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  1. Re: Javier Pastore vs Luis Suarez they are both good players but i think Suarez will go up in ratings before Pastore. It has to be Suarez hes 91 now and has the potential to be at 92 in the summer and a future 94+ Pastore is talented but has lots of games where he plays bad so he will stay at 90 for the time being until he moves and proves himself in a bigger league. Suarez is proving how good he is by his early performances for Liverpool he ripped man.utd apart yesterday. Sign Suarez
  2. Re: A great wing player MATA, Juan Manuel w/f 22 91 14.9m VALENCIA, Antonio w 25 91 14.5m DI MARIA, Ángel lm/w 23 91 12.4m CAZORLA, Santi w/am 26 91 9.9m LENNON, Aaron w 23 90 11.9m MARIN, Marko w/f 21 90 10.9m HAZARD, Eden w/am 20 89 11.3m These are just a few if u want a player for now sign Di Maria if not get Hazard will be future 93+ Hope this helps
  3. Re: who to buy and sell on my team Defenders Rannochia of inter milan is due a rise from 88-89/90 Bonnuci of juventus is due a rise from 89-90 Thiago Silva of milan should rise from 92-93 Rafael of man u should rise as well Just a few for u there mate
  4. Luis Suarez player ratings change Surely now soccer manager have seen this boy play in the premier league and rip apart defences with his skills pace and goalscoring ability i think 91 is too low i think he is a future 93/94 rater but he should get a change to 92 at least what do people think?
  5. I WILL LIST AROUND 40-50 ON THE DATABASE I BELIEVE THAT WILL BE STARS IN THE FUTURE AND ARENT TOO DEAR NOW. I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE NEW TO THE GAME AND WANT TO KNOW CHEAP PLAYERS THAT ARE GOOD AND WILL GET BETTER, SOME WILL BE OBVIOUS SOME WONT BUT REMEMBER THESE ARE JUST DOWN TO WHO I BELIEVE WILL BE. ALL PLAYERS BELOW 87 GOALKEEPERS. Matej DELAC 17yr 83 Salvatore SIRIGU 23yr 86 David DE GEA 19yr 80 CENTRE BACK Rafael TOLOI 19YR 86 Leonardo BONUCCI 22yr 86 Andrea RANOCCHIA 22yr 86 Leonel GALEANO 18 yr 84 Aleksandar DRAGOVIC 19yr 84 CENTRE BACK/LB Holger BADSTUBER 21yr 85 Do Passo FABIO FARIA 20yr 81 Soto ÁLVARO DOMINGUEZ 20yr 85 RIGHT BACK Femenia KIKO 19yr 77 Macedo MICHEL 20yr 84 Adam MATTHEWS 18yr 80 Figueira MARIO FERNANDES 19yr 85 LEFT BACK/RIGHT BACK & RIGHT BACK/LEFT BACK Ferreira DIEGO RENAN 20yr 85 Davide SANTON 19yr 87 MIDFILEDERS CENTRE & DM Jack RODWELL 19yr DM/CB 87 Edmund Etsè HOTTOR 16YR DM 75 Joel MATIP 18yr DM/CB 75 Mats RITS 16yr CM/AM 75 Tom CAIRNEY 19yr CM 75 McDonald MARIGA 22yr 85 Andrea POLI 20yr CM/AM 86 ATTACKING MIDFIELDERS Grégory SERTIC 20yr AM/W 80 Christian ERIKSEN 18yr AM 75 Nascimiento THIAGO ALCANTARA 18yr AM 77 Samuel GALINDO 17yr AM 75 Zhano ANANIDZE 17yr AM/W 80 Stephan EL SHAARAWY 17yr AM 74 Pereira Rodrigues DUDU 18yr AM/W 75 Sergio CANALES 19yr AM/W 85 Javier PASTORE 20yr AM/W 87 Philippe COUTINHO 17yr AM/F 78 Gaël KAKUTA 18yr AM/F 77 Jack WILSHERE 18yr AM/W 83 WINGERS Eden HAZARD 19yr W/AM 87 Thomas MULLER 20yr W/F 85 Antoine GRIEZMANN 19yr W/F 83 Iker MUNIAIN 17yr W/F 85 Pablo SARABIA 17yr W/F 75 James RODRIGUEZ 18yr W/AM 85 Sergio Gontan KEKO 18yr W/F 75 FORWARDS/CF Daniel VILLALBA 17yr F/AM 80 Felipe ANDRE 19yr F 76 Manuel FISCHNALLER 18yr F 74 Luc CASNOS 17yr CF 74 Khouma BABACAR 17yr CF 74 Nassim BEN KHALIFA 18yr F 76 Vaclav KADLEC 17yr F 80 Silva NEYMAR 18yr F 86 Romelu LUKAKU 16yr CF 83 Dani PACHECO 19yr F 75
