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  1. Re: Player Rating Changes.(best risers to buy in EUROPE) terry 94 i thought alex gonna rise to 92
  2. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 Abate from milan gonna drop rise or stay? may i have the information..
  3. Re: Player Rating Changes.(best risers to buy in EUROPE) Thank you mates.. for providing the intel.. while I have invested nearly 40m in my Chelsea youth team for last 3 month.. it is now valued 82m while I expect additional profit of at least 15m in next few weeks when English and Spanish rating will be complete.. my only players, whose rating has gone down, are.. Torres and Gerrard for Chelsea and Barcelona:( thank you again
  4. Re: The "morale" : its role! @mdivicino this is what i do offer top 13 or 15 players (covering every position) new contract at the start of the season.. this means all players have 90+ morale.. after that i choose captain for each match with best morale and best form among top 4 or 5 players.. when it comes to substitute.. i prefer a 75 rated player with better morale over 80 rated one with lower morale... but prefer 85 rated player with less morale than 75 rated player with 100% morale....
  5. Re: For A Few Points More : An Idea For Beating Unmanaged Teams
  6. Pastore Alexis Sanchej Banega Lavezzi Lass Diara Bruno Alves De-jong wright-phillips Mata Lorente James Rodriguez Ahmed Shoukari Bruma Jaffery Kakuta KONOPLYANKA, Yevhen SCHENNIKOV, Georgi Thank you in advance
  7. Re: 35m for Pato I am buying Pato..
  8. worth it?? I have drogba and torres.. I sold dzeko to the same manager for 35m+... whats ur take guys?
  9. Re: Deal for De gea Only if u can get another equally rated or better rated GK.. like hart, valdes or frey
  10. Re: Deal for Puyol? Well 1) if chelsea wins Champions league.. alex -- 94+ (only then they can win, alex and terry will have to be at their best.. first he will get 92 and then 94+) 2) if Real wins CL.. carvalho will be their best defender.. under mourinho ricardo go for +1 or +2 increase.. 3) puyol is already 96 so go for 1 on 1 deal.. swaping both of them, is not a good deal thats my view
  11. Re: Gourcuff vs Hamsik the problem is i have 40m and these players.. so I want fabregas or Xavi.. dats y I wanna discuss it that who's better Gourcuff and hamsik.. both longterm or shortterm?? now can ya tell me/help me? thank ya but ny specific reason?? Kroos.. I had him in my each team from every game world.. since he was introduced in the SM database.. I am big fan of this player from the day he won under-18 world's best player award
  12. Sahin and other turkish players well giving it a thought.. Guus Hiddnik is the manager of turkey natinal team.. I expect players of turkey to rise 90+ in next two years.. like when he was with russia.. sahin is one of the best bet.. one reason is his age 23.. so he could become 92+.. in coming two yrs.. thats my theory let me know any other turkish with gr8 potential..
  13. both are good prospects should I go for both of them? thanks in advance
  14. Lassana Diara Is he gonna drop??
  15. Re: New am needed.. Suggest I would play kaka in my first team even if he is 40 yr old and 85 rated (which cant happen)
  16. who should I sell anderson (CM/LM) or aquilani? I would sell who ever gonna drop..
  17. who should I sell among these.. Alex, Carvalho, Mertasacker, Bruno Alves, Ivanovic.. Terry, Kjaer, Cole Janetti(transfer banned) Castro def/dm thanks in advance
  18. wat is going on.. Is he gonna drop? he is best striker when he is on the pitch.. but injuries I have drogba also but subs are not that good rating wise.. Pacheco and Mazola.. mostly I use generally I play lone striker in front..so whats your suggestion.. 1)should I go for Higuian, tevez, van-persie? 2)or Lukaku, bojan should be my option? thanks in advance
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