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  1. Re: Lauri Dalla Valle THE next Jari Litmanen! well, SORRY!
  2. Re: Problem with sm there is no same game like a soccermanager...here have good quality but the errors are annoying me:mad:
  3. Re: Problem with sm these errors are getting in my head THE ERRORS come very often in these weekkss!!
  4. Re: Problem with sm this is annoying...can't log in and make business:mad:
  5. Re: Problem with sm me either can log in what is that????
  6. Re: The Official Leeds United FC Beckford was absolutely AMAZINGG todayy 0-1 nice tactical shot from Beckford:D...
  7. Re: World Cup 2010 i think Spain and Brazil are strong in this competition:)
  8. Gonzalo Higuain is very skillful and he has a lot to give to R Madrid fans Sm should rate him up because if you compare his true life playing you should rate him up....PLZZZZZ SM rate him up...at least to 93:o
  9. Lauri Dalla Valle THE next Jari Litmanen! SM.com should put L. Dalla Valle in game because he plays in Liverpool (reserves) he is very skillful player he's 18 years old and promising player in the future...you should but him to like Free Agent????!
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