  6. Re: keep or wave goodbye? KEEP MANNINGER, Alex 88 BADSTUBER, Holger 85 CB/LB MAZUCH, Ondrej 83 CB/RB CANALES, Sergio 85 AM/Wing Barrios, Lucas 87 Fwd/AM HERNANDEZ, Javier 86 Fwd As for Serhiy Kravchenko and MEDUNJANIN i doubt they will ever rise high enough to stay in your team so i would get rid of as Canales will rise. Also get rid of ANGULO, Miguel 88 Wing/Fwd as he has no club and will retire. Look at Griezmann 18yr w/f 83 rater is a buy for the future he is talented Hazard w/am 20 87 rater will rise Poli cm/am 20 yr 86 rater will rise again Pastore am/f 20 yr 87 rater will rise again Mariga cm/am 22yr 85 rater will rise Sirigu gk 86 rater will rise Bonucci 22 yr cb 86 will rise Ranocchia 22 yr cb 86 rumoured to have signed for inter. Neymar 18 yr f/am 86 best striker in brazil Lukaku 16 yr F 83 best striker in Belgium will rise and be superstar. Gibson cm 85 rater will get chance for Man.utd soon. All these not too dear and good players.
  7. Re: Mata deal It is a good deal as Mata has the potential to be a 94+ in the future yet i doubt the other 2 players have that potential to be over 93. Obi Mikel maybe 92/93 but cant see him getting any higher then that and Kerrison wont for sure. Do the deal but i doubt Mata will rise yet in the next ratings changes but in future he will.
  8. Re: Young (U21) Belgium Risers. LESTIENNE Well ruud gullit it depends on what team he plays for where they are in the league the teams average rating and how the actual player is playing. For example He has started 4 games and never done 90mins in the league and come on in 2 games since the end of January NOT SCORED any goals though. In Europe he started 1 game and came on in the other. So hes played in the majority of games since he joined in January. Total mins 401 not bad for a 17 year old the reason he gets taken off is coz hes young and i feel they are trying to protect him. His Team is 2nd in the league which is good. The other Wingers in the team are rated 87. And would say the average rating of the team is 85/86. As hes not played 90 mins but has featured a rating of around 82 is fair. But these are only what people think SM dont put players up by loads straight away and are conservative at times he may well deserve 82/83 but to be safe people say 80/81/82. So he will rise and i think 82 at the minimum would be fair as him and his team have done well.
  9. Re: Young (U21) Belgium Risers. Santos Silva REYNALDO 20yr am 75 is due for a rise isnt he wat would u think he would rise to
  10. Re: which of these strikers has most potential Lucas Barrios as hes scoring goals for fun and at 25 has time to move to bigger club and due a rise next time german league is done. He has been a goal machine wherever he has been and im sure someone big would have a look at him soon.
  11. Re: Un-recallable loan players i think its something to do with real life if their on loan in real life they stay with that club on soccer manager or something like that i think and they cant be re-called not 100% on that though.
  12. Re: Please help!! I would do the deal but depends If you play David Silva in AM/W Do u have a replacement for him at AM? Otherwise i think a good deal
  13. Re: Kaka for Fabregas yes a very good deal for you Kaka should go down to 96 in the next rating changes and Fabregas i can see rising in the future past kaka.
  14. Re: Eredivisie Risers, Talents and Droppers 2010 Tim MATAVZ 80-84 that should happen Jonathan REIS 80 -> 85/86 that wont happen as hes been sacked from PSV for drug use the rest i have big doubts on if you look up their stats hardly any stand out. Good attempt though
  15. Re: My Huge squad Out of the list of players Aitken said to sell the only ones i wouldnt is HUMMELS, Mats CB/DM 21 87 KELLY, Martin CB/RB 19 77 as he will be in Liverpools defence in the next 2 years or be at least a back-up player. STRASSER, Rodney DM/CM 19 74 LJAJIC, Adem Otherwise i think theyve got it about right.
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