RAFAEL, Pereira da Silva
    VIDIC, Nemanja
    PIQUE, Gerard
    EVANS, Jonny
    RAMIS, Iván
    TOMOVIC, Nenad
    O'SHEA, John
    GIGGS, Ryan
    TYMOSCHUK, Anatoliy
    FABREGAS, Cesc
    MOUTINHO, João
    RAUL GARCIA, Escudero
    CARIOCA, Rafael
    DAVID SILVA, Josué
    DZAGOEV, Alan
    MATA, Juan Manuel
    MARIN, Marko
    DAVID VILLA, Sánchez
    ETO'O, Samuel
    RONALDO, Luiz
    HULK, Givanildo Vieira
    POEPON, Rydell
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