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  1. Ive got Ramsey , Rabiot , Zielienski , Benarado Silva , Naby Keita. I just need to buy one of these or 2 good ones that add to 15 million. (CM) And any suggestions would be welcome And Rbs , Ive got Cancelo , Widmer , Fabinho (Monaco) any of them worth buying? Looking at short term rises and potential Thankyou very much
  2. Everton have signed Marcos Assenio , Marcos Alonso , Oliver Burke , Lafont , Maddou Sakho , Joe Gomez , Dahoud , Pulisic , Ruben Duarte and much more to come! Bolasie and Mason Holgate can both leave along with Lukaku but have had terrible offers so far (cough cough Man u)
  3. Nothing to report .. Want a RB 87+ dont care if hes old tbh. Probably buy Maggio lol
  4. Dom - your getting in on this right: -


    "Alright, hope your well?

    A few of the “old faces” from back in the good old times are setting up a GW tht will revolve around the forum – basically we wanna get some forum based activity going to support it. It’s gonna be based on the america’s but blank squad, free for all type stuff. At the minute we have some great folks involved , heres the managers so far: -

    Machine, Swanseajack, Drseanfitz, HannahB, Pip, Elohim, Garry C, Son of Pluto, Longnose, Noisy

    I don’t want to sound like a kids tv presenter but its gonna be laugh and – with the folks we are attracting - competitive.

    Be great if you could join us? If your interested head over to : -


    and just add your name. We’ll probably cap at 16 managers so I hope I see you in there!



    I hope I see you in there mate!

  5. You probably will Veigas , It may take you 20 years but still ............. lol
  6. They will do well , They massively improved after he left .....
  7. Free Agent Adetayo EDUN has completed his move to Fulham for £165,000 Shocked he had no competition. He looks an outstanding talent and he was so good against a good Boro side! Really going to keep a close eye on him. And well done to Mo for Burke's big move to whatever hell hole hes at
  8. The offer for Jony RODRÍGUEZ of Málaga CF from Fulham has been accepted. A very decent player and versatile. A very good player and getting regular time. Hopefully he can rise to 87 and see what happens but for 3 million including PE. Then it is defiantely worth buying him. Happy
  9. Im good Yeah I might have changed a bit but not completely How are you my friend?
  10. Leyton orient in 7046! Go go go go! :D 


    1. EdMoses


      Whats the squad like mate? You got them on offer?

  11. My business is nearly all done now. I did my main business at the end of last season and now ive been clearing the youth team and reserves. Sold off 5 prospects to internal teams this season already. And with another 8 been shipped out externally. With up to 14 young prospects coming through and 1 fully estabilished player hopefully coming in on the cheap I will only now do business when people start to run out of money lol. Feel more like Arsene Wenger every day We have Everton tonight , De gea will be on the bench and Asamoah will start at LWB Auba and Higiuan will hopefully cause Shackster a few problems tonight
  12. 4. Most sexiest Man alive Dom Latouche
  13. The offer for Arlind AJETI of Torino from Fulham has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours. Just moved to Torino from Basel so I thought he would be a cheap but good option to have. And ive brought some more quality Championship talent. And on a side note Ive sold 7 youngsters since the end of last season internal which im very proud of tbh. Ive sold players like Iwobi to teams in more need but I wont keep being that generous. I will put 2 more up for fire sale It helps spread them around a bit for those who cant be bothered scouting
  14. I heard you wanted some left over for your own ''pleasure'' and a few days later Marcos has new boobs .......
  15. Boy lol , We even had a bet which I won so I got to name him lol. I will be looking to loan out one or 2 players shortly
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