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  1. Do u get 2 keep ur custom setup after u lose ur membership after 12 months, even if u dont sign up again ??????
  2. Re: |Thomas|Elite-FoRumErs Can u reseve me for barcelona plz - if u cant then can i have AC Milian ?? U shud have 2 leagues of 10 - With the 10 best in the 1st division ( Chelsea, Man u, Liverpool, AC Milan, Inter Milan, B.Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia ) and then a selection of other 5 gud teams and five bad teams for the 2nd division ( Lyon, Sevilla, Tottenham, Roma, Werder Bremen, and five other poorer teams ) :) do u like the idea
  3. Does anyone else know of any other SoccerManager games with Real Teams and Real Players??
  4. Re: Favourite cartoon !! U KNOW simpsons rule ! Yay !!! I managed to get Bart on that test which tells u what character u r. ( didnt know he was smart tho )
  5. Re: young talents How dare u call Sissoko a donkey - i personally think u are a donkey (only jokin ) but sissoko deffo aint no donkey - the only player who is a donkey is ruud van nistelrooy and that is only because he looks like 1
  6. Re: young talents Gud choices mate - perhaps u cud make mascherano 94 ( only jokin )
  7. Due to the new add new club search, people with quicker computers can beat slower ones to teams who a swapping teams (i just lost a barca in WC757, trying to swap them).I think a new button should be added, letting teams swap with other players, after giving permission by the owner, and an acceptance by the new owner - this would make it 100% safe to swap teams, rather than the 50-50 chance of maybe others getting it b4 u .
  8. Re: Message to all Y9's Easy test today got Maths next - looking to raech my Mock result of 8b ( im only in year 8 aswell )
  9. Re: HAGGIS INVITATIONAL NEWS Hey Fraser , i might join ur league , tho i dont know wat team i wud have - is it app or password( if it is a password cud u plz PM me) thx
  10. Re: New setup for forumers. Hey M8t, I'll join. I think Paul is rite about the 8 team thing - i havnt seen any wiv 5 clubs b4
  11. Re: Dream Team GK - Cech LB - Riise CB - Terry CB - Carragher RB - Alves LM - Ronaldinho CM - Gerrard RM - Ronaldo AM - Kaka CF - Villa CF - Henry SB1 - Casillas SB2 - Zambrotta SB3 - Essien SB4 - Quaresma SB5 - Kuyt
  12. Re: Rate My Team Thread Nice team Paul - is that the league where there are 8 teams from Australia in - if it is then i was the former manager of that Sydney FC - i quit because all the 14 off the players i got accpeted bids for sed my team was too small
  13. Re: help ?? Why does it ?? What would you be saying if they did the spanish league without all the othere foreigners in it - they will be changed eventually
  14. Re: help The teams from the Argentina league get changed, not Messi etc. People like Riquelme and others from argentinian teams (Boca,River Plate ect.)
  15. Re: Rate My Team Thread Its a gud team Sam, i just dont understand why a quarter of ur team has the name c*ck or sh*t in ???
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