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  1. Re: Potential Players - Help Needed Badstuber
  2. VARGAS, Juan GUARDADO, Andrés MODRIC, Luka MALOUDA, Florent MAXWELL, Scherer OZIL, Mesut MARCELO, Vieira ALEX, Raphael JANSEN, Marcell KRANJCAR, Niko FERNANDINHO, Luis PRANJIC, Danijel Who is better to buy now and also predicting the future? Thank you so much already (GOOGLE TRADUTOR EHEHE )
  3. Re: Rating Changes for these players
  4. Re: DELAC, Matej ah ok ok , .
  5. Tell me how are these players now and will go up and when the next time you pass through countries where they play x) | v TAYLOR, Rhys OPARE, Daniel Funso OJO Nicolás MILLAN CARDONA, Edwin ZEEGELAAR, Marvin NIELSEN, Morten ADAMS, Sadick Yannis TAFER Vincenzo CAMILLERI OKLAND, Sverre Hjelle WILDIG, Aaron DELAC, Matej ALABA, David BABACAR, Khouma CASNOS, Luc MANI, Sapol KEITA, Sega NAZARITH, Cristian CHRISANTUS, Macauley OSEI, Ransford ERASMUS, Kermit HADHRIA, Nour COPIL, Dumitru BUTTON, David Thank you very much now
  6. Re: sell tom CM"S Dzsudzsak, Vargas and Mata x)
  7. Re: Abdou TRAORE eheheh pois é obrigado ou thanks hehe
  8. Re: Aaron LENNON Do you think it's worth seeing it now?
  9. Aaron LENNON Rise ? Thanks
  10. Re: Defeder . Thanks , Badstuber Rise ?
  11. Urgently need a central defender in his 89/88 or 90, What would you like me to buy. Preferably not too expensive ^^
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