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  1. So in one of my setups, I was offered Sneijder and Sergio Ramos for my Messi. Is THAT a good deal? :confused:
  2. Re: Good RB ? Out of THOSE, I'd go with my #1 being De Silvestri. He's done pretty well IMO for Fiorentina, he's also debuted for Italy. :] HOWEVER, if I were you, I would also consider Daniel Schwaab. AWESOME prospect.
  3. On my Real Betis, Valencia offered Vermaelen for my Thiago Silva. Should I accept or not? Which player would be better?
  4. Seriously people, what the heck happened?! Ozil 91 - 93 busquets 91 - 93 pedro 90 - 92 it makes me wanna cry!!! :(:(
  5. I just got a Celtic, and I know a few players there are creating a buzz. Which of these should I keep? Gary HOOPER Anthony STOKES Joe LEDLEY Sung-Yueng KI Marc CROSAS Beram KAYAL
  6. Re: Bale to 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, Muller has an amazing World Cup to back his 91 rating. Bale's team didn't even have a chance to qualify for a World Cup. Seriously, people, get over it.
  7. Re: bosingwa for vermaelen? Sorry to say this to you, but Bosingwa will probably drop. I would definitely do this deal.
  8. Re: Soldado or Llorente? Mourinho wants Llorente. 'Nuf said.
  9. Re: Raul Meireles I don't think so. While he has been one of Liverpool's best midfielders, Liverpool's extreme lack of consistency is what will keep Meireles's rating at 91.
  10. Re: Soldado's peak rating? While he is an excellent forward, I would have to say that his lack of NT playtime hurts any potential of him being rated over 92.
  11. Okay, sooo I have the option of either buying Jon Obi Mikel or Darren Fletcher. Which has the better chance of rising? :confused:
  12. Re: MCFC James' English Premiership Rating Predictions and Analysis Thread That's just what I think. Lol.
  13. Re: ozil or di maria Judging by both of their season's stats so far, I would have to go for Ozil. He's just a better player overall, more goals and assists than Di Maria.
  14. Re: Marchisio or Krasic? Sorry for asking, but how is he better? :s And does that mean Krasic has a better chance of hitting 91 than Marchisio?
  15. Okay so I have the chance of buying either Marchisio or Krasic. Which should I buy? They are about the same price. So yeah. :confused::confused:
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