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  1. Hello people. For the last 6 months I've barely been logging on and most of my teams have fallen into a state of slight disrepair. Just received one e-mail telling me my GM is about to expire and another telling me I hadn't logged into my other profile for 25 days, so i've decided to relinquish my teams and quit SM altogether. 117 GC honours isn't too shabby is it It's been fun (particularly the good old days!). Hope whoever gets my teams does them justice. Take care....
  2. Re: Official England World Cup 2010 Thread Not posted here for some time but i've read some utter rubbish about England today and needed a place to vent! Englands failings have nothing to do with tactics or formations, or even team selection. Our players lack the skills to perform coherently as an England team on the big stage. It's been this way for some time. They look good individually when playing for their clubs because they are surrounded by top class players from all around the globe. "English" football has lost its identity and we won't get it back until our top clubs have a proper nucleus of English players at its core, just like the Spanish, Germans & Italians have. The monster that is the premier league is responsible for this, not Fabio Capello, Emile Heskey, or any other scapegoat you could name to mention. We cannot have an all conquering domestic league full of the worlds best players AND a top quality England team at the same time. People need to accept this.....half of our squad is made up of players playing for bottom half Premier League teams for christs sake! The constant media hype doesn't help though, the kind of pressure our media pile on would be crippling for anyone.... Oh and George, you are 100% completely wrong. Any normal person who spends thousands of pounds and travels 12000 miles to support a team has every RIGHT to boo them off after a gutless performance like that. It might not help, and I personally never boo my team off, but how else are they going to vent their frustrations? Rooney should accept that criticism comes with the territory, he can;t take the plaudits whe it goes well, and the multi million pound salary, and then whinge at the camera about the fans when it starts to go wrong Rooney was completely out of order and right to apologise. He didn't do his job properly and the fans told him so. If I performed so poorly in my job I would expect to be told....
  3. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Bordeaux are nowhere near good enough to beat United let alone Barcelona.....
  4. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Can we not just skip the QF's and SF's and skip to what will inevitably be another United-Barca final? One half of the draw is clearly tougher than the other, but I'd still expect barca to come through. United virtually have a bye....
  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Into the Spanish Cup final against SOP in GC7, also close to the SMFA final, up 3-1 from the 1st leg of the semi. 2nd leg on Sunday. Might finally win the trophies my years of hard work with that team deserve
  6. Re: Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Equalising goal from the USA with 24 seconds to go in Regulation time. Watching the 20 minute extra period now. Golden goal but each team has a player taken off them so it's making for an open entertaining match. This is how extra time should be, the people who make the rules in football could learn much from it. And as I type, Canada score the golden goal and win the gold medal on home soil. And the crowd goes wild....
  7. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Don't underestimate Tevez mate, anyone that ugly could easily hold their own in a scrap
  8. Re: Arsenal Gossip Agreed Roko. I would sincerely hope that Wenger revises his opinion once he looks at the incident again, but I think Campbell, Fabregas & the rest of the Arsenal team can be forgiven for their reaction so soon after the challenge. As for the Stoke fans, you'll always get a small minority of idiots, but 99% of them applauded Ramsey off the pitch. I hope Shawcross can move on from this and make the most of his England opportunity this week. But more importantly I wish Ramsey a speedy recovery.
  9. Re: Aaron Ramsey badly injured Pintados challange was cowardly and he quite clearly intented to hurt Savage, who was luckily not badly injured. Shawcross went for the ball and missed.... Ironically the worst challenge out of the two did no harm and the better one has serioulsy hurt someone.
  10. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Would you shake hands with someone who did that to you? What exactly has Bridge done to make him come across as pathetic? Why on earth were some Chelsea fans booing him today?
  11. Re: Arsenal Gossip The worst challenge in the history of football. What's worse is he actually admitted afterwards that it was intentional and got a measly 12 game ban. It ended Haalands career. Quite frankly he should have gone to jail for it.....
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